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  1. Q

    ONE PIECE - gear 5 luffy thoughts and famous theory na pinapaniwalaan niyo

    nung una parang ang panget nung niloko tayo ni oda na hindi pala paramecia/gomugomu no mi yung fruit ni luffy. Wala kasing hint gaano eh, tsaka grabe naman kasi nung niligtas siya ni shanks ang pagkakaaalam talaga nila gomu gomu fruit yon. Yung theory na pianapaniwalaan ko na si luffy yung...
  2. L

    Drama Animation Fantasy Comedy Romance BAGEL GIRL (ANIME) - Boy Turn into a Sexy Girl

    BAGEL GIRL Synopsis: Bong Gi used to have dreams of making something of his life. But now all that seems like a distant memory. He has become fat, lazy, unemployed, and altogether unlovable. In the real world, people are grossed out by him. He has never had a girlfriend and he spends his late...
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