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  1. 4mber

    Documentary FO̲RBIDDΞN KNO̲WLΞDGΞ: Strange Lost Lands | 2σ22 | 1080Ꭾ | WΞBRip | x265 | Λn0mal1

    --- ∎ --- ⌕ In pre-history, worlds existed before our own. Explore fascinating, mind-blowing evidence of civilizations lost in time in depth with archaeological discoveries that defy current timelines and turn academia and science upside down. Learn about the anomalies around the globe that are...
  2. 4mber

    Adventure Documentary HBIT.TO Forbidden Knowledge - Legends of Atlantis Exposed | 2O22 | 1080Ꭾ | Blu-Ray | EXCLUSIVE | H264

    --- ∎ --- ⌕ The hunt for a long, lost world is raging with the search for Atlantis gaining momentum. Now, with new evidence for a great lost kingdom some researchers claim they know where the long lost kingdom of Atlantis once was. Myth and Legend tells of highly advanced, superior beings with...
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