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Yoga HIIT to Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat and Lose Weight

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last Updated 04/2021
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 13 lectures (3h 21m) | Size: 4.52 GB

Lose weight without stress and learn about yourself in the comfort of your home with routines of 25 minute long
What you'll learn
Lose weight in the comfort of your home, without stress and discovering your hidden potential to dominate your body and mind forever!
Students will increase their metabolism
Students will learn to combine yoga and HIIT
Students will only do 25 minutes of exercises that are designed by our personal trainer and yoga instructor.
The poses can be done by anyone at any level. Beginners are WELCOME!
Students will be able to relax with meditation at the end of each routine
No prerequisites
You need a space in the house the size of a yoga mat
At the end of each routine you can do meditation with the interpretation of Zayra Mo in the crystal bowls
Finally my great program at UDEMY! Metamorphosis - Yoga HIIT to Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat and Lose Weight during 90 Days
Why is it for you?
Take advantage of the best method designed to lose weight that combines yoga, music therapy and meditation.
Did you know that the most popular New Years resolution in the world is to lose weight and stay in shape.
This is one of your New Years resolutions? And for how many years have you made this resolution and February arrives and you see it as a promise that you cannot follow?
Well, although it is the most popular resolution, it is also the first resolution that only 10% of people in the world manage to meet.
So according to scientists in psychology making resolutions is wasting time! Do not waste your time! Forget about making resolutions!
Do you want to know how only 10% manage to carry out this "resolution"? Well, stay reading where I will tell you how to be part of the 10% and the plan that you can start today to create your best self this year.
Making resolutions is like dieting. It's like starting a plan with self-punishment. I hear a lot like: I want to be in shape because I am FAT, I want to start meditating because I live surrounded by a lot of stress and drama, I want to learn better self-help techniques because I always do everything myself ... well, and you start with such a strict plan Like diets, that far from enjoying the process, you end up hating the whole plan in the first week.
The first secret of the select group that achieves its goals is; They eliminated the words diets and resolution from their vocabulary. Instead of resolution, we use the word intention. INTENTION.
When my students ask me how to make an intention, I say the following: AND AIM RIGHT NOW! BECAUSE this is the 2nd SECRET.
To create your intention as I want to "lose weight or I am going to start in the gym", better tell yourself "I am going to do yoga with my computer or my cell phone".
And in the case of meditating, which many would think, I have to sit crossed, uncomfortable for an hour to see how much madness I think. I recommend you, better create the intention and action of "I will paint mandalas listening to soft music." As I say little by little and fun.
Did you write it down? Well, I want to tell you that you started living what scientists say is the infallible method of destroying your goals. These 1. It is a specific action, in the case of losing weight, what better than yoga that you know that improves the health of body, mind and spirit, 2. It will be a new habit; a good habit to create the lifestyle you deserve; without stress, with balance and more love, 3. This new habit is tied to an old habit like the common thing that you already find to be in front of the computer or with the cell phone in hand, 4. If you start doing yoga with me here, you will see that yoga is easier and more enriching than you thought. I tell you that yoga is not doing gymnastics! And, in this program, you will start with the simplest and short, but powerful routines so that you get used to it little by little and thus create a solid and harmonious base.
And the fifth secret, and perhaps the most important, to strengthen your intention is to take the time to write two letters. In the first letter, write your story! For example, you can write how difficult it is for you to start exercising, either because you start alone, because the gym is far away, because the exercises are very complicated and your body hurts a lot, because being overweight makes you depressed, because You have not found calming the mind and because just doing exercises has not given you the tools to be able to change the problems that continue to happen around you. And the second letter, write the story you want to live from now on. You can write that by doing yoga you will know millenary tools to have good health, that this will lead you to have a healthier body, improve your appearance, achieve a calmer mind and a spirit more connected with the beauty of life. Surely your imagination has no limits for this letter.
Once this is done, you wonder what's next? To do this program !
This program has a big component, the mention of time. I do not want you to be tied to the times, that if you lose pounds in a week, in a month ... anyway ... You know that I want you to enjoy the now, and if you are enjoying the now consciously it will become a chain of good experiences.
And is that time, although businesses say time is money, time is an illusion. A quick example, when you are doing something you like, don't you lose track of time?
And that is what this program is also about, avoiding the stress of thinking a lot about the present. Exercising with temporary goals is frustrating because one thing is time on your mind, but another thing is time on your body and in your spirit. As you disconnect from the now, your awareness of your body, and spirit in the routine, the times of all these will be different.
Martha Alejandra Cervantes Paz
I am delighted, the explanations are very clear and this allows me to feel motivated.
Janeth Calderon Ledesma
It is definitely a good choice. What happens is that because of my overweight it is difficult for me to adopt the postures, but it is about exercising until I achieve it.
Who this course is for
Yoga enthusiasts
Students who want to loose weight
Students who want to learn yoga
Students who want to increase metabolism
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