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Wondershare EdrawMax Repack by Elchupacabra

Farid 201


Alpha and Omega
Apr 10, 2021
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Wondershare EdrawMax | 328.87 MB |​

Wondershare EdrawMax (Repack) is a business graphics application that makes it easy to create diagrams, charts, infographics, presentation illustrations and business literature. This is a vector application, so all shapes from the built-in library are edited with all the benefits of vector graphics.

The fundamental difference from standard vector editors is the presence of connectors - connecting lines and arrows, which programmatically stick to the figures and move with them when the figures are moved.

The program has a lot of pre-installed sets of figures, which are grouped by subject. In program terminology, the collection is called Library. The place for these libraries is reserved on the left. You can add a library to this block, drag the library card to the workspace. You can delete a library from this block (it is not deleted from the program). You can create your own library and fill it with cards, which can be either the simplest circles and rectangles, or complex ones with the ability to adjust the structure of this figure. There are more than 6000 cards in all libraries of the program.
Elements and primitives from the library can be not only edited (fill, stroke, shadow...), but also edited with full-fledged vector tools, which are located on the Symbols panel.
By the way, about SVG. This is a universal vector format. The program has export/import of SVG. In addition, exported images can be edited like regular vector graphics in the Symbols panel. Thus, it is possible to use the program as a vector editor. A small nuance. To open SVG, you need to do this not by inserting an image on the Insert panel, but by importing it: File > Import > Import SVG.
Among the elements of the libraries there are 3D shapes. They are quite inventive. They are simply collections of 2D shapes grouped together. Therefore, the user can ungroup the 3D shape and style the individual elements in a new way, and then group them again.

As mentioned above, connectors are a hallmark of business graphics software. They are designed to logically link image objects in such a way that their ends stick to the figure, or rather to its connecting point. In this case, as you move the shape across the canvas, the end of the connector will also move. The shape has a limited number of connecting points. If you do not have enough point in some other place of the figure, then you can create it yourself with the Connection Points Tool (or the hot key combination Ctrl + 8), which can be found on the Home tab of the main menu of the program.

Wondershare EdrawMax repack features:

Does not require registration (patch)
Multilingual interface (including Russian /partial translation/)
Ability to pick up custom settings.xml files

System requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Wondershare EdrawMax Repack by Elchupacabra (328.87 MB)
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KatzSec DevOps

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Jan 17, 2022
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Farid salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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