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Windows 11 21H2.10.0.22000.739 (x64) 16in1 incl Office 2021 June 2022

Farid 200


Alpha and Omega
Apr 10, 2021
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Windows 11 21H2 10.0.22000.739 (x64) 16in1 incl Office 2021 June 2022

x64 | Language: English ,Russian | 4.37 GB​

Windows 11 v21H2 22000.739, which includes 4 Russian and 4 English x64 editions, with updates on 06.2022, additional system libraries (C ++ Redistributable Package), with a choice of installation options and the presence of MSDaRT . As well as Windows installations with pre-installed (or without - optional) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote.

Build Information
Build Benefits
  • Auto Activation
  • Updates to 06.2022
  • Choice of installation options
  • MsDART in Windows Recovery Environment
  • Choice of installation options
  • Extended driver package (more details in "Some features of the build")
  • Start menu like in Windows 7 (StartAllBack) (optional )
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote (optional)
  • Turn Windows Updates on/off via Start menu shortcut
  • Turn Windows Defender on/off via Start menu shortcut
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015-2022
  • .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • RuntimePack 20.3.3 Lite
  • Write to flash drive with automatic checksum verification
Edition list
  • Windows 11 Home Single Language x64 (64-bit) Russian
  • Windows 11 Home x64 (64-bit) Russian
  • Windows 11 Professional x64 (64-bit) Russian
  • Windows 11 Enterprise x64 (64-bit) Russian
  • Windows 11 Home Single Language x64 (64-bit) English
  • Windows 11 Home x64 (64-bit) English
  • Windows 11 Professional x64 (64-bit) English
  • Windows 11 Enterprise x64 (64-bit) English
StartAllBack in the composition (the "Start menu like in Windows 7" checkbox in the Windows installer) allows you to
  • return the "Start" button to the left corner of the taskbar
  • return the ability to drag a file to the shortcut of a running program on the taskbar
  • return the ability to pin shortcuts to drag-and- drop taskbar
  • bring back the extended style of the right-click context menu
  • bring back the toolbar in File Explorer like in Windows 7 and 10
  • bring back the Windows 7 Start menu interface
  • and much more is available in the StartAllBack settings.

How to write to a flash drive
There are several utilities for writing to a USB flash drive, here are a few of them
1) The "Burn to USB" utility - is located INSIDE the ISO image, in the "JINN" folder. You need to mount the ISO image, and not extract the utility from the image and try to run it separately. More below under the spoiler. This is the most recommended way because it is possible to check the checksums of each recorded file on a flash drive.
2) Ventoy - writing to a USB flash drive not only under Windows, but also from under Linux . Allows you to upload several different ISO images to a USB flash drive and load them all from one USB flash drive. But does not support UEFI with Secure Boot. When booting into UEFI, disable the Secure Boot option in the BIOS settings.
3) Rufus
4) UltraISO
5)by manually copying the files from the ISO image
Let's consider in more detail how to write some of them to a USB flash drive:

System requirements

64-bit (x64) dual-core processor, 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster;
4 GB of RAM (RAM);
64 GB of hard disk space (installed system occupies from 8.02 GB to 23.3 GB);
DirectX 12 graphics device with WDDM driver version 2.0 or higher
RAM, TPM 2.0, UEFI and Secure Boot checks (artificial installation restriction on older PCs) are disabled

What News?
Windows 11 with MSOFFICE from 06/19/2022
  • added Windows 11 21H2 updates to 06.2022 (22000.739);
  • Updated Microsoft Office on Windows to version 2021 v2205 (16.0.15225.20288);
  • shortcuts to advertising applications (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) were removed from the standard "Start" menu when installing Windows "with options";
  • updated O&O ShutUp10 to version 1.9.1431;
  • updated SmartFix to version 2.4.7;
  • updated StartBack (StartIsBack/StartAllBack) AIO to version 1.0.56;

- various minor changes.


K 0

KatzSec DevOps

Alpha and Omega
Jan 17, 2022
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Farid salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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para siguradong di ma dedeadlink. Let's keep on sharing to keep our community running for good. This community is built for you and everyone to share freely. Let's invite more contributors para mabalik natin sigla ng Mobilarian at tuloy ang puyatan. :)

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