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What Is Spirituality

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 11/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.26 GB | Duration: 3h 33m
A Beginners Course for a True Spiritual Seeker

What you'll learn
Basic understanding of Spirituality for a new spiritual seeker
Knowledge on Awakening
Beginners meditation practice explained
Knowledge and Practices to reduce stress and anxiety.
No previous knowledge required as you will learn everything here
What is Spirituality? It is a beginners course for a true spiritual seeker who has lost in many confusions of today, as to what truly spirituality is about. It is explained here in simple ways what it involves to be a spiritual aspirant. With many simple tips, guidance, insights and meditations explained in this course, it is a great start for some one on a true spiritual path.In this course you will learn ......Spirituality is about discovering who we are in our life. Have you ever asked yourself these questions: "What is life all about? What am I doing here? Who am I deep within? What is my purpose in life? What has been going on so far in my life?"When you arrive at a stage of asking questions about where you are in your life rather than constantly chasing something-or repeatedly obsessing over something never taking a moment to see what is going on in and around you-you start to awaken in your life.Rather than continuously pleasing your ever-present desire to want new things or experiences or living in confusion about your current life situation, you are looking to discover the truth of life.If you have experienced severe pain, trauma, or grief and feel that life is full of suffering, or you no longer see happiness in your life, you have come to the point of discovering your true self.You know you've found and connected to your true self when you begin looking at everything and questioning if that is what you truly want. You ask yourself, "What in my life will keep me happy, balanced, and purposeful?"Spirituality arises at a point in your life when you begin exploring your inner world to discover your purpose and fulfil the life you were born to live.
Section 1: Introduction-Welcome
Lecture 1 Welcome
Section 2: Power Flow Practice
Lecture 2 What is Power Flow Practice?
Lecture 3 Power Flow Guided Practice
Lecture 4 Benefits of Power Flow Practice
Section 3: Spiritual Awakening
Lecture 5 Awaken Your Inner Power
Lecture 6 Steps towards Awakening
Lecture 7 How to Awaken?
Lecture 8 After Awakening
Section 4: Spirituality
Lecture 9 What is Spirituality?
Lecture 10 Advice for a new spiritual seeker
Lecture 11 Three lessons a seeker learns too late in spirituality
Lecture 12 Is spirituality only for the rich and wealthy?
Lecture 13 Quick tips to help spiritual seekers
Section 5: Meditation
Lecture 14 What is Meditation?
Lecture 15 Five minutes for the next six months of your life
Lecture 16 Is Meditation good for you?
Lecture 17 Daily practice to reduce stress
Lecture 18 Daily practice to reduce worrying
Lecture 19 Daily practice to reduce suffering
Section 6: Life
Lecture 20 To overcome stress
Lecture 21 How to deal with external pressure
Lecture 22 How to deal with over weight
Lecture 23 How to deal with loneliness?
Lecture 24 How to develop a good relationship?
Lecture 25 Why do we ignore this?
Lecture 26 How to overcome sleeplessness?
Lecture 27 Why am I not content?
New spiritual seekers,New to meditation,New to spiritual awakening

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Jan 17, 2022
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