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Vekita Full Potential: Modern Career Alignment Course

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Nov 24, 2022
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Vekita Full Potential: Modern Career Alignment Course
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.90 GB | Duration: 1h 30m

Your future starts here. Design your ideal career and life with Forbes contributor & author Nicole Serena Silver​

What you'll learn
Discover your ideal career and/or role modification.
Develop a career roadmap that will plot the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals.
Advance your career goals with tangible tools for success.
Excel to the next level of your personal and professional development.
Gain a robust knowledge of who you are, what makes you come alive, and conditions that support you to thrive.
Make sure you're living congruently and doing fulfilling work
Optimize living a happy life that enriches your overall wellness

Being willing to commit to yourself, your dreams and this process.

You can take a deep breath and let go of any anxiety around what your next move is with your career. We got you covered with this course! This course provides a framework for getting clear on the key elements of who you are, helping you discover what career would be the best fit or what steps you should take with your current career advancement, as well as offering tools to support you in actualizing your goals. I am thrilled you considering taking this journey with me! My excitement is ignited because I have seen firsthand how going through this course can positively impact a person. If you choose to take this course you are in good hands to design a career you are excited about and a life you love. In this course you will:- surface all the intricate aspects that make you who you are- review realistic needs (such as finances)- discover what is important for your work-life integration- expand your mindset of career options or advancements- uncover what is the best career fit for YOU- create a roadmap for obtaining your goals- gain tools to support your successYour time and energy is a nonrefundable currency. Why wait to restructure your life in a way that brings greater happiness and fulfillment? "Full Potential is a brilliant, engaging guide to one of the deepest questions we can ask: What is my purpose, and how can I fulfill it? Travel with Nicole on this journey full of inspiration, insight, and guidance to help you discover your full potential."Dacher KeltnerFounder and Faculty Director, Greater Good Science CenterProfessor of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley"Full Potential puts forth the wisdom and hands-on work to support you with identifying a career that bridges who you are with your lifestyle choices to create your ideal life. This guidebook lays out the canvas upon which you will paint the path forward toward the most alive expression of yourself. We each hold the power to choose to create an aligned life for ourselves."Oren ShaiSenior Team Performance Coach at LinkedIn

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Nature and Nurture

Lecture 2 How To Approach The Nature and Nurture Activities

Section 3: Discovering You Passions And Skills, And How They Work Together

Lecture 3 How To Best Approach Passions And Skills

Section 4: Values, Personality and Leadership Style

Lecture 4 How To Best Approach Values, Personality and Leadership

Section 5: Perspectives and Authenticity

Lecture 5 How To Best Approach Perspectives Survey And Authenticity

Section 6: Finances

Lecture 6 How To Best Approach The Finance Section

Section 7: Likes & Dislikes + How You Want To Feel

Lecture 7 How To Approach How You Want To Feel + Likes And Dislikes

Section 8: Work-Life Integration

Lecture 8 How To Approach Work-Life Integration

Section 9: Impact, Envisioning Your Ideal Life, and Aligned Job Description

Lecture 9 How To Best Approach Impact, Envisioning Your Ideal Life And Job Description

Section 10: Exploring Jobs

Lecture 10 How To Best Approach Exploring Jobs

Section 11: Researching Jobs

Lecture 11 How To Best Approach Researching Jobs

Section 12: Narrowing Down Choices

Lecture 12 How To Best Approach Narrowing Down Choices

Section 13: Company Culture, Size and Growth Stage

Lecture 13 How To Approach Company Culture, Size and Growth

Section 14: (In)formational Interviews

Lecture 14 How To Best Approach (In)formational Interviews

Section 15: Creating A Roadmap For Success

Lecture 15 How To Best Approach Your Roadmap

Section 16: Resources To Support Your Success

Lecture 16 How To Best Approach The Resources

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Jan 17, 2022
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