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Urban Krav Maga Defending The Most Common Street Attacks

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 3/2016
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The Martial Arts That You Need to Know, from the internationally renowned system.
What you'll learn
Understand the principles and actions needed to defend themselves against the 10 most common street attacks.
Know a few bonus moves regarding self defence and some useful fight finishers.
Nothing, just go though the course and we'll help you all the way.
The course is all about giving you the knowledge you need to defend yourself against the most common street attacks with a series of detailed instructional videos. These attacks are: 1. An exchange of person pushes, hands to chest, normally followed by one person striking first to the head.2. Swinging punches to the head.3. A front clothing grab, one handed, followed by punch to the head.4. A front clothing grab, two hands, followed by a head butt.5. A front clothing grab, two hands, followed by a knee to the groin.6. A swinging bottle attack to the head.7. A lashing kick to groin/lower legs.8. A broken bottle/glass jabbed to face.9. A slashing attack with a knife, 10. A grappling style head lock.We cover how to defend yourself against all these attacks plus bonus material including: a number of pre-emptive strikes and moves so you can end it before it has begun.A few quick fight finishers.How to handle an upward thrusting knife attack to the midriff and what to do if the guy grabs you and starts to stab/slashHow to spot the facial, physical and verbal clues that somebody confronting you is actually about to attackMartial Arts students often complain about not knowing how the moves they are learning would apply to a real situation. If you stick around long enough you'll get there, but this course gives you the fast track to understanding, you'll learn a range of direct, no-frills techniques and sequences of techniques that will get you out of trouble quickly. Suitable for everybody, from complete beginners to experienced Martial Artists who want to learn some real-world applications. You'll be able to fire any questions about the videos to me, the Chief Instructor of Urban Krav Maga and I will get back to you with a prompt response with additional video instruction if necessary.
Section 1: Introduction: Why this course is for you.
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Pre-Emptive Moves
Lecture 2 Lecture 1: Pre-emptives, Part 1; the bad guy confronts you.
Lecture 3 Lecture 2. Pre-emptives Part 2, the bad guy confronts you with his hands up.
Lecture 4 Lecture 3. Identifying the signs that a potential attacker is about to hit you
Lecture 5 Lecture 4. Dealing with pushes.
Section 3: Defending a flurry of swinging punches.
Lecture 6 Lecture 5. Defending and retaliating against swinging punches.
Section 4: Defending against Grabs. Breaking the grab and neutralising the attacker
Lecture 7 Lecture 6. Defending a single-handed clothing grab
Lecture 8 Lecture 7. Defending a double-handed clothing grab
Lecture 9 Lecture 8. Defending a side headlock
Lecture 10 Lecture 9. Defending the Muay Thai clinch, attacker grabs head and throws knees
Section 5: Defending Knife Attacks
Lecture 11 Lecture 10. Defending slashes and upwards thrusts to gut
Lecture 12 Lecture 11. Single leg takedown against the knife.
Section 6: Bottle and Glass Attacks
Lecture 13 Lecture 12. Swinging bottle attack to the head
Lecture 14 Lecture 13. Broken glass or bottle thrust straight to the face.
Section 7: Blocking Kicks to the Groin and Legs
Lecture 15 Lecture 14. Blocking kicks.
For anybody who wants to know something about how to defend themselves.,No experience necessary, suitable for people who want to know something about how to defend themselves but don't have the time nor the inclination to go to a Martial Arts Class. ,Suitable for Beginners to the Martial Arts who want to learn the real world applications of some of the moves they are starting to learn. ,Suitable for experienced Martial Artists and Instructors who wand to know more about real world applications of their arts. ,Suitable for Students and Instructors of Reality Based Self Defence Systems.,Suitable for both men and women, and all levels of strength and fitness.
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