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Udemy - Zapier Integrations 101

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Published 6/2022
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Automations & Integrations
What you'll learn
Introduction Before you dive in to Zapier 101, meet your instructors and get an overview of the course.
What is automation? This section covers the basics of automation: what it is and what it can do for you.
Automating your work In this section, you'll learn how Zapier connects the apps you use every day into automated workflows called Zaps-and how to create your fi
Popular Zapier features Get familiar with popular Zapier features and built-in tools that can add even more power to your workflows-like logic paths, filter ste
Zapier's limitations Zapier is a powerful, flexible automation platform, but even the best platforms have their limits. Here are a few things you can't do with
No programming experience needed.
About this CourseGetting started with Zapier? Learn the basics so you can get started. Included in this guide:Learn to integrate and automate between multiple websites by following my very comprehensive step-by-step lectures. Learn to create a Zap: pre-work, setting up triggers and actions, mapping fieldsOther things to know: Task history, choosing a Zapier plan, and next-level featuresWho is this course for?Anyone looking to quickly create their first Zap. We'll help you get into the automation mindset and guide you through the necessary steps to get things up and running.Chances are you've automated something without even realizing it. Do you get an automatic email before calendar events start? That's automation. Do you get a text alert when it's almost time to renew a prescription or to remind you about an upcoming appointment? Automation again!But if you aren't used to building automated workflows on your own, it can be daunting to think about how you might use automation to save time for yourself. How do you decide what to automate? What can you do better by not doing it yourself? Where do you even start?We asked Zapier superusers and employees about how they know when to automate a task. Here's what they had to say:It's a task you have to do frequently or on a scheduleWhen you're trying to decide which aspects of your work you should automate, a great first question to ask is: What tasks do you perform the most frequently?Tasks that need to be done often or on a set schedule are perfect for automation because the benefits are immediate. You'll spend less time every day on repetitive work, which can quickly become burdensome or annoying."If it's something I have to do three times, the odds are that I'll have to do it a fourth and a fifth," says Kristie Wirth, who works at Zapier as a data scientist. "When I'm tempted to add something as a recurring task in my to-do app, I know it's probably a good fit for automation. Even if it's just an annual thing, I'll still take a stab at automating it."Similarly, front-end engineer Caleb Peterson says that he tries to identify the parts of his daily work that are repetitive but also frustrating to do manually."I'll look at automating a task when it's a part of my daily workflow that's repetitive or obnoxious," he says. "A great example is digging the meeting link or location out of my Google Calendar. I've got a Zap that drops the location of Google Calendar events into Slack, so I can just grab it right there-instead of having to hunt for it for every meeting I have in a day."It involves moving information between appsLet's be honest: copy-and-pasting is time-consuming and dreadfully dull. So are other manual ways of moving data, like exporting CSV files from one app and then importing them into another. And if you have to repeat the process multiple times over the course of a day or week, it quickly becomes unmanageable."When I'm deciding whether a task is a good fit for automation, I ask: Does it use software/SaaS products from start to finish?" explains Bryan Golkhajeh, a Zapier expert with Workload.Tasks that involve moving data between apps are perfect for automation. For example, you can create new leads in your CRM whenever someone fills out a form on your website or subscribes to an email marketing campaign.It's boring and doesn't require higher-order thinkingAnother key thing to consider is whether a task truly needs a distinctly human touch. Does it require creativity, problem-solving skills, or emotional intelligence? If so, you might not want to automate it. But if it's a boring, simple task that doesn't require complex thinking, it could be easily handled by an automation platform like Zapier.Andrew Davison, a Zapier expert at Luhhu, suggests identifying the tasks that you wish you didn't have to do."Simply put, I ask:Is this a task I do more than once per month?Does it involve the same steps every time?Do I wish I could be doing anything but this?"It takes you away from what you really want to be doingAnd that, ultimately, is the answer for most people: They automate tasks that keep them away from what they wish they would be doing.Sometimes, those tradeoffs are business-critical functions."I consider how much time a task is taking away from core business functions, such as sales or talking to customers," Golkhajeh says. "If the answer is more than 15 to 20 minutes a day, and it's a rules-based process that uses software from start to finish, I'm already thinking of automating the heck out of it."He explains that, for him, automation isn't just about saving a few minutes here and there. It's about how that time adds up over the long term."All those little time blocks add up over the course of a year," he says. "Just do that math: 15 minutes saved per workday, over 252 average workdays in a year, equals about 3,000 minutes saved. That's more than 60 hours."
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 How to save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive in Zapier
Lecture 2 How to send new YouTube videos in a channel to a Facebook Page using Zapier
Lecture 3 How to get an email reminder in Gmail 1 hour before a new Google Calendar event
Lecture 4 How to Send emails via Gmail when new files are added to Google Drive in Zapier
Lecture 5 How to post on Twitter the same content posted on Facebook
People who'd like to automate their tasks via Zapier

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