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Udemy - Python Beginner To Expert (2022)

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Published 6/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.69 GB | Duration: 11h 12m
Learn all aspects of python programming

What you'll learn
All aspects of python for an IT Job
Become a Python Expert
Doing all operations with python Data Structures
Writing code with Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) in python
Ability to use built-in and third party packages of python and do coding in less time
Doing DataBase Operations With Python
Coding without the need of searching things in the internet
Doing Data analysis with Pandas
Have python version 3 installed
No programming experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
Learn Python In The Best Way .A course to make you completely familiar with PythonBecome a python programmer and learn all python skills needed for the IT job.Complete the course and crack the python interviews and get placed with good salary.The course is 10 hours long and built in such a way that once you complete the course you will no longer need to search the internet for python related stuffs. Because everything is covered in this course for you. Chapters and Contents1. Control Flow Statements : Learn what are control flow statements and loops. Do sample programs with loops and control flow statements.2. Lists : All operations on python lists3. Strings : All operations on strings and string formatting4. Dictionary : All operations on dictionary5. Tuple : All tuple operations6. Set : All set operations 7. Functions Writing and calling python functions Type of functions in python lambda functions User defined vs built-in functions 8. Object oriented programming (OOPs)Creating classesInheritanceTypes of inheritanceMethod overriding9. Exception handlingWhat are exceptionsHandling exceptionsChecking for multiple exceptionsCreating our own exception10. Modules and packages and librariesWhat is a module,package,and libraryBuilt-in vs User defined modulesBuilt in modules in detail11. Date and time operationsDate and time operations using datetime module12. File operationsAll file operations - reading ,writing, appending 13. Iterators and Generators14. Regular Expressions -RegexHow to use regex in python - re moduleregex practical applications - finding email,phone numbers and other values from strings15. Python and CSV FilesReading data from CSV FilesWriting data to the CSV File16. Python pandas - widely used library for data analysisCreating dataframeAll operations on dataframereading and writing to csv and exceldata analysis operations17. Python and MySql Create databaseadd data to tableread , update and delete data from database table.
Section 1: Python Data Types , Variables , Basics
Lecture 1 Python Data Types
Lecture 2 Variable Creation
Lecture 3 Additional Information In Creating Variables
Lecture 4 Type Casting
Lecture 5 Indentation In Python
Lecture 6 Adding Comments
Section 2: Control Flow Statements
Lecture 7 Control Flow Statements - Introduction
Lecture 8 If ,elif ,else statements
Lecture 9 Nested If
Lecture 10 Operators Used With Control Flow Statements
Lecture 11 Not and In operator
Lecture 12 Loops Introduction
Lecture 13 For Loop In Python
Lecture 14 For Loop Exercises
Lecture 15 Nested For Loop
Lecture 16 While Loop In Python
Lecture 17 Continue ,Pass, Break Statements
Lecture 18 Else Statement With The Loops
Section 3: Strings in Python
Lecture 19 Introduction to strings.
Lecture 20 String negative index, Concatination, Multiplication
Lecture 21 Special characters in string, Raw strings, String class
Lecture 22 String functions for string operations part 1
Lecture 23 String functions part2
Lecture 24 String functions part 3
Lecture 25 String slicing
Lecture 26 String formating
Section 4: Lists in Python
Lecture 27 List Introduction
Lecture 28 Looping Through List Items
Lecture 29 Adding Elements To The List
Lecture 30 Deleting Elements From The List
Lecture 31 List Slicing
Lecture 32 Nested Lists
Lecture 33 List Comprehension
Lecture 34 Sorting And Copying List
Lecture 35 List Sample Program
Lecture 36 Occurrence of items , reverse and repeat the list
Section 5: Sets In Python
Lecture 37 Sets Introduction
Lecture 38 Add elements to the set
Lecture 39 Deleting Items From the Set
Lecture 40 Set Operations
Lecture 41 Set Methods
Section 6: Dictionary In Python
Lecture 42 Dictionary Introduction
Lecture 43 Accessing Items From The Dictionary
Lecture 44 Add Items To Dictionary And Replace Items
Lecture 45 Check if items in dictionary , length of dictionary
Lecture 46 Deleting items from the dictionary
Lecture 47 Dictionary Comprehensions
Section 7: Tuple In Python
Lecture 48 Tuple Introduction
Lecture 49 Acess items from the tuple
Lecture 50 Unpacking items from the tuple
Lecture 51 Tuple methods , adding and multiplying tuples
Section 8: Functions In Python
Lecture 52 Function Introduction
Lecture 53 Creating Functions In Python
Lecture 54 Function Call - Points To Remember
Lecture 55 Function Types - Function With Default Argument
Lecture 56 Functions With Keyword Arguments
Lecture 57 Functions With Arbitrary Arguments
Lecture 58 Functions With Arbitrary Keyword Arguments
Lecture 59 Lambda Functions In Python
Lecture 60 Lambda Functions Uses
Lecture 61 Built In Functions Vs User Defined Functions
Lecture 62 Writing functions that prints the star patterns
Lecture 63 Functions For Calculating Factorial Of A number And Printing Fibonacci Series
Lecture 64 Returning Function From Another Function
Section 9: Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) In Python
Lecture 65 OOPs Introduction
Lecture 66 Creating Class and Objects
Lecture 67 init Method In The Class
Lecture 68 Instance vs Class Variables
Lecture 69 Working WIth Attributes Of The Class
Lecture 70 Class Example 2
Lecture 71 Inheritance In Python
Lecture 72 Static Variables In Class
Lecture 73 Static Methods In Class
Lecture 74 Method Overriding
Lecture 75 Multiple Inheritance
Lecture 76 Super() method
Lecture 77 Multilevel Inheritance
Section 10: Exception Handling In Python
Lecture 78 What is exception ?
Lecture 79 What is Exception Handling ?
Lecture 80 Checking for multiple exceptions
Lecture 81 Finally in exception handling
Lecture 82 User defined exceptions :creating our own exceptions
Lecture 83 Functions and exceptions
Section 11: Modules ,Packages and Library
Lecture 84 What is module and types of modules
Lecture 85 Ways to import things from a module
Lecture 86 random module - for random numbers
Lecture 87 os module - operating system module
Lecture 88 math module
Lecture 89 What Is Package ?
Lecture 90 PyPi, pip, Third Party Modules
Section 12: Date Operations In Python
Lecture 91 datetime Module Introduction
Lecture 92 date class operations
Lecture 93 datetime class operations
Lecture 94 time class operations
Lecture 95 timedelta class operations
Lecture 96 pytz module and utc time
Lecture 97 formatting datetime objects
Lecture 98 codes to be used with strftime()
Lecture 99 converting string to datetime objects
Section 13: File Operations
Lecture 100 Python File Operations Intro
Lecture 101 File operations modes
Lecture 102 File Read and ReadLine methods
Section 14: Iterators And Generators In Python
Lecture 103 What Is Iterator And Generator ?
Section 15: Regular Expressions In Python - Regex
Lecture 104 What is Regex ?
Lecture 105 Regex findall method
Lecture 106 Regex - Practical Applications
Section 16: Python And CSV Files
Lecture 107 Reading Data From The CSV File
Lecture 108 Writing Data To The CSV File
Lecture 109 DictWriter() method
Section 17: Python Pandas - Widely Used Python Library For Data Analysis
Lecture 110 Creating First DataFrame
Lecture 111 Creating DataFrame From Nested List And Dictionary
Lecture 112 Adding Columns And Rows To DataFrame
Lecture 113 Deleting Rows And Columns From The DataFrame
Lecture 114 DataFrame Attributes
Lecture 115 DataFrame Functions
Lecture 116 DataFrame Grouping
Lecture 117 DataFrame loc,iloc Methods
Lecture 118 DataFrame Filtering Data Based On Conditions
Lecture 119 Converting DataFrame To Dictionary And HTML File
Lecture 120 DataFrame To CSV ,CSV To DataFrame
Lecture 121 Data Cleaning
Section 18: Python And MySQL - CRUD Operations
Lecture 122 MySQL Introduction
Lecture 123 Creating Table In MySQL
Lecture 124 Inserting Data To The Table
Lecture 125 Reading Data From The Table
Lecture 126 Updating And Deleting Data From The Table
Beginners trying to become a developer in python.,Those who wants to learn all aspects of python programming,Developers trying to switch to the python world,Students from school or college who wants to learn python from scratch.
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Alpha and Omega
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TOP salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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