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Udemy - Intuition & Psychic Development

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 6/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.92 GB | Duration: 2h 19m
Intuition, Psychic Abilities plus Divination and Cards

What you'll learn
Understand Intuition and Psychic Abilities
Learn practices to enhance your abilities
Learn different types of Divination
Learn the basics of reading cards
Explore the spiritual meaning of symbols
This course is jam packed with goodness for anyone wanting to connect with their intuition and psychic abilities. Here I will provide a basic understanding of intuition and different types of psychic abilities to help you identify which natural gifts you have always had. I strongly believe we are all born with these gifts. No one is special, but, that each of us has the opportunity to hone these as skills. This course goes from video, to audio, back to video for the Cards section of the course. An added bonus, this course focuses on giving readings to others, so you are provided with a pathway to understanding and providing your intuition and psychic abilities to others with an ethical, confident, and professional approach. From Disclaimers, Ethics, Spirit Guides, Chakras, to types of Divination, such as Scrying and Cards, PLUS a series of practices to clear and ground, rituals for the Full Moon, and so much more, I hope this course can help guide you along your path. Create a deeper connection with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guide, the Divine Source, and yourself as you learn to listen in an enhanced and focused way. If you are completely new to the world of intuition and psychic abilities, this is a great place to start and receive a step-by-step path to feel positive and confident about. Or perhaps, you have been dabbling for many years but now want to dig in deeper, this course can guide you.
Section 1: Introduction to Course
Lecture 1 Introduction and Course Material
Lecture 2 Introduction and Course Material continued
Section 2: Intuitive and Psychic Abilities
Lecture 3 The difference between intuition and psychic abilities
Lecture 4 Intuition
Lecture 5 Psychic Abilities
Lecture 6 Spiritual Terms
Lecture 7 Where to start!
Lecture 8 Setting Up Sacred Space
Lecture 9 Clearing & Grounding
Lecture 10 Psychic Protection
Lecture 11 Ethereal Body / Higher Self / Guide Connection
Lecture 12 Chakras
Lecture 13 Intuition & the 3rd Chakra
Lecture 14 Rebuild your Code of Honour
Section 3: Divination
Lecture 15 Disclaimers
Lecture 16 Ethics
Lecture 17 Divination
Lecture 18 Types of Divination
Lecture 19 Symbols Guide
Lecture 20 Cards for Divination
Lecture 21 How to Pick a Deck
Lecture 22 Connecting with your Deck
Lecture 23 Your First Deck
Lecture 24 Clearing & Consecrating the Deck
Lecture 25 How to Consecrate
Lecture 26 Giving a Reading
Lecture 27 Choosing Cards from the Deck
Lecture 28 How to Ask a Question
Lecture 29 Questions not to Ask
Lecture 30 Reading Examples
Lecture 31 General Practice Questions
Lecture 32 Love Practice Questions
Lecture 33 Career Practice Questions
Lecture 34 Money/Income Practice Questions
Section 4: Practices & Rituals
Lecture 35 Head, Heart, Gut Technique
Lecture 36 Automatic Writing
Lecture 37 Chakras & Full Moon Ceremony
Lecture 38 End of Course & Final Assignment
Beginner to Intermediate

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Jan 17, 2022
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