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Ttk Bootstrap - Modern Python User Interfaces

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Nov 24, 2022
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Ttk Bootstrap - Modern Python User Interfaces
Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.45 GB | Duration: 3h 15m

Create modern and intuitive Python GUI applications​

What you'll learn
Master Modern GUI Development with TTKboostrap and Python!
Fully understand how to visually upgrade and modernize the look of widgets
Get in-depth knowledge of how themes and styles work in TTKbootstrap
Learn how to use a wide variety of widgets, such as labels, entries, buttons, notebooks, spinboxes, and progress bars
Coverage includes how to use 18 different widgets
Leverage the framework's API to speed development
Get hands-on experience working through Development Labs
Some programming knowledge with Python or another language is helpful
Recent version of Windows Linux, Mac
Python and a code editor
If you want to create modern, intuitive, and user friendly Python GUI applications, this is the course for you!TTKbootstrap is a theme extension for tkinter that gives you modern, flat style themes that are inspired by Bootstrap.This course will teach you the techniques of using TTKbootstrap and Python to create desktop applications that have a modern look and feel.This is a comprehensive TTKbootstrap course - We'll show you how you can:Use Object-Oriented Programming to control the behavior of UI WidgetsBecome familiar the Themes and Style provided by the frameworkUse each of the Widgets with Themes and Styles applied (18 widgets are covered)Make use of Dialogs and Message BoxesLeverage the API to speed development and integrate with the operating systemBuild your skills with Development Lab activitiesAnd more!Contained within the course is a reference of many TTKBoostrap widgets - this will help you quickly learn how to work with them and act as a reference later on.TTKBoostrap is a great tool if you want to:Create simple utilitiesBuild complex applicationsDesign software tools for your businessThis course gives you the basics and can also serve as an on-going reference as you begin working more in depth with Python and the TTKbootstrap libraries. The section on UI Widgets is especially geared towards being used as a quick reference - giving you the basics you need for each component.Let's get started building your skills and updating the look of your Python GUI applications!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Course Layout
Lecture 3 Software Setup
Section 2: UI Basics
Lecture 4 Overview
Lecture 5 What's a Widget?
Lecture 6 Layouts and Widget Placement
Lecture 7 Themes and Styles
Lecture 8 Objects, Properties, Methods, and Events
Lecture 9 Basic Window and Hello World
Section 3: Digging Deeper into Bootstrap Themes
Lecture 10 Overview
Lecture 11 Anatomy of a Theme
Lecture 12 Bootstrap Theme Demo
Lecture 13 Creating Your Own Themes
Section 4: Applying Bootstrap Themes and Styles
Lecture 14 Overview
Lecture 15 The Button Widget
Lecture 16 The Checkbutton Widget
Lecture 17 The Combobox Widget
Lecture 18 The Date Entry Widget
Lecture 19 The Entry Widget
Lecture 20 The Flood Gauge Widget
Lecture 21 The Frame Widget
Lecture 22 The Label Widget
Lecture 23 The Labelframe Widget
Lecture 24 The Menubutton Widget
Lecture 25 The Meter Widget
Lecture 26 The Notebook Widget
Lecture 27 The Paned Window Widget
Lecture 28 The Progressbar Widget
Lecture 29 The Radiobutton Widget
Lecture 30 The Scale Widget
Lecture 31 The Scrollbar Widget
Lecture 32 The Separator Widget
Lecture 33 The Sizegrip Widget
Lecture 34 The Spinbox Widget
Lecture 35 The Treeview Widget
Lecture 36 Section Resources
Section 5: Working with Bootstrap Dialogs
Lecture 37 Overview
Lecture 38 The Color Chooser Dialog
Lecture 39 The Date Picker Dialog
Lecture 40 The Font Dialog
Lecture 41 The Message Box Dialog
Lecture 42 Section Resources
Section 6: Additional Bootstrap API Features
Lecture 43 Overview
Lecture 44 The Scrolled Frame Module
Lecture 45 The Scrolled Text Module
Lecture 46 The Toast Module
Lecture 47 The Toolip Module
Lecture 48 Section Resources
Section 7: Development Labs
Lecture 49 Overview
Lecture 50 Building a Basic Adding Machine
Lecture 51 Building a Contact Entry UI
Lecture 52 Creating a Text Reader
Lecture 53 Working with Collapsible Frames
Lecture 54 Section Resources
Section 8: Conclusion
Lecture 55 Summary and Thank You
If you already have some programming skills and want to learn how to create desktop apps,If you'd like to create desktop tools with a modern appearance, this course will teach you how to do that effectively,This course is for anyone who wants to build desktop apps with Python


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