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The Ultimate Prop Art Bundle - 4 Courses In 1

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download The Ultimate Prop Art Bundle - 4 Courses In 1
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 7.96 GB | Duration: 10h 7m
Learn 3D Prop Modelling, 3D Texturing in Blender and Substance Painter

Free Download What you'll learn
Learn to create Highly Realistic Models using Blender and Substance
Learn Poly Modelling in Blender
Learn to texture assets in Substance Painter
Learn to create a prop from Start to Finish
Learn to use Smart Materials and Masks in Substance Painter
Learn to work with Reference Images and use them to create 3D models from 2D images
A computer and basic understanding of Blender and Substance Painter
Blender (Free)
Substance Painter (30 day trial or get the Student License version for Free)
Hello everyone and welcome to this course which has 4 different complete courses in 1. With more than 10 hours of content We will go over creating 4 different props completely from start to finish.We will go over the complete pipeline of creating a high-quality realistic prop, starting with modelling the prop in blender, texturing in Substance Painter and finally lighting and rendering a portfolio piece in blender.This bundle has 4 different courses that are creating a Pocket watch, creating a Vintage Camera, creating a Pokedex and creating a Sony Walkman. This bundle will help you improve your 3D prop modelling and texturing skills massively as we go through each step together and learn many different techniques.After finishing the courses, you would easily be able to create the renders shown in the trailer and also create high quality props of your own.We will start with modelling the prop in Blender, and we will learn different modelling techniques and learn a lot about different modifiers. After finishing the modelling, we will apply all the modifiers and UV unwrap our model for export.Then after that we will export our model to Substance Painter and start baking mesh maps for our model, after that we will start to texture our model. We will learn how to create realistic textures for our models by using different features in Substance like Smart Masks, Smart Materials etc.After we finish texturing in Substance Painter, we will take our model back to Blender and render it. We will set up the material, lighting, and the camera. We will also learn how to use HDRIs to light our scenes. We will finish every course by taking a portfolio ready render for every prop.This course is for everyone who has a basic understanding of Blender and Substance Painter and wants to upgrade their skills.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to Course
Section 2: Creating a Pocketwatch in Blender and Substance Painter
Lecture 2 Creating the Base Shape of Pocketwatch
Lecture 3 Creating the Watch Dial
Lecture 4 Adding the Text
Lecture 5 Adding Small Details to the Watch
Lecture 6 Creating the Inside Pieces
Lecture 7 More Inside Pieces
Lecture 8 Adding the Gears
Lecture 9 UV Unwrapping and exporting to Painter
Lecture 10 Texturing the Pocketwatch
Lecture 11 Exporting and Rendering in Blender
Section 3: Creating a Vintage Camera in Blender and Substance Painter
Lecture 12 Creating the Base Shape
Lecture 13 Refining the Base Shape
Lecture 14 Creating the Top Part
Lecture 15 Modelling the Dials
Lecture 16 Adding more Details
Lecture 17 Creating the Camera Lens
Lecture 18 Finishing Touches
Lecture 19 Exporting to Substance Painter
Lecture 20 Texturing the Camera
Lecture 21 Exporting to Blender and Rendering
Section 4: Creating a Pokedex in Blender and Substance Painter
Lecture 22 Creating the Base Body
Lecture 23 Enabling the Extra Objects Addon
Lecture 24 Using your First Boolean Modifier
Lecture 25 Adding Details
Lecture 26 Detailing the Sides
Lecture 27 Creating the Insides
Lecture 28 Creating the Screen
Lecture 29 Adding some Buttons
Lecture 30 Detailing the Right Side
Lecture 31 Adding Final Details
Lecture 32 UV Unwrapping
Lecture 33 Baking the Mesh Maps
Lecture 34 Texturing the Body
Lecture 35 Adding the Text
Lecture 36 Texturing the Screens
Lecture 37 Exporting and Rendering
Section 5: Creating a Sony Walkman
Lecture 38 Creating the Base Body
Lecture 39 Detailing the Body
Lecture 40 Adding more Details
Lecture 41 UV Unwrapping
Lecture 42 Texturing Part -1
Lecture 43 Texturing Part - 2
Lecture 44 Exporting and Rendering
Any type of Blender/Substance user who wants to increase their skill level

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