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The Testosterone Optimization System

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download The Testosterone Optimization System
Last updated 10/2018
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.80 GB | Duration: 2h 7m
The Ultimate Guide to Younger , Stronger ,Happier Live ,Diet Hacks , Lean Body Training Programme ,Live Longer ,Lose Fat

Free Download What you'll learn
Naturally double or triple your free testosterone levels.
Naturally improve body structure ,increase strength level ,build muscle , loss belly fat .
Naturally boost your libido .
Trick and tips on diet, exercise, and daily habits to dramatically improve testosterone .
Increase self confidence and self esteem .
No prior health knowledge is required or assumed
Optional: Getting your testosterone tested via your physician or an individual test
Permission and clearance from your physician or doctor to modify your diet and exercise
A willingness To Learn and Have an Open Mind
This course covers ONLY natural ways to increase your testosterone level. This course include a simple, quick, and inexpensive method that you can use TODAY to boost your testosterone level .The Problem With Today"s Men :1 IN 4 MEN OVER 30S HAS LOW TESTOSTERONE LEVEL , which also mean that 1 in 4 men over 30s are lack of sex drive and have erectile dysfunction as a result of low levels of testosterone . Lets look at what are the symptoms of low testosterone :Sexual dysfunctionReduced sex drive (low libido)Sleeping disorderInfertilityLoss of hairsDecreased strengthWeight gainBeer bellyAlways feel tireThis course intends to answer below questions with PROVEN research :1) How can we increase testosterone levels the 100% natural way ?2) What is the best training programme to boost your testosterone level ?2) Which foods increase/decrease testosterone the most? 3) Do testosterone booster such as tongkat ali , ZMA , DAA really works on boosting testosterone ?4) Which foods kill testosterone? 5) What is the best vitamin to increase testosterone? and so much much more !Beside learning how to boost up your testosterone level , you will also gain a basic understanding of the endocrine system and how testosterone production works. But the key in this testosterone optimization course is that you'll learn the actionable, easy-to-apply practices that will transform your health , and your life.Why This Course?Although it's low price but this course is pack with quality research and practical information , our course offers many great features and benefits , helping you:1) Save thousands of hours on Google and get straight to the proven method that you need to know to improve your health , live longer , increase your testosterone level , build lean muscle mass , loss fat fast and effective .2) Look more confidence , increase self esteem , feel healthier, happier, move effectively , better sex performance .3) Develop a customize blue print that cater to you needs for improving your health from diet, exercise, sexuality, and daily habits .Join a community of like-minded "T Booster Academy" ,where you can share your experience to encourage one another to achieve the best result or ask any questions that you have ,and myself or others member will help you up with it .
Section 1: Testosterone Introduction
Lecture 1 The History of Testoterone
Lecture 2 Understanding the Biological Role of Testosterone
Lecture 3 The Normal Rate Of Testosterone
Lecture 4 Different Type Of Testosterone
Lecture 5 3 Steps to Boost Your Testosterone for Men Over 40
Lecture 6 Testosterone Destroyer Overview
Lecture 7 Soy Destroyed Testosterone Production
Lecture 8 Alcohol The Testosterone Killer
Lecture 9 These Food Is Killing Testosterone .
Lecture 10 This Diet Is KILLING Testosterone .
Lecture 11 Vegetarian The Testosterone Killer .
Lecture 12 Household Products That Are Killing The Testosterone .
Lecture 13 The Night That Killed Your Testosterone .
Section 3: SYSTEM 2 Testing Your Testosterone
Lecture 14 What's a "Normal" Testosterone Level?
Lecture 15 How to measure your Testosterone Level?
Section 4: Busting The Testosterone Myth Research Based Evidence
Lecture 16 Tongkat Ali Eurycoma longifolia
Lecture 17 Tribulus Terrestris
Lecture 18 Zinc Magnesium Aspartate
Lecture 19 Fenugreek
Lecture 20 D-Aspartic Acid
Section 5: System 3 : Testosterone Optimization Diet System
Lecture 21 How does this Testosterone Optimization Diet System works ?
Lecture 22 Calories and Testosterone Production
Lecture 23 This Macronutrient Will Boost Your Testosterone Production
Lecture 24 How Carbohydrates Affects Testosterone
Lecture 25 How Protein Affects Testosterone
Lecture 26 How Micronutrients Increase Testosterone Production
Lecture 27 Testosterone Booster Meal Planning
Section 6: System 4 :Maximal Testosterone Optimization Training System (MTO)
Lecture 28 MTO Training System Overview
Lecture 29 5 Testosterone Principles In Used by MTO Training System
Lecture 30 Train This Muscle Twice A Week to Maximize Testosterone
Lecture 31 Advance Training For Monster Testosterone Optimization
Lecture 32 6 days Monster Optimizationa Training Programme
Men that is looking to improve their health, fitness, mood, or physical strength will benefit from this course!,Men who want to increase energy , built muscle , loss belly fat and would like to improve their sleeping pattern.,Men Who Are Serious About changing Their Body Structure .,This course is not intended to treat any chronic medical condition, and is not a replacement for medical attention from a qualified medical professional

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Jan 17, 2022
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