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The Personal, Place, and Context in Pedagogy An Activist Stance for Our Uncertain Educational Future

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Jan 21, 2021
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The Personal, Place, and Context in Pedagogy: An Activist Stance for Our Uncertain Educational Future by John M. Fischer
English | EPUB | 2021 | 386 Pages | ISBN : 3030714225 | 4.7 MB
"This book is a call to arms and a plea for activism. It argues that human experience intersects with place. It endeavours to offer theoretical and practical responses to increasing complexity in the world and suggests ways in which education systems might respond. In doing so, it touches on contemporary, controversial, and often neglected issues such as mental illness, immigration, privilege, andragogy, and community."

-Robin Precey, Senior Lecturer of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
"Fischer and Mazurkiewicz utilize their more than two decades of personal and professional collaboration to share not only the impact of their collaborative and collective work, but more importantly the inquiry-based opportunities it created for themselves and their participants and colleagues. The narratives in this collection evidence the complexities and nuances of the personal, place, and context."
-Sharon Subreenduth, Associate Dean and Professor of Education, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA
This edited volume includes contributions on education within a world of challenges by authors with diverse experiences and perspectives. Together, the authors reflect on educational initiatives and life in democratic societies, arguing for an increased awareness of the educational processes at work within our contexts, places, and personal lives. Chapters argue that authority and knowledge belong to everyone and that these are found on every level of perceived educational hierarchies. This book calls for attention to be paid to the voices of teachers in school, students in the classroom, participants in a project, and researchers embedded in a community-highlighting that they all have something to teach about understanding the world all are working to create in an uncertain educational future.
John M. Fischer is Professor of Social Studies Education and former Vice Provost of Academic Affairs at Bowling Green State University, USA.

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