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The Confident Speaker Blueprint - A Public Speaking Course

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download The Confident Speaker Blueprint - A Public Speaking Course
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.73 GB | Duration: 8h 46m
A comprehensive public speaking and presentation course to improve your skills, confidence and impact in communication

Free Download What you'll learn
Learn how to Create an Unforgettable Presentation Experience for your audience.
Learn how to Impress Your Audience with your Confidence, Competence, Connection and Content.
Increase Your Confidence When Presenting before small or large Audiences.
Learn the Secret of Body Language and Appearance in Public Speaking.
Learn strategies to help you Answer ANY Question During Your Speech Q&A Session like a pro.
Learn what matters most in any presentation and how to master the moment and deliver your best Presentation every time.
Learn how to use the power of storytelling to make impactful presentations.
Learn how to Manage or Banish Fear and Stage Freight forever and Develop Confidence in Public Speaking.
Anyone can take this course and get the full benefits. No prior knowledge of public speaking required.
No need for any special skill or software for learners, but anility to create slides will be an advantage.
All the student needs is the ability to talk and the willingness to learn and improve their public speaking and communication skills..
No prior experience or training needed.
This course is a comprehensive public speaking, storytelling, communication and effective presentation course suitable for anyone who want to improve their confidence, competence and impact in public speaking.This course will help you to speaking in a clear, confident and understandable manner to any size or description of audience.This will improve your leadership ability, the ability to sell yourself, grow in your career or business and generally improve your ability to communicate in different situations.In this Public Speaking Course* You will learn the basic and advanced skills used by Public Speaking* This Public Speaking course is practical and leaves you with skills, tricks and tools you can start applying immediately.* This course will teach you the science and art of public speaking.* This course will cover what makes great speakers great and how you can replicate such greatness with an air if authenticity.* This course has about 9 hours of comprehensive video lectures covering all you need to know to become an effective speaker plus templates and downloadable materials.After completing this course, you will develop a confidence t stand before any audience to speak and even take question and answer section like a pro.Do not risk one more day of dabbling in the dark and leaving your public speaking success and effectiveness to chance. Take this course and take control of your public speaking results.The instructor has been speaking and teaching public speaking to business people, students, employees, companies etc for almost a decade with outstanding results for the participants.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is Speaking
Lecture 3 Types of Speakers
Lecture 4 Types of Speeches
Lecture 5 Function of Speaking
Lecture 6 Is Public Speaking an Art or a Science?
Lecture 7 Are Great Speakers Born or Made?
Lecture 8 The Talk Test
Lecture 9 The Bumble Bee Can Fly!
Section 2: Communication
Lecture 10 What is Communication?
Lecture 11 Types of Communication
Lecture 12 Six Elements of Communication
Lecture 13 Commination Bridge
Lecture 14 Seven Cs of Communication
Section 3: Benefits of Effective Speaking
Lecture 15 Why study Public Speaking?
Lecture 16 Are You A Public Speaker?
Lecture 17 Is Talk Cheap?
Lecture 18 Benefits of Effective Speaking
Section 4: Effective Communication
Lecture 19 What is Effective Communication
Lecture 20 Set Your Goals First
Lecture 21 Goals of Effective Communication
Lecture 22 How People Learn
Lecture 23 Pathways to Effective Communication
Lecture 24 Hindrances to Effective Communication
Lecture 25 How mindsets Affect Effect Communication
Lecture 26 How Words, Tone and Body Language Affect Effective Communication
Section 5: What Makes Great Speakers Great
Lecture 27 What Makes Great Speakers Great
Lecture 28 Confidence
Lecture 29 How to Develop Confidence
Lecture 30 Competence
Lecture 31 Four Stages of Competence
Lecture 32 The Confidence-Competence Loop
Lecture 33 Content
Lecture 34 Do You Know What You Are Talking About?
Lecture 35 Speech Lenght
Lecture 36 Creating Content
Lecture 37 Connection
Lecture 38 How to Connect to an Audience
Lecture 39 Benefits of Connecting to an Audience
Section 6: Overcoming Fear
Lecture 40 Glossophobia
Lecture 41 How to Cure Glossophobia
Lecture 42 What is Fear and How to Overcome it
Lecture 43 Handling Stage Fright
Section 7: The Four Point Matrix
Lecture 44 The Speaker
Lecture 45 Developing the Speaker Within You
Lecture 46 Circle of Influence
Lecture 47 Self-Development
Lecture 48 Passion
Lecture 49 Delivery Pace
Lecture 50 Pause
Lecture 51 Humour
Section 8: The Four Point Matrix - The Audience
Lecture 52 The Audience
Lecture 53 Know Your Audience
Lecture 54 Sources of Audience Info
Lecture 55 Types of Audience
Lecture 56 Who is the Star of the Show
Lecture 57 Measuring Your Success
Lecture 58 Respect Your Audience
Lecture 59 Primary and Secondary Audience
Lecture 60 The Audience of One
Lecture 61 Dealing with an Online Audience
Lecture 62 Context
Section 9: The Four Point Matrix - The Message or Subject
Lecture 63 The Message
Lecture 64 The Speaker's Goal and Priority
Lecture 65 Preparation and Practice
Lecture 66 Writing A Speech
Lecture 67 Using a Speech Template
Lecture 68 Using Aids
Section 10: The Four Point Matrix - The Method
Lecture 69 The Method
Lecture 70 Examples of Some Methods
Lecture 71 Choosing the Right Method
Lecture 72 Visual Aids
Lecture 73 10 Rules for Creating PowerPoint Slides
Lecture 74 Rules for Using Slides
Lecture 75 Sharing Your Slides
Section 11: What Matters Most
Lecture 76 What Matters Most
Lecture 77 Dos and Don'ts of Starting a Speech
Lecture 78 Dos and Don'ts of Ending a Speech
Section 12: Storytelling
Lecture 79 Storytelling
Lecture 80 Benefits of Storytelling
Lecture 81 The Forgetting Curve
Lecture 82 Keys to Crafting Great Stories
Lecture 83 How and Where to Get Great Stories
Section 13: Handling Questions and Answers
Lecture 84 Question and Answers
Lecture 85 Gauging Audience Reaction to Q and A
Lecture 86 Setting the Stage
Lecture 87 Priming the Pump
Lecture 88 The R.E.S.T Formula
Lecture 89 Ending the Q and A
Lecture 90 After the Q and A
Section 14: Just Do it
Lecture 91 Master the Moment
Lecture 92 Handling Mistakes
Lecture 93 Just Do It
Anyone that is interested in Learning or improving public speaking/speech/presentation skills.,Anyone that wants to or needs to become a better public speaker or someone who loves giving speeches and want to be better at it.,Anyone with a worth while message they need to share with the world.,For Intermediate speakers who want to become Advanced speakers and also for Advanced speakers who want to become world class speakers by improving specific areas of public speaking competence like storytelling.,For CEOs and Business leaders, politicians and public servants, Executives, Sales people, HR managers etc,For Trainers, Teachers, Coaches and Consultants

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