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Tai Chi Instructor Training Certification Course Part 1/3

Farid 200


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Apr 10, 2021
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Tai Chi Instructor Training Certification Course Part 1/3

Last updated 5/2020| Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz Language: English | Size: 810.03 MB | Duration: 2h 34m​

Become a Certified Tai Chi Instructor/Teacher Through This Home Study Program - Learn how to teach Tai Chi Effectively
What you'll learn
Students will learn several Tai Chi Forms
Students will learn warm-up exercises practical for Tai Chi
Students will learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi
Students will learn how to teach others Tai Chi
Students will learn basic Chinese Medicine theory
Students will have a full understanding of Tai Chi and how it works with Chinese Medicine
After passing a test with Dr. Kuhn, students will receive an official certificate allowing them to teach Tai Chi
Comfortable Clothes
Comfortable Shoes
An Open Space
A Willingness to learn
Patience and Determination
As Tai Chi grows in popularity, teachers with professional training are in demand. This course is for people who would like to become a Tai Chi Instructor/Teacher. This course is also recommended for those wanting to enhance their personal Tai Chi practice. This is the first part of a three part program.To become a Tai Chi Instructor, you are required to take all three parts of this Home Study course. The training manual will guide you to complete the course. Once you have completed all three parts of the course, you will be eligible to take the test to become certified. The test can either be in Person at Dr. Kuhn's School in Sarasota, Florida, or you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Kuhn via Skype, or by sending a video of you performing the Tai Chi form, Tai Chi Basics, and 4 types of Tai Chi Walking, all learned from the course. Dr. Kuhns Contact Information is included in the curriculum, Part 1 of Training Manual You will learn:How Tai Chi training worksImportance of this trainingBasics of Chinese HealingBenefits of practicing Tai ChiWhat is Tai ChiWhat is involved in Tai Chi PracticeVideos:Warm Up Exercise 1 Warm Up Exercise 2 Tai Chi BasicsTai Chi Qi GongTai Chi Stance and StepsBook:Therapeutic Qi Gong for Healing and Prevention
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 About This Program
Lecture 2 About Dr. Aihan Kuhn
Section 2: Part 1 of the Tai Chi Training
Lecture 3 To Learn, To Heal, To Be Nourished - Introduction to the Manual
Lecture 4 How does this training work?
Lecture 5 The Importance of Taking This Training
Lecture 6 Basics of Chinese Healing (Chinese Medicine and Chinese Exercise)
Lecture 7 The Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi
Lecture 8 What is Tai Chi
Lecture 9 What is Involved in Tai Chi Practice
Lecture 10 Human Energy and Healing
Lecture 11 History of Tai Chi and Qi Gong
Lecture 12 The Difference between Western Exercise and Chinese Exercise
Lecture 13 Self-Review
Section 3: Instructional Videos
Lecture 14 Video 1: Warm Up Exercise (Gentle Warm Up)
Lecture 15 Video 2: Warm Up Exercise 2 (Light Cardio)
Lecture 16 Video 3: Tai Chi Basics
Lecture 17 Video 4: Tai Chi Qi Gong
Lecture 18 Video 5: Tai Chi Stance and Steps
Section 4: Dr. Aihan Kuhn's Book - Therapeutic Qi Gong and Prevention
Lecture 19 Preface: My Path to Natural Medicine
Lecture 20 Part 1: About Qi Gong and its Benefits
Lecture 21 What Affects Energy (Qi) In Our Body?
Lecture 22 Qi Gong Categories
Lecture 23 The Difference Between Qi Gong and Tai Chi
Lecture 24 The Difference Between Qi Gong and Western Exercise
Lecture 25 Qi Gong Healing and Chinese Medicine
Lecture 26 How Qi Gong Works in the Human Healing Process
Lecture 27 Health Benefits from Qi Gong Practice
Lecture 28 Start Your Qi Gong Practice
Lecture 29 Part 2: Therapeutic Qi Gong Step By Step Instructions
Lecture 30 Step-by-Step Instruction of Therapeutic Qi Gong
Lecture 31 Conclusion
Lecture 32 Common Terms Used in Qi Gong
Lecture 33 Testimonials From Students
Section 5: Taking The Test: Becoming Certified
Lecture 34 Contacting Dr. Aihan Kuhn To Schedule An Appointment
Anyone that would like to learn Tai Chi,Anyone that would like to become a Tai Chi Instructor/Teacher,Anyone that would like to become certified as a Tai Chi Instructor/Teacher,Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Healers,Anyone interested in Holistic Medicine, Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Chinese Medicine

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Jan 17, 2022
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