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Sustainable Production Innovations Bioremediation and Other Biotechnologies

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Apr 10, 2021
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Sustainable Production Innovations | 464 | Patel, Alok Kumar;Sharma, Amit Kumar;, Amit Kumar Sharma
2023 | John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated | 1119791901​

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION INNOVATIONS Presenting the latest technologies and practices in this ever-changing field, this groundbreaking new volume covers the gambit for providing solutions and practical applications of smart and efficient energy systems. The global and climate changes we are witnessing are primarily driven by factors such as rising population, economic growth, and industrialization. These changes have led to an increase in atmospheric CO2, pollution, deforestation, water scarcity, and hunger, among other pressing issues. To ensure a green and sustainable future, it is crucial to harness renewable resources for the production of fuels, chemicals, and materials. The book, Sustainable Production Innovations , addresses several bioprocesses that are integral to our daily lives, tackling important topics such as biofuel production, energy and food security, and wastewater management. The commercial interest in biotechnological processes has grown significantly due to their ability to utilize biocatalysts such as enzymes, bacteria, plant cells, or animal cells in bioreactors for the production of medications, health supplements, foods, biofuels, and chemicals. Switching to bioproducts offers key benefits such as the sustainability of third-generation biofuels, CO2 sequestration, effective waste utilization, and meeting the increasing demand for clean water. The book explores various procedures used in biomass biorefineries and bioprocessing for the production of biofuels, biobased chemicals, and bioproducts. It also delves into advancements in utilizing oleaginous microorganisms for biofuels and nutraceuticals, biological wastewater treatment, and microplastic detection techniques in water. Additionally, the book covers topics such as biolubricant technologies, bioprocessing of agricultural and forest waste, biotechnological approaches in the cosmetic industry, and large-scale applications of nanomaterials for water treatment. Authored by experts from leading biotechnology research groups around the world, the book comprises 13 chapters featuring the latest research in each subject. It is a valuable resource for scholars in chemical engineering, applied microbiology, biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, and related fields, offering new insights into the sustainable use of renewable energy and biochemicals. Professionals, including biochemical engineers, phycologists, bioprocess engineers, chemical engineers, scientists, and researchers in the water, food, pharmaceutical, and renewable energy industries will find this book beneficial. Likewise, students and faculty in the chemical engineering and energy departments will gain valuable knowledge from its contents.

Contents of Download:
Sustainable Production Innovations Bioremediation and Other Biotechnologies.epub (8.92 MB)

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Jan 17, 2022
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