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Summa Teq. Massage

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Published 6/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.03 GB | Duration: 2h 28m

Become a Superhero Massage Therapist
What you'll learn
Learn deep tissue with sports massage techniques
Learn how to use passive movement to support your deep tissue techniques
Learn how to use laughter and talking to distract the client from pain
Learn how to use your more powerful muscles so you save your hands
It is strongly encouraged that you be licensed in massage therapy to fully benefit from this course
You will need a massage table, massage lotion and equipment with linens to perform Summa Teq. massage
You will benefit from this course by having a strong interest in deep tissue massage techniques
Your text book is the published book 'Adventures in Massage, Become a Superhero Massage Therapist' available on all online book stores like amazon or archway publishing.
What is Summa Teq.?"Summa" - meaning the sum of all knowledge in a field"Teq." - Technique or methodThe methods covered in this book are the most unique ones as to what Summa Teq. has to offer. Licensed massage therapists or physical therapists can learn how to become a superhero therapist by learning Summa Teq.The humor and light instruction in this book should be seen as only an overview of the training that a licensed therapist can be taught with in-person or video training in Summa Teq. You can eventually learn the skills to read a person with one touch of your hand, with or without the sight of your eyes.There's a code of honor and respect for yourself and the person in your care. You will be able to build trust not by words alone but with the skill of Summa Teq. methods and your own intuition.Building a relationship of trust does take a form of communication. This communication is based on the atmosphere you create which includes your work space, your energy and personality, and how you can verbally chit chat to get to know the body on the table. If language is a barrier, use your space, methods, and energy to convey comfort. One hand on the body will tell you how much a person needs you.Through unique and standard deep tissue and sports massage techniques combined with passive movements to the body, you can manipulate the tissues and the brain to relax tension on a whole new level.Therapists trained in Summa Teq. do not need to verbally advertise their deeper skill with the body until they have complete trust and have had success. Instead, you will let the person in your care figure that out on their own. It has to be their revelation that your skill is unique and successful. There is no place for an ego in Summa Teq.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: What Is Summa Teq?
Lecture 2 Summa Teq.
Section 3: Upper Body Part 1
Lecture 3 Back Warm Up Part 1
Lecture 4 Back Warm Up Part 2
Section 4: Right Back and Arm
Lecture 5 Right Back
Section 5: Left Back and Arm
Lecture 6 Left Back
Lecture 7 Practice
Section 6: Crocodele Wrestling
Lecture 8 Arm and Shoulder Work
Lecture 9 Arm and Shoulder Work
Lecture 10 Practice
Section 7: Upper Body Part 2
Lecture 11 Head, Neck and Chest
Lecture 12 Practice
Section 8: Dinosaur Wrestling
Lecture 13 Medial Upper Thigh/Adductor
Lecture 14 Dry Rub and Warm Up
Lecture 15 Hip, Glutes and Upper Thigh
Lecture 16 Upper Thigh
Lecture 17 Lower Leg - Calf and Foot
Lecture 18 Upper Thigh - Quads
Lecture 19 Practice
Section 9: Sidekicks
Lecture 20 Gua Sha
Lecture 21 Percussion Massage
Lecture 22 Fascia Blaster
Lecture 23 Practice
Section 10: Course Conclusion
Lecture 24 More Learning Video 1
Lecture 25 More Learning Video 2
Lecture 26 More Learning Video 3
Lecture 27 More Learning Video 4
Lecture 28 More Learning Video 5
Lecture 29 Resources
Lecture 30 Self Care
Lecture 31 Congratulations!
Licensed massage therapists, body workers, stretch coaches, fitness coaches, physical therapists and chiropractors,Anyone interested in improving deep tissue massage techniques

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 17, 2022
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