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Stress-Free Effective Learning For Adults Crush Your Goals!

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 5/2022
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Become a superlearner! - Complete practical training in learning: Avoid procrastination, and increase productivity
What you'll learn
Time Management
Superlearner mindset
Become superlearner
Study techniques
Study strategies
Stress-free productivity
Relaxation Techniques
The mental palace
The pomodoro technique
Efficiency for study
Projection to the future
Study Guide
Task lists systems
Information overload handling techniques
Prioritization in high volume of tasks
Self-care for efficiency
Filtering out negative inputs
Spaced Repetition
Distraction-free studying
Study planning
Impossible Associations
Become a superlearner
Growth Mindset
Openness to try new techniques and systems.
Willingness to take massive action.
Willingness to be better everyday.
This course on how to learn is designed with life-long learning in mind for you to become a superlearner. Taking a holistic approach, we will explore the different areas and techniques that will make your study sessions engaging, avoid procrastination, and make study fun and stress-free.The course is targeted for both students and people seeking adult education help, who work and want to increase their productivity and develop their career further. In fact, it is targeted for adults who want to keep learning efficiently for life to achieve personal success.Within the course, we will first start by looking at time management. Specifically, how to efficiently process the huge amount of information that we receive on a daily basis. We will form the basis of a system that handles all the information. Then, we will talk about the importance of motivation, mood, nutrition, and exercise, and the role they play in learning and how to use them in our favour to enhance our learning capabilities. Then, we will learn a technique to create our study guide, a guide that will turn unstructured documentation into a highly customised learning highway. Effective use of time and recall is the following topic, where we will learn techniques to use time and recall efficiently the information we have previously learned, as well as techniques as important as the use of spaced repetition with software like Anki. Last but not least, we will talk about focus, a very important aspect to learning in order to decrease the study time while maximising productivity.ToolsThe different tools we you will learn in this course are:Making lists for high volume task managementPrioritize in high volume tasksSeparate the action and the strategy using the actionable tasks list and SMART goalsThe monthly tasks listThe weekly tasks listConquering your day with the daily tasks listRetrospective self-reflectionEnergy as a means of achieving moreFiltering out harming negative content and newsSelf-care for study efficiency and improvement in performanceCrafting a study guideMindmapsCustomized summariesSpaced repetition and efficient recallsAnkiSelf-testingDeep focus as a tool to increase performanceHabit creationAvoiding procrastinationStudy planningAbout the instructorMarcel is an enthusiastic fast learner. He likes to learn everything that makes him happy, even if that involves complicated matters. He is a strong believer that complex things can be simplified into simple ones. After +15 years of experience in continuous fast learning, he holds a bachelor in telecommunications engineering in UPC, Barcelona, as well as a masters in computer vision. A MRes in Medical Imaging at UCL, in London and a PhD also by UCL in medical imaging helping to treat fetal illnesses such as Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). He is also a certified ACC life coach, and founder of Inspiring Personal Growth where he aims to help people by providing them coaching services as well as mentoring in learning skills. He is also a taekwondo black belt training for more than 10 years, chess player, drummer, and dancer now for 2 years and a half. He likes to take on different learning activities that present a challenge and stimulate him intellectually and physically. Without further due, let's crush it!
Section 1: Dump the tasks off your head
Lecture 1 How to use this course
Lecture 2 Setting up for success! Journaling progress
Lecture 3 Information Overload
Lecture 4 Priorities
Lecture 5 The actionable tasks list
Lecture 6 The monthly and weekly tasks list
Lecture 7 Conquer your day
Lecture 8 A day to reflect
Lecture 9 Tightening all the tools together
Lecture 10 Recommendations and further reading
Section 2: Mood, nutrition, and exercise
Lecture 11 Motivation
Lecture 12 Take care of your mind
Lecture 13 Avoid too many negative news
Lecture 14 Take care of your body - Exercise
Lecture 15 Take care of your body - Nutrition
Lecture 16 Summary
Lecture 17 Recommendations and further reading
Section 3: Crafting your study guide
Lecture 18 Motivation
Lecture 19 Crafting the guide
Lecture 20 Build an eagle's view
Lecture 21 Summary
Lecture 22 Recommendations and further reading
Section 4: Use time and recalls effectively
Lecture 23 Motivation
Lecture 24 Controlling procrastination
Lecture 25 The pomodoro technique
Lecture 26 Memorization - Impossible Associations
Lecture 27 Memorization - The mental palace
Lecture 28 Efficient Recalls
Lecture 29 Test yourself
Lecture 30 Summary
Lecture 31 Recommendations and further reading
Section 5: Focus
Lecture 32 Motivation
Lecture 33 Avoid Distractions: Deep Focus
Lecture 34 Habits
Lecture 35 Plan your study time and avoid procrastination
Lecture 36 Summary
Lecture 37 Recommendations and further reading
Section 6: Congratulations and Thank you!
Lecture 38 Congratulations and thank you!
Section 7: References
Lecture 39 Bonus Lecture
This course is for anybody who wants to become a superlearner and break-through in any subject.,It is targeted mainly to two publics. On one side, students willing to improve their marks. On the other side, to working people who want to advance in their careers.

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 17, 2022
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