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Soul School Practitioner Of Sacred Tools: African/Accredited

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Nov 24, 2022
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Soul School Practitioner Of Sacred Tools: African/Accredited
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.51 GB | Duration: 2h 0m

Cultural Studies: Learn to Make an African Ceremonial Alter Doll & Healing Paket Kongo Used to Heal the Body and Spirit​

What you'll learn
The Introductory History to Paket Kongo
How to Make Paket Kongo (Live Tutorial-Prerecorded)
How to Assign the Saint to the Paket For Healing
Ethical Use Practices
How to Clean The Healing Pakets

Other Recommended Supportive Courses: Intro to Vodou Theology Master Class
Other Recommended Supportive Courses: Deep Release Point Therapy & Soul Retrieval

INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIED & ACCREDITEDHello, Welcome to POBA and if you are a returning student, welcome back!!!!!Before we continue, you may attain a certificate for this course in completion of this course by POBA, if requested. Now about this course:This very rare and special course shows a sacred process of making healing paket's (yes, it is spelled this way) that is unavailable to the general public. Search as you may, it is very difficult to find these paket's even for sale or listed appropriately as what they are truly called. Often, they are listed in smaller versions in a 'catchier' way to the New Orleans Traveler, for instance. This does not minimize their significance, rather, the practitioners are trying to bring their products to the world in the way they will understand and be willing to accept (toes in the water first). In this course I fully submerge you in the practice of these tools, in this mini master class. Because the general public is not privy to most African healing, the healing symbols are often unknown and frightening to others who do not have an education on what they mean. For instance, a foo dog looks frightening, but because of mass exposure, most have no fear of them because they know they are a symbol of protection, which is a good thing. I wish to train others on how to make these unique healing paket's for their own practices, for art, to sell in their own stores, and to use in healing or simply for good vibes. The Paket's made here are in two categories, Art/Ceremonial & Healing Modality/on the body use. Ceremonial/Art: The Paket doll represents Ezili Danto, the mother of all Gods Children who will protect and fight to the death for her children. She is inclusive, a healer and performs all the duties a loving mother would; she nurtures, heals and protects, and is used or placed in ceremony alters, healing rooms and anywhere you wish the energy to preside. Her symbols are knives & blood representing protection. Classified: Rare & one-of-a-kindHealing Modality: This one-of-a-kind Paket is not only a piece of art, but also a healing instrument. Inspired from Benin, African Healing, it represents the spirits called, "The Marasa Twins." Together the Marasa are known to heal and are used for all & any medical issues, physical ailments and even healing of the spirit, emotions and soul. They are used directly on the body over the area of need and act as a suction to remove the stagnation. Learn all you can about this sacred and unique healing process and production of healing tools.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome Introduction

Section 2: Master Class Lecture & Production of Alter Doll & Healing Paket

Lecture 2 Master Class Lecture & Production of Making an Alter Doll & Healing Paket

Section 3: How Do I Get My POBA Certificate?

Lecture 3 How Do I Get My POBA Certificate?

Lecture 4 How Do I Find My UDEMY Certificate?

Lecture 5 Community

All Healers,All Creatives,All Alternative Therapists,Wiccans & Pagans,All Shamans,esty store owners,website online sellers

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