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Sabr. Gain High Character & Good Habits. Islamic Psychology

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 6/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.76 GB | Duration: 4h 3m
12-Day course with the SAME content as the Sabr residential program. With Dr TK Harris MD. Mufti Menk Approved!

What you'll learn
Mufti Menk Approved course! Powerful techniques from Science and Islamic Psychology
All modules from the 10-day $19400 Sabr Residential Program located in UAE, Europe and Africa
Make better decisions in all situations with the help of your gift from Allah- your mind
Discover your strengths and talents that have been hidden or overlooked.
Break free from bad habits and addictive cycles.
Stop doing the same things.
Put bad memories in their place.
Gain positive self awareness. Regain true self-worth.
Live by High Akhlaaq! Excellent Character and Conduct.
Build Genuine Self Confidence using Islamic truths
Discover Virtuous Habits - wholesome addictions!
Deal with bad people and toxic environments
Make the goodness last for YEARS, not days
Overcome strong emotions, and gain instant peace.
No experience required
You've decided that you want things to change for the better, but you want something that really works. Something that powers you to regain and reclaim your command of life.Imagine you could, over twelve days, master powerful techniques that not only improve your conduct and faith, but defeat those bad habits, unwanted thoughts or troublesome patterns that keep pulling you down. The Sabr program is already a very successful 12 Day residential course run in private centres in Europe, UK and Africa, costing $19,400 USD. Dr TK Harris has adapted its content to this online course, as part of his ongoing mission to bring Mental Wealth to all who seek it. Day by day, all the lessons and techniques are laid out with easily followed instructions. Using powerful techniques from science and Islamic psychology to:Make better decisions in all situationsRegain joy and control over your mindDiscover and regain your true worthDismiss bad habits, unwanted thoughts and troublesome emotionsAppreciate and connect with Allah, with the sweetness of deenForm Virtuous habits: they're addictive AND wholesomeDeal with bad people and toxic environmentsPut bad memories in their placeHandle pressure without getting stressedHigh Akhlaaq: Learn successful character, the person you hope you could be.Make the goodness last for years, not days.Until now, Sabr was only accessible to those high net worth donors and sponsors who helped to fund Dr TK Harris's Mental Health Access mission. It still runs successfully, three times a year, in comfortable locations with every need taken care of. It is the success of this course, along with book sales, that enabled Dr Harris to start giving away his very first book, the multi best-selling Instant Insights, as part of his mission. Subhanallah! Now this online course is the second milestone, enabling anyone from around the world to access the kind of quality and rigour that is rare to find anywhere else. Be sceptical of anything that promises instant easy transformation. The course is fairly demanding, requiring around 2 hours a day at the minimum, but recommending around 4 hours, totalling 48 hours over 12 days. Still, being effective doesn't mean being overwhelming, dull or exhausting. Dr Harris promises that the course is designed to be enjoyable and stimulating. Reviews of the residential course, attended by muslim diplomats and sports elites among similar folk, confirm this claim. Modern Muslims find it hard to find knowledge that combines both Islamic and medical know-how into one. Dr Harris's work is focused on providing exactly that. He trained in medicine in Oxford, and practised for 20 years as a neuropsychiatrist at the highest level. In 2017 he turned to helping people of faith when his lifelong friend Mufti Menk alerted him to the mental health issues that frequently trouble the Ummah. Seven books, high quality residential courses, and countless media engagements, all go toward fuelling his Mental Health Access mission, bringing everyday mental wellbeing to people regardless of their ability to pay.
Section 1: Day One. Welcome. Say Bismillah.
Lecture 1 Introduction to Sabr
Lecture 2 How Sabr works.
Lecture 3 Assignment: Making notes.
Lecture 4 The Islamic Psychology of Patterns and Habits
Lecture 5 I offer you my reflections
Section 2: Day Two: Understanding Creation
Lecture 6 A Story About Fruit
Lecture 7 Written assignment. Rediscovering Bismillah
Lecture 8 All things have benefit
Lecture 9 Written Reflection Assignment: Self Belief
Section 3: Day three: Strategies
Lecture 10 The prayer that works
Lecture 11 Suffering troublesome thoughts
Lecture 12 Assignment: Restoring Positivity
Lecture 13 From being influenced, to influencing things yourself.
Lecture 14 Exercise: Deep reflection with Muraqabah
Section 4: Day Four: Turning the whole thing inside out
Lecture 15 Why scientists recommend Journalling and Talking.
Lecture 16 Beating Unwanted Habits the Islamic way
Section 5: Day Five. Perception, Truth, and Reality
Lecture 17 Perceptions of what we are given: The man with no legs.
Lecture 18 The Red Flower and The Umbrella
Lecture 19 Acceptance of Reality
Section 6: Day Six. Character and Conduct
Lecture 20 Why Akhlaaq is the centre of Islamic wellbeing
Lecture 21 Character and Conduct
Lecture 22 Akhlaaq Truths
Lecture 23 Akhlaaq Rules of Conduct
Lecture 24 Written assignment: Create your Rules
Lecture 25 The relationship between conduct and achievement
Section 7: Day Seven: Islamic Practice Truly Rediscovered
Lecture 26 Restoring Salah
Lecture 27 The Ten A's of Mindful Salah, Pt 1
Lecture 28 The Ten A's of Mindful Salah, Pt 2
Lecture 29 Assignment: Washing away sins with Wudhu
Section 8: Day Eight. Self Awareness of a positive kind
Lecture 30 Mining For Good Character
Lecture 31 Talking to Allah: Using du'aa
Lecture 32 Finding Your Strengths
Lecture 33 Assignment: Tasbih Al-Ikhlas
Section 9: Day Nine: Sabr. Acceptance.
Lecture 34 Case Study
Lecture 35 Tasbih
Lecture 36 Technique Exercise: RIADH
Lecture 37 Accepting Oneself
Section 10: Day Ten: Rebuilding Trust
Lecture 38 The Mind, assembled
Lecture 39 Rebuilding Trust in Allah, and Yourself
Lecture 40 Assignment: Tawak-kaltu- al-Allah. Rebuilding Trust
Lecture 41 Assignment: Subhanallah Every Day
Section 11: Day Eleven: Sabr
Lecture 42 Acceptance of mistakes, anger, regrets.
Lecture 43 Assignment: Your Timeline
Section 12: Day Twelve: Completing One Cycle
Lecture 44 Assignment: Welcoming honesty
Lecture 45 Assignment: Sujood
Lecture 46 Assignment: Zakaat-ul-Insaan
Lecture 47 End of Cycle One.
Modern Muslims,Anyone of faith or spiritual belief, wanting to take better command of life,Humble, everyday people who have everyday issues,High achievers who wish to accelerate their progress

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