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Revolutionizing B2B Sales With Account-Based Marketing 2.0

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Revolutionizing B2B Sales With Account-Based Marketing 2.0
Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 758.98 MB | Duration: 1h 0m
New Technologies and Trends That Are Revolutionizing B2B Marketing

Free Download What you'll learn
Introduction to Account-Based Marketing 2.0
Data-Driven Account Selection
Personalization and Customization
Advanced Targeting Techniques
Multi-Channel Engagement Strategies
Measuring Success and Optimizing Campaigns
Case Studies and Best Practices
Basic knowledge of marketing principles and strategies Familiarity with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and marketing automation tools Understanding of data analytics and its role in marketing Knowledge of sales processes and how they relate to marketing efforts Familiarity with the target audience and industry for which account-based marketing will be utilized.
In this course, Bilal Hassan will share his expertise and insights on ABM 2.0, which is quickly becoming the standard for B2B marketing. The course will cover the key elements of ABM 2.0, including the latest technologies, strategies, and tactics to help students create highly personalized campaigns that target specific accounts. Students will learn how to leverage data insights to create tailored content, use automation to scale personalization, and employ a multichannel approach to engage target accounts.Throughout the course, Bilal will provide real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate how ABM 2.0 can drive business growth and improve ROI. Students will also learn how to align their sales and marketing teams to achieve common goals and track the success of their ABM 2.0 campaigns through key metrics and KPIs.By the end of the course, students will have the knowledge and skills to implement a successful ABM 2.0 strategy, from developing a comprehensive plan to measuring its impact on business outcomes. This course is ideal for marketers who want to stay ahead of the curve in B2B marketing and improve their ability to engage target accounts and drive business growth.Here are the Main Points of this Course.1-Introduction to Account-Based Marketing 2.02-Data-Driven Account Selection3-Personalization and Customization4-Advanced Targeting Techniques5-Multi-Channel Engagement Strategies6-Measuring Success and Optimizing Campaigns7-Case Studies and Best Practices
Section 1: Introduction to Account-Based Marketing 2.0
Lecture 1 Course Outlines
Lecture 2 Understanding the basics of account-based marketing
Lecture 3 Differences between traditional ABM and ABM 2.0
Lecture 4 Key benefits of ABM 2.0
Section 2: Data-Driven Account Selection
Lecture 5 Identifying and prioritizing high-value accounts
Lecture 6 Creating an account scoring model
Lecture 7 Using Data to Identify Potential Lifetime Value and Conversion Likelihood
Section 3: Personalization and Customization
Lecture 8 Creating Personalized Messaging and Content for Target Accounts
Lecture 9 Understanding the role of personalization in ABM 2.0
Lecture 10 Tailoring messaging and content to address specific pain points
Section 4: Advanced Targeting Techniques
Lecture 11 Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning for enhanced targeting
Lecture 12 Predictive analytics and its role in ABM 2.0
Lecture 13 Combining multiple data sources to enhance targeting efforts
Section 5: Multi-Channel Engagement Strategies
Lecture 14 Developing a multi-channel approach for engagement
Lecture 15 Understanding the role of various channels (e.g. email, social media, direct m
Lecture 16 Creating a cohesive and integrated approach to engagement across channels
Section 6: Measuring Success and Optimizing Campaigns
Lecture 17 Measuring the success of ABM 2.0 campaigns
Lecture 18 Identifying key metrics and KPIs for ABM 2.0
Lecture 19 • Best practices for optimizing and refining ABM 2.0 campaigns over time
Section 7: Case Studies and Best Practices
Lecture 20 • Real-world examples of successful ABM 2.0 campaigns
Lecture 21 Best practices and tips for implementing ABM 2.0
Lecture 22 Overcoming common challenges in ABM 2.0 implementation
Marketing managers and directors Sales managers and directors Account executives and sales representatives Demand generation specialists Digital marketing professionals Business development representatives Marketing and sales operations professionals CRM administrators

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