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Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master Practitioner/Teacher Certification

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 1/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.88 GB | Duration: 6h 27m
Accredited course to further understand energy work and learn Reiki for self healing, healing others & become a teacher.

What you'll learn
Receive accredited Usui Reiki 1, 2 and Master certifications
Experience a personal 1 on 1 Distance Attunement Ceremony for all three levels
Learn how to use Reiki for personal growth and healing for yourself and others
Heal limiting beliefs and Manifest your goals using the power of Reiki Energy
Learn multiple ways to perform Reiki from a distance to send healing to clients and loved ones from afar
Learn the Chakra energy systems in human and animal bodies and how to heal and balance them
Gain the ability to heal pets and all other animals
Fully comprehend the many healing abilities of Reiki in all aspects of your and others lives
Master the Reiki symbols of Power, Release, Time and space Transcendence, and connection to ones higher self
How to scan both yourself and others to identify energetic disturbances
Understand and adapt the five Reiki principles
Learn how to help others with addiction, mental/emotional imbalances, energetic protection and nurturing relationship with self.
Deeply learn the history of Reiki and the many changes that have taken place over time
Enhance your ability to feel and receive as well as send Reiki energy
Learn how to ground and balance your energy for yourself and your clients
Learn to perform complete Reiki healing sessions on both yourself and others both in person and via distance
Learn how to prepare for attunement ceremonies and how to energetically protect yourself before and after
Learn how to attune students to every level both in person and via distance
Be able to help all people, animals and mother earth herself
Bonus advanced techniques such as Reiju and psychic surgery
See how to nurture your intuition and reconnect with yourself at a soul level
Powerful bonus guided meditations
Learn many grounding techniques
Have LIFETIME access to this course, including all updated content and any additional bonus's I add over time
No prior experience needed, everything you need to learn about Reiki will be taught right here.
This course is also a great refresher or expansion tool for any current Reiki Practitioners.
Student will need access to the internet.
Student will need to be able to download pdf files.
Being open to understanding how energetic healing works.
This Internationally Accredited course is everything you will need to become a proficient and successful Reiki healer to both yourself and others, as well as possess the ability for you to share this gift of Reiki with the world. Learn how to understand, feel, and utilize Reiki, the Universal life force energy that we are all one with, to heal yourself, others, plants, animals, anything and everything in our world, as well as to Manifest your dreams and goals in to reality. Once you have learned to harness the loving energy of Reiki; you will be able to address and fulfill the deep needs of your mind, body and soul to true take control of your life, and help others do the same as well!This packed full course is fully self paced, so you can take each lesson, video, section, workbook and quiz at whatever pace feels right for you. This is powerful because it makes sure that you take the time to Integrate all of the knowledge and information at your own personal speed, and because it assures that anyone and everyone has the ability to learn Reiki and utilize all of its benefits no matter how busy your life my be. As a busy mom and multi entrepreneur, I know the importance of this myself!At the completion of this course when you are ready for your attunement, you will be attuned via distance with a Reiki Attunement Ceremony of all three levels, and this will also include a FULL TREATMENT comprising of: Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Advanced Crystal Healing & Energetic Cord Cutting so as to accelerate your healing process and give you a fresh clean slate to start your Reiki journey on!I have included some very powerful guided meditations as extra bonus's as well consisting of: Heart opening breathing exercise, which is great to utilize before a self or client healing session, to help calm yourself during everyday stresses, or to start or end your day on a great foot! A meditation to connect to your Higher Self, specifically to receive detailed information to help you manifest your largest desires. And last but not least an in depth Chakra balancing & activating meditation. There are plenty of extra additions sprinkled throughout the course, such as energetic protective practices, ways to stop sabotaging your intuition and many grounding techniques.Aside from very in depth videos that include all of the basic Reiki education, I have added lots of bonus knowledge that I have picked up along the way through my own spiritual journey, many client sessions and experiences I've learned from my energetic based practices and Healing Retreats. Accompanying the course content, I have added in depth comprehensive student manuals for each Reiki level to download and refer back to at any time alongside the course and be able to utilize for yourself moving forward in your Reiki practice. You will have LIFETIME access to this course, and all of it's content!This thorough course will have everything you need and more, to call in the the life full of freedom, prosperity and abundance that you have been waiting for.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Instructor Introduction
Lecture 2 Housekeeping
Lecture 3 What To Expect
Section 2: Reiki Level 1
Lecture 4 Introduction To Reiki
Lecture 5 What Is Reiki
Lecture 6 How Reiki Works
Lecture 7 The History Of Reiki
Lecture 8 The Five Reiki Principles
Lecture 9 Intuition
Lecture 10 Auras
Lecture 11 Kenyoku- Drybathing
Lecture 12 Anatomy Illustrations for Reiki
Lecture 13 Preparation For Reiki 1
Lecture 14 Reiki Self Treatment
Lecture 15 The Ultradian Rythm Technique
Lecture 16 Energetic Shielding
Lecture 17 Grounding Techniques
Lecture 18 Section Final Thoughts
Lecture 19 Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation
Section 3: Reiki Level two
Lecture 20 Introduction To The Second Level Of Usui Reiki
Lecture 21 Gassho-The First Pillar Of Reiki
Lecture 22 Reiji-ho: The Second Pillar Of Reiki
Lecture 23 Chiryho- The Third Pillar Of Reiki
Lecture 24 New Possibilities With Reiki Level Two
Lecture 25 The Sacred Reiki Symbols
Lecture 26 Cho-Ku-Rei
Lecture 27 Sei Heiki
Lecture 28 Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Lecture 29 Additional Non-Traditional Reiki Symbols
Lecture 30 Preparing To Treat Others With Reiki
Lecture 31 Treating Others With Reiki
Lecture 32 Extra Reiki Hand Positions
Lecture 33 Rapid Reiki Treatments
Lecture 34 Group Reiki Treatments
Lecture 35 Reiki And Pregnancy, Babies And Children
Lecture 36 Distant Reiki Healing
Lecture 37 Traditional Distant Reiki Healing Techniques
Lecture 38 Examples Of Sending Distant Reiki Healing
Lecture 39 Animal Reiki Healing Techniques
Lecture 40 Use Your Imagination With Reiki
Lecture 41 Other Ways To Work With Reiki 2
Lecture 42 Comforting Souls Crossing Over
Lecture 43 Combining Reiki With Other Healing Modalities
Lecture 44 Reiki Level 2 Wrap-up
Section 4: Reiki Master/Teacher Level
Lecture 45 An Introduction to Third Degree Usui Reiki
Lecture 46 Reiki and Symbolism
Lecture 47 The Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol
Lecture 48 Non-Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbols
Lecture 49 The Reiki Attunement Ceremony
Lecture 50 Crown to Crown Reiki Attunements
Lecture 51 Preparation for the Reiki Attunement Ceremony
Lecture 52 Reiki 1 Attunements
Lecture 53 Reiki 2 Attunements
Lecture 54 Reiki 3 Attunements
Lecture 55 Fast track- all levels combined Attunements
Lecture 56 Distant Reiki attunements
Lecture 57 Meridians
Lecture 58 More Advanced Reiki Techniques
Lecture 59 Wrap up and Conclusion
Section 5: Addtional Information
Lecture 60 Heart Opening Guided Meditation
Lecture 61 Higher Self
Lecture 62 Connection To Higher Self For Manifestation Guided Meditation
Lecture 63 Manifesting With Higher Self- Journal Prompts
Lecture 64 How To Receive Your Official Certification and Schedule Attunement
Lecture 65 Ways To Stay Connected
Lecture 66 Insurance For Your New Reiki Practice
Learn Reiki levels 1, 2 and Master level to become Certified as a Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner and Teacher to heal yourself, loved ones, clients, pets and more through energetic healing!,Beginner students looking to further understand energy work and learn Reiki for self healing, healing others and teaching Reiki.,Current Reiki practitioners looking to advance their knowledge and take their practice to the next level.

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