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Reiki Level 1, 2 And Master Certification

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 1/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.64 GB | Duration: 1h 37m
Become a Usui Reiki Practitioner and Receive Your Certification- Create A Healing Journey for Yourself, Family and Pets

What you'll learn
Learn how to use Reiki for your physical comfort and well-being
Explore the world of Chakras and how to balance and charge your chakras in a safe manner
Receive Level 1, 2 and Master Certificates
Discover how you can help others with Reiki
Engage the power of Reiki to send distant healing to your loved ones, friends and strangers
Gain knowledge on how to practice Reiki safety
Learn about your inner guidance and how it relates to Reiki
Find out how to heal your pets and animals
Get attuned to nature and help the plant kingdom
Discover the healing benefits of Reiki
Understand how to visualize even though you can't
Align your intention with Reiki sessions
Prepare yourself for the world of Reiki with a guided meditation
Comprehend the importance of altered states of consciousness or the trance state
Attune to the powerful Reiki symbols and learn how to use them in a Reiki session
Receive a distant healing ceremony for levels 1,2 and Master
How to scan yourself and others to understand energy "blockages"
Learn how spirit guides, angels and synchronicity relate to Reiki
Discover how to cleanse yourself - the foundation of "self-protection"
Find out how to work with crystals in a Reiki session
Uncover the secret of Reiki hand positions and how to master them
Learn when to work with a group and when to send energy to negative events
Watch Reiki demonstration sessions and distant healing a Reiki demonstration session
Learn to attune others to Reiki --level1,2 and Master
Plus many more interesting and practical videos about Reiki and spiritual development
Have access to the internet
A desire to learn new things
A willingness to practice because without practice theory cannot achieve anything
An open mind to absorb new knowledge
Be able to download documents in PDF and Word files
Be able to download mp4 files
Written by a wounded healer who has managed to heal herself on a mental, emotional and physical level.Hilary is accredited by clairvoyants for her healing power and natural talent to bring love and compassion to the world. Learn to work with Reiki energy to help yourself and help other people including your family, friends, pets and strangers. Develop your inner skills with Reiki practice and open your soul to a higher power and energy. You will learn and get attuned to Reiki levels 1,2 and Master. The course is very practical and you will understand and learn everything to get started with Reiki on the path of self-healing. What will be interesting for students is some lectures related to real-life situations and how Reiki can be used. This will open a whole new level within everyone and it will stimulate new talents and skills to be discovered. This self-paced course uses the so-called "Learning-Structure" utilized by special forces around the world. It means: humans tend to learn through simplified models which create powerful new learning pathways in the brain. As a result, you will learn quickly and your Reiki practice will be on a professional level. When you practice the exercises, techniques and methods inevitably you will initiate synchronistic events in your life and things previously unnoticed will become clear in your mind and heart. Down-to-earth video lectures, precise pictures of Reiki subjects, guided meditations, practical documents filled with valuable information, and given tasks will ensure you have all the tools to become a Reiki practitioner. Important Information: Reiki Level 1 requires you to complete a few tasks before you can call yourself a Reiki level 1 practitioner. The same is true for Reiki level 2. Since I cannot see your practice and progress it's up to you to accomplish the tasks. For the Reiki Master level, you will accomplish tasks again and you will work on important goals. To call yourself a Reiki Master you must have at least 6 months of practice. At the end of the course, you will receive an accredited certificate after you have passed the Reiki Master Final Exam. To become a Reiki teacher you must practice Reiki and similar energy modalities for 2 years at least to gain an understanding of how energy works and some energy principles. Again, this is entirely up to you and you have to comprehend the whole thing through experiences, practice, contemplations and learning.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Reiki Principles
Lecture 3 My Bio
Lecture 4 Reiki and Expectations
Lecture 5 Healing Benefits of Reiki
Lecture 6 Reiki Levels
Lecture 7 Reiki History
Section 2: Preparation
Lecture 8 Reiki and Soul
Lecture 9 Reiki and Inner Guidance
Lecture 10 Reiki and Consciousness
Lecture 11 Reiki and Intention
Lecture 12 Guided Meditation
Lecture 13 Reiki and Altered States of Consciousness
Section 3: Reiki the Basics
Lecture 14 Reiki Symbols Explained
Lecture 15 Reiki Symbols
Lecture 16 Reiki Symbols for you
Lecture 17 Chakras
Lecture 18 Reiki Energy, the Aura and the Chakras
Lecture 19 Who Can Practice Reiki
Lecture 20 Reiki and Ritual
Lecture 21 Chakra Meditation
Lecture 22 The aura
Section 4: Reiki Attunements
Lecture 23 Before the Ceremony
Lecture 24 Reiki Instructions
Lecture 25 Reiki Attunement
Lecture 26 Reiki and Attuning others
Lecture 27 Attunement of Others - Level 1, 2 and Master
Lecture 28 Reiki Level 1 Mandatory Tasks
Lecture 29 Reiki Level 2 Mandatory Tasks
Lecture 30 Reiki Master Level 3 Mandatory Tasks
Section 5: Reiki and the Practitioner
Lecture 31 Reiki Everyday
Lecture 32 From Within to Without
Lecture 33 Reiki - Jewellery, Gold and Silver
Lecture 34 Reiki - Spirit Guides, Angels and Synchronicity
Lecture 35 Healing Pets and Animals
Lecture 36 How to Feel Reiki Energy
Lecture 37 Reiki Scanning - 1
Lecture 38 Reiki Scanning - 2
Lecture 39 Visualization and Sensitivity
Lecture 40 Reiki: A Workbook for Self-Development
Section 6: Reiki and the Client
Lecture 41 Cleansing Yourself
Lecture 42 Cleansing
Lecture 43 Reiki - Important Points
Lecture 44 After a Session
Lecture 45 Reiki Demonstration Session - 1
Lecture 46 Reiki - Demonstration Session - 2
Lecture 47 Reiki and Crystals
Lecture 48 Reiki and More on Hand Positions
Lecture 49 Reiki and Vulnerable People
Lecture 50 Reiki and Other Modalities
Lecture 51 Reiki and Group Work
Section 7: Reiki and Distant Healing
Lecture 52 Reiki and Telepathy
Lecture 53 Distant Healing and Symbols - Demonstration Reiki Session
Lecture 54 Reiki and Strange Phenomena
Lecture 55 Reiki and Negative Events
Section 8: Reiki - Other Important Points
Lecture 56 Reiki and Plants
Lecture 57 Reiki and Past Lives
Lecture 58 Reiki and Divination
Lecture 59 Reiki and Resistance
Lecture 60 Reiki and Human Rights
Lecture 61 Reiki and Good Things
Lecture 62 Reiki and Inspiration
Lecture 63 Reiki - Life Understanding
Lecture 64 Reiki - Final Briefing
For anyone wanting to learn how to practice Reiki on himself/herself and others,No knowledge or experience is needed as everything will be provided for you,To achieve level 1, 2 and Master you must pass tasks and a final exam. Also, it takes practice to gain practical knowledge and to become a Reiki master. This is why there are tasks for you to follow if you want to become proficient

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