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Qiuck Facelift At Home

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 6/2022
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You need just your hands and 10 minutes per day
What you'll learn
Return of youthfulness of the face: tightening the oval of the face, reducing wrinkles, getting rid of the second chin and bruises under the eyes
Make beautiful cheekbones, plump lips, open eyes
Make the habit of regularly grooming your face
Learn how to tone and relax the face
No skills required, you will learn everything you need!
Facelift at home is a course that helps restore youth and health of the face without leaving a home in 10 minutes a day!Who is this facial rejuvenation course for?Facial rejuvenation course for busy and buisness women. Why?Because you need only 10 minutes a day, it is enough for these exercises, and everyone will find 10 minutes a day!The course for mature women, because it allows you to restore the youthfulness of the face.The course for those who have stopped loving and appreciating themselves, because it allows you to turn your attention back to yourself and feel care and love.The course for young girls, because it allows you to form the habit of caring for your face from an early age.The course lasts 3 weeks and each week has its own goal: relaxation, sculpting and balancing the muscles of the face. During the first week of relaxation, we do various massages: pinch, Japanese, soap, remove the second chin. During the sculpting in the second week, we tone weak muscles: remove wrinkles on the forehead and a wrinkle between the eyebrows, tighten the lower eyelid, make the lips plump, sculpt the cheekbones like Angelina Jolie.While balancing in the third week, we make our neck and nose graceful, learn to remove swelling and straighten our posture.Join us and you will stop facial aging!
Section 1: Before we will start
Lecture 1 Intro
Lecture 2 A little test
Section 2: Face relaxing
Lecture 3 Bench massage
Lecture 4 Japanese facial massage
Lecture 5 Beautiful neck and neckline
Lecture 6 Soapy massage
Lecture 7 Get rid of the double chin
Section 3: Face sculpturing
Lecture 8 Get rid of forehead wrinkles
Lecture 9 Get rid of wrinkles between eyebrows
Lecture 10 Lower eyelid lift
Lecture 11 Create plump beautiful lips
Lecture 12 Create Angelina Jolie's cheekbones
Lecture 13 Beautiful neck
Lecture 14 The full set of exercises of the sculpturing week
Section 4: Face balancing
Lecture 15 Reduce swelling face
Lecture 16 Beautiful nose
Lecture 17 Beautiful healthy back
Lecture 18 Head massage
Lecture 19 Conclusion
For busy and lazy girls and women, because the lessons take only 10 minutes a day,For business women who do not have time because the lessons last only 10 minutes a day,For mothers, because it allows you to feel loved and beautiful again,For those who have stopped loving and appreciating themselves,For mature women, because it allows you to restore the youthfulness of the face,For young girls, because it allows you to form the habit of caring for your face from an early age

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Jan 17, 2022
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TOP salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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