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Puccini - Manon Lescaut - Maria Callas, Tullio Serafin (1957) [24-96]

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Apr 10, 2021
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Puccini - Manon Lescaut - Maria Callas, Tullio Serafin (1957) [24-96] []


Album: Puccini - Manon Lescaut
Artist: Maria Callas, Guiseppe di Stefano, Coro e Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Tullio Serafin
Genre: Classical
Date: 1957
Total tracks: 37
Formats: flac

Codec: reference libFLAC 1.4.0 20220909
Channels: 2
Bit rate: 1465 Kbps
Bit rate mode: VBR
Compression: Lossless
Sampling rate: 96 Khz
Format: FLAC
Format version:
Format profile:
Format mode:

01. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Ave, sera gentile" (Edmondo, Coro, Des Grieux) (05:48)
02. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Tra voi, belle, brune e bionde" (Des Grieux, Coro) (01:17)
03. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Ma bravo!" (Edmondo, Coro) (01:52)
04. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Discendono, vediam!" (Coro, Edmondo, Lescaut, Oste, Des Grieux, Geronte) (02:09)
05. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Cortese damigella, il priego mio accettate" (Des Grieux, Manon, Lescaut) (04:15)
06. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Donna non vidi mai simile a questa" (Des Grieux) (02:36)
07. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "La tua ventura ci rassicura" (Edmondo, Coro, Geronte, Lescaut, Oste) (06:11)
08. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "La tua Proserpina di resisterti" (Edmondo, Des Grieux) (01:50)
09. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Vedete? Io son fe dele alla parola mia" (Manon, Des Grieux, Lescaut) (04:26)
10. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Non c'è più vino?" (Lescaut, Des Grieux, Manon, Edmondo, Geronte, Oste) (02:59)
11. Manon Lescaut, Act 1: "Cavalli pronti avete?" (Lescaut, Geronte, Edmondo, Coro) (03:01)
12. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Dispettosetto questo riccio!" (Manon, Lescaut) (02:34)
13. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Sei splendida e lucente!" (Lescaut, Manon) (02:25)
14. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "In quelle trine morbide" (Manon) (02:15)
15. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Poichè tu vuoi saper" (Lescaut, Manon) (02:56)
16. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Che ceffi son costor?" (Lescaut, Manon, Musico, Coro) (02:14)
17. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Paga costor!" (Manon, Lescaut) (01:18)
18. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Vi prego, signorina" (Maestro di ballo, Geronte, Manon, Coro) (05:11)
19. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "L'ora, o Tirsi, è vaga e bella" (Geronte, Manon, Coro) (03:25)
20. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Oh, sarò la più bella!" (Manon, Des Grieux) (08:19)
21. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Ah!" - "Affè madamigella" (Manon, Geronte, Des Grieux) (03:10)
22. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Ah, Manon, mi tradisce" (Des Grieux, Manon) (02:36)
23. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: "Lescaut!" - "Tu qui?" (Des Grieux, Manon, Lescaut, Sergente) (03:33)
24. Manon Lescaut, Act 2: Intermezzo (05:18)
25. Manon Lescaut, Act 3: "Ansia, eterna, crudel" (Des Grieux, Lescaut) (02:50)
26. Manon Lescaut, Act 3: "Manon!" (Des Grieux, Manon) (01:36)
27. Manon Lescaut, Act 3: "Taci! Taci!" (Des Grieux, Manon, Lampionaio) (03:01)
28. Manon Lescaut, Act 3: "All'armi! All'armi!" (Coro, Lescaut, Des Grieux, Manon) (01:03)
29. Manon Lescaut, Act 3: "Il passo m'aprite!" (Sergente, Comandante, Coro) (00:44)
30. Manon Lescaut, Act 3: "Rosetta!" (Sergente, Coro, Lescaut, Manon, Des Grieux) (03:59)
31. Manon Lescaut, Act 3: "Presto in fila! Marciate!" (Sergente, Des Grieux, Coro, Comandante) (00:40)
32. Manon Lescaut, Act 3: "Ah! non v'avvicinate!" - "Come io piango ed imploro" (Des Grieux, Comandante) (03:03)
33. Manon Lescaut, Act 4: "Tutta su me ti posa" (Des Grieux, Manon) (03:10)
34. Manon Lescaut, Act 4: "Manon, senti, amor mio! ... Vedi, son io che piango" (Des Grieux, Manon) (04:10)
35. Manon Lescaut, Act 4: "E nulla! Nulla!" (Des Grieux, Manon) (02:29)
36. Manon Lescaut, Act 4: "Sola, perduta, abbandonata" (Manon) (05:00)
37. Manon Lescaut, Act 4: "Fra le tue braccia, amore" (Manon, Des Grieux) (07:05)

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