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Psychonutrition Figure out how to have a healthy connection with food

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Jan 21, 2021
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Cheif Emma, "Psychonutrition: Figure out how to have a healthy connection with food"
English | 2022 | ASIN: B0B45DXC6D, B0B4FYGRLP | EPUB | pages: 314 | 0.3 mb

When we are no longer able to change a situation, us we face to the challenge of change us themselves.
A what us we refer when We speak of psychonutrition?
The term psychonutrition has begun to be more popular lately, although we have been putting it into practice and living with it, side by side and daily, for several years. It is very important to know exactly what the term means and thus avoid confusion, not only among professionals themselves, but also among the general population. In fact, we often find that people who come to the consultation or courses of training, looking for something different a it that it implies Really the worked in psychonutrition. Y, by it's, we want begin clarifying concepts.
  • When we talk about psycho nutrition we refer to a comprehensive approach to the person that is based on the joint approach between, at least, two health professionals who are the dietician-nutritionist and the psychologist. This approach in the way of working in consultation allows for a work deeper instead of staying on the surface of the problem, which may well be a dietary issue (for example, a person who initially wants to lose weight) or a psychological issue (for example, someone who comes to the clinic for anxiety problems, in this case being a anxiety that will derive in mismatches food, well No us we refer a anxiety caused by others reasons).
  • The fact of limiting ourselves to working on the initial reason for attending the consultation prevents us from delving into the cause that has led to the current situation, that is, In other words, the root is not worked on, but rather the symptom. For example, in the previous cases, imagine that the person who comes to lose weight has made numerous unsuccessful weight loss diets and tends to eat more when stressed; or that the person who needs help for their anxiety usually takes refuge in food when you feel anxious. In both cases, it is essential to address both aspects in order to meet the real objective of the treatment, which is its maintenance to long term.
  • Thus, psychonutrition would be like an iceberg: people come to ask for help for a specific reason (it would be the surface of the iceberg) and our work is to know the underlying causes that have led you to find yourself in the current situation (it would be the area of the iceberg that is under water) and work it all together.
  • Before we commented that there should be at least two professionals who work in psychonutrition: the psychologist and the dietician-nutritionist. However the The work team can incorporate other professionals, depending on the needs of the person, including doctors, personal trainers, cooks, educators, physiotherapists, speech therapists, pedagogues, psychiatrists, etc. As we will see in point 1.3, teamwork is essential for success in the treatment of patient, that it is the axis central of East puzzle in the that everybody we have a paper that play, a responsibility Y a commitment.
  • People are complex, and we do not have isolated problems, so having a generic and holistic view of the matter to be dealt with will make us top professionals.
The main purpose of this new approach is to seek long-term goals that last over time: "do what you are capable of maintaining, Otherwise, they will be doomed to failure". To achieve this goal, it is essential that each professional focus on their field, without forgetting that they are affecting a others areas of its life Y that some of they also I know is it so working to the same weather. In first place, there will be that penetrate in the iceberg Y look for the real reasons that have led the person to eat (more, less, worse or better) and try that food is not the currency of their emotions.

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Jan 17, 2022
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