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Psychology for making money and peace of mind with the stock market Invest better to live better

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Jan 21, 2021
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Psychology for making money and peace of mind with the stock market: Invest better to live better by Gregorio Hernández JIménez
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B8T81W8Q | 290 pages | MOBI | 0.41 Mb

The life of a long-term stock market investor is nothing like the stock market as portrayed in the movies. When it comes to investing, psychology is as important, if not more, than knowledge. And it is a good thing that this is so because this is precisely what makes it possible for everyone to achieve a good and safe return on the stock market throughout their lives. If knowledgewere the only thing that mattered, then a small, very knowledgeable minority would always take all the profits. But fortunately, this is not the case, and that is why the stock market, in the long term, is the best investment for everyone.
It is very important to acquire the right psychology for long-term investing, and it is very easy to achieve. Moreover, this will not only make us earn more money, but it will also bring us much more free time, make it much easier to sleep, will make us understand much better the world we live in,will make us see life in a much more optimistic way and many other things that, apparently, "have nothing to do with money".
I believe that the way each of us views the stock market, and our relationship with money in general, is very much influenced by the society in which we live. At the same time, society is changing over time, transforming our lives in a very important way. That is why in this book, I also review how I have seen the stock market since I was a little boy in the 1970s and how I think our society has been seeing the stock market during all these decades because that explains what has happened to the stock market in the past, and what is the current mentality of most people about the stock market. Today's society is not the society of a few decades ago, and also the society of the future will be different from today's, and that is why it is very important to know this evolution to improve our way of seeing the stock market and life.
The objective of all this is that you get the right mindset to invest in the stock market for the long term, and that will make your life much easier and more enjoyable, as well as make you more money and more security while we contribute to the whole society to continuechanging its relationship with money until we achieve a complete transformation of our society, which will change the lives of all of us.
How to deal with cracks and bubbles? How do we manage all the risks related to money throughout our lives in the best possible way to be more optimistic and sleep better? What is"making a mistake" when investing in the stock market? How does time influence our lives, and what should our relationship with it be? How to manage all the information that reaches us? How to manage our emotions to invest and live much better?
I have condensed the answers to all these questions and many others in this book based on my experience as an investor and educator with Invertirenbolsa.info and social networks since Iwas a child until today.

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Jan 17, 2022
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