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proDAD Mercalli SAL 6.0.627.2 Repack by Pooshock

Farid 201


Alpha and Omega
Apr 10, 2021
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3 years of service
proDAD Mercalli SAL 6.0.627.2 | 193.57 MB |

Mercalli V6 SAL Windows - Image stabilization and optimization! Even faster! Even better! Even easier! proDAD's first Artificial Intelligence Application (AiA). Mercalli V6 is a revolution in terms of the performance and quality of CMOS and rolling shutter correction, and is additionally optimized where every other stabilizer has to give up.

Mercalli V6 SAL Windows
News editors, documentary producers, hobby videographers or Youtubers know it: That one moment that is so unique and important - and needs to be captured right NOW. Just shoot it now - and don't spend a lot of time worrying about settings or stabilizer hardware...

That's exactly what Mercalli enables you to do, because you can easily and quickly get the most out of that unique moment - now even supported by artificial intelligence! Wherever you are on the way, capture your best moments with the camera without having to think about whether the shot might be shaky or the lighting conditions don't fit. With Mercalli V6, you can always perfect your shots later with ease and just one click!

Mercalli V6 is a revolution in terms of the performance and quality of CMOS and rolling shutter correction, and is additionally optimized where every other stabilizer has to give up. The once again increased quality with significantly faster rendering and new hardware acceleration, as well as the newly added optimization of the image quality, all this, makes your spontaneous shots real highlights! Mercalli V6 delivers perfect results and now even optimizes light and color. The completely new look and the very modern user interface makes working with Mercalli V6 a very simple and intuitive experience.

Mercalli V6 gives you exactly the kind of stabilization you want for your shots. For example, ultra-wide-angle shots can also be stabilized and the special fisheye look can be optionally preserved. In addition, individually created camera profiles can be imported from proDAD Defishr (optional) - for the best correction of your own camera or lenses. Our new "Artifial Intelligence Application" (AiA for short) automatically adjusts all parameters for optimal stabilization and CMOS correction, making it easy for you to produce amazing results where even the previous Mercalli version reached its limits.

- Extremely fast stabilization
- Super fast CMOS analysis and rolling shutter correction
- Optimization of contrast, colors and saturation
- Newly designed user interface
- Easy usability
- Artificial intelligence for user support ("AiA")
- High-efficient hardware acceleration
- Significantly less analysis runs compared to previous version
- Large selection of presets for many actioncams and video cameras
- Stabilize ultra-wide-angle shots
- Get fisheye look at the same time, if needed
- Professional interface from Mercalli V6 to proDAD DeFishr
- Management of lens profiles
- Detailed setting options
- New application protocol with Undo/Redo
- NVIDIA hardware encoder support for H264 or HEVC for H265

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


proDAD Mercalli SAL 6.0.627.2 (193.57 MB)
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KatzSec DevOps

Alpha and Omega
Jan 17, 2022
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Farid salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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