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Practical Google Workspace Administration Professional

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Practical Google Workspace Administration Professional
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.89 GB | Duration: 5h 8m
Hands on Google Workspace Administration with hands-on examples

Free Download What you'll learn
Learn how to manage a Google Workspace
Configure and Secure common Google Products
Configure and secure data
Manage user access inside and outside the organization
Discuss User, Group and Domain provisioning
Manage Billing
You should have a Google Workspace Account with Administrator Access
You should have a test website you can work for for e-mail and domain settings in DNS
In this course, participants will learn how to manage their Google Workspace accounts effectively by acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge. From user and device management to compliance and security, the course covers all the essentials.This course is designed for IT professionals, system administrators, and anyone interested in maximizing their organization's productivity and efficiency using Google Workspace. There are several modules in this course, each covering a specific area of Google Workspace administration. There are several modules available, including:Managing users, groups, and organizations within Google Workspace is covered in this course. This tutorial covers topics like adding and removing users, managing group memberships and setting up organizational units.The Device Management module teaches participants how to manage laptops, desktops, and mobile devices within Google Workspace. The course covers topics such as enrolling devices, enforcing policies, and reporting on devices.Managing access control, configuring security settings, and enabling alerts and notifications are covered in this module on Google Workspace security best practices.Managing legal holds, configuring data regions, and setting up retention policies are part of this module.It includes hands-on exercises where participants practice their skills in their own Google Workspace environment. Throughout the course, participants will also have access to a QA feature to ask the instructor questions.Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:Organize users, groups, and devices in Google WorkspaceProtect the data of their organization by implementing best practices in securityEnsure compliance with applicable laws and regulationsIdentify and resolve common issues within Google WorkspaceBecome familiar with billingThe course is designed for anyone with basic computer skills, even if you have never used Google Workspace before. The course materials are accessible forever on uDemy to refer back to. As a result of completing the Google Workspace Administration course, participants will be able to manage a Google Workspace account effectively. By ensuring that their data remains safe and secure, they will be able to optimize the productivity and efficiency of their organization.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Things you will need for this class
Section 2: Managing Google Resources
Lecture 3 Understanding the Layout of Google Workspaces (A quick tour)
Lecture 4 Hands On Google Admin Console
Lecture 5 Domain Administration
Lecture 6 Data Access for Administrators
Lecture 7 Setup MFA
Lecture 8 Working with Users
Lecture 9 User Attributes
Lecture 10 Creating Target Audiences
Lecture 11 Directory Settings
Lecture 12 Configure Google Groups
Lecture 13 Working with Organizational Units (OUs)
Lecture 14 Setting up your Building
Lecture 15 LDAP Directories
Lecture 16 Connect Jira and Google Workspaces
Lecture 17 Section Summary
Section 3: Configuring Devices
Lecture 18 Devices Overview
Lecture 19 Mobile Devices
Lecture 20 Mobile Device Settings
Lecture 21 Mobile Device Reports
Lecture 22 Endpoints
Lecture 23 Chrome Devices
Lecture 24 Managed Browsers
Lecture 25 Network
Lecture 26 Device Rules
Lecture 27 Device Audit
Lecture 28 Device Reports
Lecture 29 App Extensions
Section 4: Manage Google Core Applications
Lecture 30 Google Apps Overview
Lecture 31 What are the Core Google Apps
Lecture 32 Google Calendar Admin
Lecture 33 Google Calendar
Lecture 34 Google Drives and Docs
Lecture 35 Data Recovery in Drive and Gmail
Lecture 36 GMail User Setup
Lecture 37 GMail Routing
Lecture 38 Setting up DKIM
Lecture 39 Setting up SPF Spam Prevention (Sender Policy Framework)
Lecture 40 Using Email Quarantine
Lecture 41 GMail Safety
Lecture 42 End User Access Support
Lecture 43 Spam
Lecture 44 Gmail Compliance Settings
Lecture 45 Google Chat
Lecture 46 Google Meet
Lecture 47 Groups for Business
Lecture 48 Hands On Groups for Business
Lecture 49 Google Sites
Lecture 50 Tasks
Lecture 51 Additional Google Services
Lecture 52 Web and Mobile Apps
Lecture 53 LDAP
Lecture 54 Webstore Marketplace
Lecture 55 Google Vault
Lecture 56 Google Classroom
Lecture 57 Limits on YouTube when getting started
Section 5: Security
Lecture 58 Google Workspace Security Overview
Lecture 59 The Alert Center
Lecture 60 Alert Rules
Lecture 61 Create an Alert Rule
Lecture 62 Setup MFA Advanced
Lecture 63 Account Recovery
Lecture 64 Advanced Protection Program
Lecture 65 Login Challenges
Lecture 66 Password Management
Lecture 67 SSO
Lecture 68 3rd Party SSO
Lecture 69 API Controls
Lecture 70 Data Classification and Protection (DLP)
Section 6: Reporting, Storage, and Billing
Lecture 71 Reporting Dashboard
Lecture 72 Application Reports
Lecture 73 User Reports
Lecture 74 Reporting
Lecture 75 Billing
Lecture 76 Storage
Section 7: Close
Lecture 77 Google Exam Guide
Lecture 78 How Google does Test Questions
Lecture 79 Setting up for the Exam
Lecture 80 Congratulations!
Anyone who is working on the administration side of Google Workspaces

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