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Portrait Drawing- Drawing A Beauty Girl With Colored Pencils

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 2/2022
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Language: English | Size: 11.21 GB | Duration: 8h 50m

Comprehensive Hyper-real Portrait Drawing and Sketching, Art of Portrait Drawing & Shading step by step
What you'll learn
Learn how to paint different parts of the eye with a colored pencil.
Learn how to draw eyelashes and eyebrows, which is one of the most important and at the same time hard part of painting for students
Learn how to paint the nose step by step and with the correct execution of lights and shadows
Learn how to start with dark plans and get skin color with light layers of color, as well as how to create skin textures with a rechargeable eraser
we will get acquainted with how to perform model hair
Faber Castell 36 Classic Color Pencils
Skin color tones of polychrome colored pencils
Mechanical eraser
Rechargeable eraser
Normal eraser
Normal pencil
Esteinbach cardboard
Paper glue
Colored pencil is one of the most exciting tools in painting that most people do not use because it is a very difficult and professional technique, but you should know that it is one of the tools in painting that can be used to create accurate and very professional paintings. Colored pencil is a tool that can be used to perform very small details inside the design so that we can have realistic drawings.In this painting course, we draw and paint the face of a young girl together, which is full of educational points, and by observing them, we can have an extraordinary and professional effect.As you will see in the tutorials, we first start painting and performing the model's eyes, it should be noted that the eyes are one of the most effective components in face painting, because they transmit all the senses of the face (sadness, happiness, etc.).So together we will learn how to perform this important part of the face easily and beautifully.Allow as much time as necessary to perform this part of the face.Be careful in performing the iris and the details in detail, and finally create the texture in the iris!Needless to say, you still have to use the dark to light method in all parts! We will create the lights to brighten the eyes and make a good sense, drawing the Eyelashes is difficult steps for students, but this difficulty can be relieved with a lot of practice !!We will teach you how to draw eyebrows! Exactly many students have trouble when performing eyebrows just like eyelashes. In these tutorials, you will see how to draw the eyebrows detail by detail, and you will become a professional by practicing in this section.In the forehead coloring part, as in all other parts, we start from the darkest color and we will teach you how to apply a very soft and natural skin with this method. In the next part, we will teach you how to perform the nose step by step. In performing the nose, you should pay attention to preserving the original shape of the nose by applying the lights and shadows correctly. One of the most important parts of the nose that you may not even think about is nostril, and it's resemblance with original model very effective in simulation and face painting compared to the model.In the continuation of this tutorial, you will learn how to apply face skin using dark and light color plans, and we will teach you how to create skin textures with a rechargeable eraser and then increase the volume of the face textures.To apply the lips, we use dark red and pink plans, and with light plans, we finish the coloring and create the necessary shine, We teach the method of creating lip textures, which are very important in the naturalness of the lips.We paint the parts of the chin as well as the cheeks and go to the final stages of painting, that is, teaching how to draw hair.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 The initial sketch of a young girl design with the checkered method
Lecture 3 Execution of the left iris and details of the iris
Lecture 4 Painting the white part of the eye
Lecture 5 Priming and painting the skin color behind the eyelid
Lecture 6 Drawing eyelashes and the lower eyelid
Lecture 7 Drawing the lower lashes and draw the eyebrows
Lecture 8 Execution of iris and whiteness of the right eye
Lecture 9 Priming and painting the back of the eyelid
Lecture 10 Apply the upper and lower eyelashes
Lecture 11 Drawing the Eyebrow and priming forehead
Lecture 12 Painting (skin color) forehead
Lecture 13 initial priming of nose color
Lecture 14 Creating volume and nose coloring
Lecture 15 Creating contrast for the nose
Lecture 16 Priming the left cheek
Lecture 17 Right cheek coloring
Lecture 18 Drawing the freckles of the face and priming the left cheek
Lecture 19 Coloring the left cheek
Lecture 20 Creating skin blemishes and priming the upper lip
Lecture 21 Upper lip painting and lower lip priming
Lecture 22 Completing lip color and apply textures and glosses
Lecture 23 Painting the skin above the lips and around
Lecture 24 Coloring the skin on the right side of the lips
Lecture 25 Smoothing facial skin
Lecture 26 Priming and chin coloring
Lecture 27 Drawing hair on the face
Lecture 28 Apply hair around the face
Lecture 29 Drawing hair strands and perform the neck
Anyone wanting to learn to draw beauty portrait with colored pencils,Students looking for shortcut to getting super high levels of details easily,All artists,This course is designed for students interested in drawing

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Jan 17, 2022
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