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Physics For Unity 2022

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Apr 10, 2021
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Physics For Unity 2022

Published 2/2023
Created by Samuel Asher Rivello
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 36 Lectures ( 3h 11m ) | Size: 1.3 GB

2D & 3D | Create Projects With Confidence

What you'll learn
Get an in-depth understanding of the Unity Physics system
Learn how and when to integrate Physics in your game projects
Break down abstract game design mechanics into practical Unity Physics solutions
Program C# for the most common and powerful Physics tasks
Grasp key advanced topics and understand the future of Unity Physics
Understand the A-Z of Unity Physics
SAMPLE GAME: Create a clone of the Angry Birds 2D game with collision detection and resolution
SAMPLE GAME: Create a clone of the Marble Madness 3D game driven by Physics forces

COMPUTER: Windows or Mac
SOFTWARE: Course includes links. All are free (Unity, C# Editor, & Web Browser)
EXPERIENCE with Unity: Beginner / Intermediate. Including several hours or more of Unity fundamentals
KNOWLEDGE with C#: Including basics; Variables, functions, if/else, loops, ...

Welcome to Physics For Unity!Game physics is a vital skill for developers who want to add fun, variety, and realism to their games. Unity physics functionality includes collision detection, collision resolution, and spatial queries. This course covers the theory, components, C# programming for these fundamentals and more. Put your new knowledge into practice with the two complete sample game projects included in the course.This course gives you the training to create and maintain Unity physics projects which are fun to develop and popular with users.FEATURES:• Rockstar content - Everything you DO need. Just the most relevant, powerful info!• Punk-rock editing - Nothing you DON'T need. No "ums", no waiting, no fluff!BENEFITS OF GAME PHYSICS:• Physics is Fun! - Creating Physics games is fun and playing them is fun too• Physics is Emergent! - Simply adding Physics into your gameplay adds variety and a wow-factor that users will love. Surprise your users with a freshness that keeps them coming back to play more• Physics is Educational! - The Unity engine includes Physics solvers based on academically rigorous approaches. Developers and players can learn more about the science just by playingTAKEAWAY:• After this course you will be confident to design and develop new Physics projects with UnityINCLUDED SECTIONS:• Course Introduction - Set the vision and goals for the course. Learn the many benefits of game Physics for your projects. We cover everything from 2D, to 3D, to C# programming• Unity 2D Physics - Learn the fundamentals; Rigidbody, Colliders, Effectors, Joints, and more!• Unity 3D Physics - Level-up your skills; PhysicMaterial, Bounciness, Friction, Ragdolls, & Terrain• Unity C# Physics - Dive deep into programming; OnCollision, OnTrigger, Collisions, Colliders, & Forces• Sample Projects - Together we'll create 2 complete Unity game projects. All source-code is provided to students to create your own projects inspired by the world-famous 2D game and arcade classic 3D game• EXTRA Content - Polish your skills with with these best practices and optimization techniques. You will naturally produce cleaner, more readable, and manageable projectsINCLUDED UNITY C# SAMPLE PROJECTS:• 1. Angry Birds (Clone) - A complete 2D Unity Physics game. Master the Physics tricks used by the world-famous game for Console, PC, & Mobile. Build the project from scratch with Unity 2D Components• 2. Marble Madness (Clone) - A complete 3D Unity Physics game. Learn from a game that started the Physics revolution. Create this arcade classic in Unity with C# PhysicsINCLUDED ASSETS:• Section Videos - High-quality HD video content covering all course topics• Section Source Code- Full C# scripting and complete Unity projects included for download• Section Quiz - Ensure you digested all vital info before moving forward-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-WHY LEARN UNITY?• Unity is a versatile game engine which can be used for creating simulations, prototypes, and games• Over 70% of the top 1000 mobile games are created using Unity Technology• Deploys to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, & Android, WebGL, AR/VR, and more!WHY LEARN UNITY PHYSICS?• Get hired! The course fundamentals prepares you for Physics-related game development jobs• Get promoted! Game Physics is an in-demand skill that teams and leadership value in game development• Get it done! Create better projects, more quickly so you can launch your next project on scheduleEXTRA: WHY LEARN UNIT TESTING & TDD?• 1. Accelerate new features - With testing, developers focus on a small batch of code at a time, not moving on to the next bit until they are done with their batch. This gets results• 2. Level-up your maintenance - With Test-Driven Development ( TDD ), developers naturally produce cleaner, more readable, and manageable code• 3. Fail fast & Communicate clearly - Get feedback quickly and improve your solutions. Leave a legacy of unit testing in your codebase which will serve as the best, living documentationWHY LEARN WITH SAMUEL ASHER RIVELLO?• Sam is a Unity Certified Developer with over 20 years of experience creating games and teaching software design• Sam empowers game teams with custom editor tooling for improved workflows ( Game Design, Level Design, 3D Modelers, 3D Animators )• Sam is an author and editor, including Adobe, Future Publishing UK, Packt Publishing, and O'ReillyWHY WAIT?• Avoid the common pitfalls with creating, maintaining, and scaling Unity projects• You can't afford NOT to use 2D & 3D Physics in your projects• Let's do this! 

Who this course is for
Learn to CREATE Unity Physics projects with confidence, performance, and scalability
You will AVOID the most common bugs that often occur in Unity Physics projects
You will COLLABORATE on high-quality, profitable Unity projects with talented teams


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