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Php With Mysql 2023 - Build Complete Tours And Travel Website

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Php With Mysql 2023: Build Complete Tours And Travel Website
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.03 GB | Duration: 7h 38m
Build Complete Tours and Travel Management System with Paypal Payment in PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

Free Download What you'll learn
Learn to setup the necessary tools for building modern web apps
Build a full authnication system
Learn to hash and dehash passwords with PHP
Learn to use advanced PDO queries
Learn to implement Paypal Payment professionally in you web app
Handle validation like a pro and prevent user to sensitive date
Learn file uploading and how to fully update and delete it
Create an amazing admin panel
Learn to fix bugs along the way of developing this web app
Build a multi input based search form
Learn web development tips and tricks along the way
Knowledge of PHP, MySQL and PDO
Very little knowledge of Bootstrap
Are you as fired up as I am? Do you want to build something awesome? Something amazing? Are you a web developer who wants a cool job? If so, then this course is for you. In this course, you will learn how to build a complete booking system from the ground up in a few hours. I already made sure that every part of this course is concise, elegant, and informative, so don't miss out on this cool opportunity. I also included the files needed in different parts of the course for you to follow along with me step by step.Here is what you are going to learn, first of all, I am going to introduce you to the tools that we are going to be using in this course. And then we are going to build a full authentication system from scratch. While building this system I am going to introduce you to hashing and dehashing passwords. And then, we are going to build general and cool features inside our own app. It's going to be mainly on selecting and placing data. The next step is showing how a booking system is created professionally and then we are going to move to one of the most crucial things in this course and that's Processing the payment with Paypal in the easiest yet most efficient way possible. And then, we are going to build a search form to search for booking deals with multiple inputs. After this, we are going to move to the next part and that's the admin panel. In the admin panel, we are going to finish up every part of our website. We are going to complete the admins, countries, cities, and book parts. So it's going to be fun!! Of course, there is a lot to talk about, but this is just a short description of the course. So if you like it, what are waiting for? Get it now!!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Installation
Lecture 2 Installing Xampp
Lecture 3 Installing VS Code
Section 3: Getting Started and Authentication System
Lecture 4 Theme Demo and Files for the Project
Lecture 5 Creating Config File
Lecture 6 Creating Includes Files
Lecture 7 Creating Register Page
Lecture 8 Creating Login Page
Lecture 9 Creating Sessions
Section 4: Diving Deeper and Building Main Features
Lecture 10 Fetching Countries in Index Page pt.1
Lecture 11 Fetching Countries in Index Page pt.2
Lecture 12 Fetching Data in About Page
Lecture 13 Fetching Cities with Bookings Number
Lecture 14 Grapping Data for every Country pt.1
Lecture 15 Grapping Data for every Country pt.2
Section 5: Making Books, Paying with Paypal and More
Lecture 16 Making Bookings pt.1
Lecture 17 Making Bookings pt.2
Lecture 18 Paying with Paypal pt.1
Lecture 19 Paying with Paypal pt.2
Lecture 20 Validating and Cleaning up
Lecture 21 Adding 404 Page
Lecture 22 Creating Users Page
Lecture 23 Grapping Cities by Best Prices
Lecture 24 Searching for Deals pt.1
Lecture 25 Searching for Deals pt.2
Section 6: Getting Started with Admin Panel
Lecture 26 Design and Code for Admin Panel
Lecture 27 Logging Admins in
Lecture 28 Creating Sessions and Validating
Lecture 29 Finishing up Login and Validating
Section 7: Finishing up Admins
Lecture 30 Working with Admins Index
Lecture 31 Showing Admins
Lecture 32 Creating Admins
Section 8: Finishing up Countries
Lecture 33 Creating Countries
Lecture 34 Showing Countries
Lecture 35 Deleting from Countries
Section 9: Finishing up Cities
Lecture 36 Showing Cities
Lecture 37 Creating Cities
Lecture 38 Deleting Cities
Section 10: Finishing up Bookings
Lecture 39 Showing Bookings
Lecture 40 Changing Status of Bookings
Section 11: Update: New Lectures -- Enchaining and Improving Further --
Lecture 41 Improving and Fixing Bugs pt.1
Lecture 42 Improving and Fixing Bugs pt.2
People who learned PHP and MySQL and want to build a full project,Developers who want to build their CVs,Aspiring programmers who want to level up their development skills with new techniques

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Jan 17, 2022
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TOP salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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