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Overcome Social Anxiety - Step By Step Plan

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Overcome Social Anxiety - Step By Step Plan
Last updated 2/2023
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Language: English | Size: 2.94 GB | Duration: 3h 29m
Easy to follow social anxiety treatment plan based on psychotherapy. Regain confidence and build better social life.

Free Download What you'll learn
Identify what caused you to develop social anxiety
Learning to express yourself
Validating your feelings
Create strategic plan to overcome past
Taking steps towards building fulfiling relationships
Building up your self esteem
Getting what you seek
Social anxiety is so cruel. It leaves us feeling not only lonely but also unfulfilled. You want to make new friends, be more outgoing, or even more approachable but it doesn't happen as you feel something which is scary. People might even confuse your social anxiety with coldness or apathy. You want to be there for people, greet them, have fun and be a part of the group, but somehow you always stay in the shadows.Belonging to someone is one of the most basic needs we have. We want to belong, love, share, open up and cherish relationships. But there might be some reasons why you cannot do this. You see other people having no problem making friends, having fun and being easily a part of the group. You just wish you were better in some way so that you could easily mix with other people.This is all understandable and the first thing is that nothing is wrong with you. There may be some reasons and events that caused you to be this way. In this course, we will explore those reasons, change our mindset, and cultivate some skills and within months you will be able to feel the richness and fulfilment that comes with having genuine relationships where you can be yourself.Have you been rejected in past? or perhaps taunted upon making the smallest of mistakes? maybe the people close to you made you feel as if you are not needed. There could be different reasons why you have social anxiety. We will uncover these in this course and set up a plan where you can once again go out and start easily talking with people and develop genuine relationships. We will develop confidence again using the templates shared in this course.
Section 1: Introduction to overcoming social anxiety
Lecture 1 Course Introduction - Overcoming Social Anxiety
Lecture 2 Announcement
Section 2: Understanding Social Anxiety
Lecture 3 What is Social Anxiety?
Lecture 4 Diagnosis Test of Social Anxiety
Lecture 5 Identifying Triggers of Social Anxiety
Lecture 6 Safety Mode
Lecture 7 Different types of Safety Behaviours
Section 3: Mindfulness Skills of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for social axiety
Lecture 8 Understanding Mindfulness
Lecture 9 Three Aspects of Mindfulness
Lecture 10 Guided Mindfulness Breathing Exercise
Lecture 11 Mindfulness Breathing 2
Lecture 12 Focusing on single minute
Lecture 13 Focusing on single object
Lecture 14 Guided Focusing on Single Object
Lecture 15 Band of light
Lecture 16 Inner outer meditation
Lecture 17 Record 3 Minutes of your thoughts
Lecture 18 Describing your emotions
Section 4: Acceptance of ABS with Observation for social anxiety
Lecture 19 Paying Mindful Attention to Your Body in Stillness
Lecture 20 Strengthening your ABS
Lecture 21 Acceptance of Anxiety
Lecture 22 Words of Acceptance
Lecture 23 Exploring Acceptance
Section 5: Muscle Relaxation Exercises for Social Anxiety
Lecture 24 CBT Relaxation Exercises
Lecture 25 Managing Anxiety
Lecture 26 Abdominal Breathing
Lecture 27 Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Lecture 28 Relaxation without Tension
Lecture 29 Cue Controlled Relaxation
Section 6: Commitment to Values
Lecture 30 Section Overview
Lecture 31 The compass metaphor
Lecture 32 Uncovering your Values and Goals
Section 7: Thought Defusion Techniques for Social anxiety
Lecture 33 Introduction
Lecture 34 What is Cognitive Defusion
Lecture 35 Self as Context
Lecture 36 Anxious Thoughts
Lecture 37 The Thought That
Lecture 38 Labeling your thoughts
Lecture 39 Ditching the meaning of thoughts
Lecture 40 Waterfall Metaphore
Section 8: Taking Committed Action
Lecture 41 Committed Action
Lecture 42 Bringing it all together
Lecture 43 Course Completion
For you if you are struggling with social anxiety or making friends,For you if you cant express yourself, feel lonely and overlooked by dear people


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Jan 17, 2022
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