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Overcome Depression With Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 6/2022
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Master all the tools and techniques you need to live free from Depression
What you'll learn
Identify your specific triggers and understand what has caused your depression
Make use of the interventions to combat depressive feelings
Use the CBT principles and apply them when faced with depressive thoughts
Have a clear plan on how to maintain the benefits long term
No CBT or other psychological awareness/knowledge required
Deal with your Depression and Live a More Fulfilled Life264 million people around the world suffer from major depression. Depression is fully treatable and people can recover from it and live fulfilling lives.Does this sound like you?I feel drained of my physical and mental energyI'm no longer interested in things I used to enjoyMy body weight has increased/decreased rapidlyMy sleep pattern has changed - I'm not sleeping enough/I'm sleeping more than usualI've been feeling extremely sad, anxious, negative, hopeless, or pessimistic latelyI'm struggling to focus and concentrateNow Imagine yourself...Feeling more energeticFeeling happier and more positive throughout the dayFeeling motivated and goal-drivenEnjoying aspects of everyday life with easeGetting happiness and fulfilment from your relationshipsWorking or concentrating with easeRegaining a balanced sleeping patternYou will learn:Module 1The Diagnostically tests - understanding your symptoms and causes of depression and making a plan to get better.Module 2Learn the basic requirements you need in order to start feeling better fast.Module 3Get to know the depressive thinking styles and how to combat them. In addition, you will start to overcome guilt and self-blameModule 4Start reconnecting to a healthier self by reclaiming what you lost during earlier traumas. In this module you will also learn how to prevent relapseModule 5Learn 7 effective anti-depressant strategies for every day of the weekModule 6Get to know the latest research on medications in case you might need themUnderstand what causes feelings of depression so you can identify and tackle the underlying causes.Learn how you can regain stability and control over your moods and emotions.Identify the ways in which you experience depression so you can overcome them and live your best life.Engage in daily practical techniques for shattering depressive thoughts and feelings.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome to the course
Lecture 2 Introduction
Section 2: Module 1
Lecture 3 Depression Symptoms
Lecture 4 Causes of Depression
Lecture 5 Testing and Rating your Depression
Lecture 6 Building Motivation
Lecture 7 Different types of Treatments
Lecture 8 Different people, Different therapies
Section 3: Module 2
Lecture 9 Let's get Started
Lecture 10 The Omegas
Lecture 11 Rumination
Lecture 12 Exercise
Lecture 13 Let there be Light
Section 4: Module 3
Lecture 14 Thoughts and Feelings
Lecture 15 Rationale and Compassionate Mind
Lecture 16 Examine the Evidence
Lecture 17 Challenge your Thinking
Lecture 18 Thinking Traps
Section 5: Module 4
Lecture 19 Connecting to Meaningful Occupation
Lecture 20 Connecting with People
Lecture 21 Connecting with Values
Lecture 22 Connecting with Nature
Lecture 23 Connecting with your Inner Child
Section 6: Interventions for Every Day
Lecture 24 7 Anti Depressant Interventions
Section 7: Medications
Lecture 25 Medication options
Section 8: Final Word
Lecture 26 Final Word
Anyone struggling with Depression

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Jan 17, 2022
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TOP salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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