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Norse Mythology The Complete Guide (2 Books in 1)

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Jan 21, 2021
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Norse Mythology: The Complete Guide (2 Books in 1): Discover Origins, Traditions, Myths and All the Values of Norse Paganism. Including Gods, Ragnarok Secrets and Vikings Battles by Johan Lindgren
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09T7PRFRF | 278 pages | EPUB | 4.13 Mb
Do you like Norse mythology? Do you want to know details of the most curious aspects of history, myths, Nordic traditions and more?

Then this is the book you definitely need. This is a very special offer, with which you can access two books for the price of one.
Everything you need to know about Norse mythology
Discover the origins, traditions, myths and all the values of Nordic paganism, in this book you can walk through pages full of exciting stories framed in the mythology of the Nordic people.
It's not a storybook, it's much better! It can be defined as the definitive manual to fully understand everything Nordic.
Know deeply and impress others
If you are a fan of the Nordic, this book will take you to another level. You will impress everyone with your knowledge, you will know how to explain the details of traditions and myths.
In addition, there is also material included related to the Norse gods, you will be able to know beyond Odin, you will have a complete, deep and advanced knowledge.
You will also have access to information about the secrets of Ragnarok and Viking battles. This book is better than any series or movie.
Take a look at everything you'll find
In the first part of this manual on Norse mythology you will find:
* The origins of Norse mythology
* Nordic traditions, worship and sacrifice
* The Poetic Edda and Prose Edda poems
* Viking origins
* The Viking army and the famous battles
* Asgardians
* How Norse mythology influenced modern pop culture
* The time of the end
In addition, you will also be able to learn, in the second part, further:
* The story of Asatru
* The values of Nordic paganism
* Norse Gods
* The nine kingdoms of the Norse
* Festivals and Rituals
* Mythological creatures in Norse paganism
* The religious significance of
* Norse paganism in the modern world
As you can see, this book is all-encompassing, it's two books in one!

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Jan 17, 2022
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