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Node.Js School Management System Api Course 2023

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Jan 21, 2021
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Published 1/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 6.11 GB | Duration: 11h 16m
"Mastering Node.js, MongoDB, and RESTful API Development for Building School Management System"

What you'll learn
You will have a clear understanding of how to develop a school management system
You will learn how to create exams endpoints
You will learn how to allow students to take exams
You will learn how to implement generate exams report
You will learn how to promote a student from one class to another
You will learn how to allow students to check their exams results
You will learn how to allow admin to publish and unpublished exams results
You will learn how admin assign programs and classes to teachers
You will learn how admin will register new students
You will learn how admin can suspend and withdraw students
You will learn how to prevent students to write exams if suspended or withdrawn
You will learn how admin can create classes, programs, academic terms/years/year group/subjectss
You will learn how to implement role access level
You will learn how to implement pagination and filtering
You will learn how to implement advanced results middleware
Basics of mongodb and node js using express framework
The "Nodejs School Management System API course 2023" is a comprehensive and hands-on course designed to teach students how to build a fully functional school management system API using Node.js. The course is intended for developers, programmers, and anyone interested in building robust and efficient web applications.Throughout the course, students will learn how to use Node.js and its various modules to create a RESTful API that can handle all the necessary functionality for a school management system. Students will learn how to create endpoints, handle routing, and interact with a database using MongoDB. They will also learn how to implement security measures such as authentication and authorization to protect the API from unauthorized access.The course will cover a wide range of topics including Node.js fundamentals, Express.js, MongoDB, and RESTful API development. Students will also learn how to test their API using a tool called Postman. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of how to build and deploy a production-ready school management system API.In addition to the technical aspects of the course, students will also learn how to design a scalable and maintainable API architecture. They will learn how to design the database schema and handle database migrations.This course is ideal for students who have some basic programming experience and are looking to improve their skills in building web applications. By the end of the course, students will have developed a strong foundation in Node.js, MongoDB, and RESTful API development, and will be well-prepared to build their own school management system API or any other web applications.
Section 1: Getting Started
Lecture 1 App Features
Lecture 2 Extensions and Postman Downloads
Lecture 3 Structuring The Project
Lecture 4 Creating Server
Lecture 5 Advanced Server
Section 2: Creating Application Models
Lecture 6 Admin Model
Lecture 7 Program Model
Lecture 8 Subjects Model
Lecture 9 Academic Year Model
Lecture 10 Academic Terms Model
Lecture 11 Year Groups Model
Lecture 12 Class Levels Model
Lecture 13 Teachers Model
Lecture 14 Students Model
Lecture 15 Exams Model
Lecture 16 Questions Model
Lecture 17 Exams Results-Reporting Model
Section 3: Are You Ready? Let's Go
Lecture 18 Database Connection Function
Lecture 19 MongoDB Connection String
Lecture 20 Environment Variables (DOTENV)
Lecture 21 MongoDB in VSCODE
Lecture 22 Model View Controller (MVC) Explained
Lecture 23 Admin Dummy Routes
Lecture 24 Checking Admin Routes
Lecture 25 Environments in Postman
Lecture 26 Refactor To Use Express Routing
Lecture 27 Admin Controller Dummy Data
Lecture 28 Register Admin Controller Logic Implementation
Lecture 29 Hashing Admin Password
Lecture 30 Admin Login Controller
Section 4: Middleware And Error Handling
Lecture 31 Middleware Explained
Lecture 32 How Middleware Works
Lecture 33 Custom Middleware
Lecture 34 Error Handling
Lecture 35 Custom Global Error Handler
Lecture 36 Refactor Global Error Handler
Lecture 37 Not Found Route Handler
Section 5: Authentication And Authorization
Lecture 38 is-logged in middleware, How it's implemented
Lecture 39 How Jsonwebtoken (JWT) Works
Lecture 40 Generate Token
Lecture 41 Token Verification
Lecture 42 Is Logged In middleware with Token
Section 6: Admins Controller
Lecture 43 Admin Profile Controller
Lecture 44 Admin Model and Controller modified
Lecture 45 Fetch All Admins Controller
Lecture 46 Save Admin Token In Postman
Lecture 47 Is Admin Middleware
Lecture 48 Update Admin Profile
Lecture 49 Fixed Login Error After Updating
Lecture 50 Fixed After Update Admin
Lecture 51 Hashing and Verify Password Helper function
Section 7: School Academics Controller
Lecture 52 Create Academic Year
Lecture 53 Get All Academic Years
Lecture 54 Get Single Academic Year
Lecture 55 Update Academic Year
Lecture 56 Delete Academic Year
Lecture 57 Associate Academic Year To Admin
Lecture 58 Express Routes Chaining
Section 8: School Academic Terms, Classes, Programs, Subjects, Year Groups Controllers
Lecture 59 Academic Terms CRUD Controllers
Lecture 60 Academic Terms Routes
Lecture 61 Class Levels CRUD Controllers
Lecture 62 Programs CRUD Controllers
Lecture 63 Subjects CRUD Controllers
Lecture 64 Year Groups CRUD Controllers
Section 9: Teachers Controllers
Lecture 65 Admin Teacher Registration
Lecture 66 Teacher Login
Lecture 67 Teachers Middleware
Lecture 68 Admin Fetching All Teachers
Lecture 69 Admin Get Single Teacher
Lecture 70 Teacher's Profile
Lecture 71 Teacher Update Profile
Lecture 72 Admin Assigning Roles To Teacher
Section 10: Exams Controllers
Lecture 73 Teacher Creating Exams
Lecture 74 Exams Routes
Lecture 75 Fetch All Exams
Lecture 76 Fetch Single Exam
Lecture 77 Update Exam
Section 11: Students Controller
Lecture 78 Admin Registering Students
Lecture 79 Student Login
Lecture 80 Students Middleware
Lecture 81 Student Profile
Lecture 82 Admin Fetching All Students
Lecture 83 Admin Fetching Single Student
Lecture 84 Student Update Profile
Lecture 85 Admin Assigning Class and Programs to Students
Section 12: Exams Questions Controllers
Lecture 86 Logic Behind Creating Exams Questions
Lecture 87 Create Questions
Lecture 88 Questions Routes
Lecture 89 Populate Exams Questions
Lecture 90 Avoid Creating Duplication Of Questions
Lecture 91 Get All Questions
Lecture 92 Fetch Single Question
Lecture 93 Update Question
Section 13: Students Writing Exams Controllers
Lecture 94 Writing Exams Logic
Lecture 95 Writing Exams Dummy Controller
Lecture 96 Get Exam Questions
Lecture 97 Student submitting Answers
Lecture 98 Marking Students Questions
Lecture 99 Check if all questions Answered
Lecture 100 Building Up Examinations Results
Lecture 101 Calculate Exams Results Status
Lecture 102 Calculating Exams Results Remarks
Lecture 103 Generating Exams Report
Lecture 104 Avoid Students taking multiple Exams
Lecture 105 Modified Students Model
Lecture 106 How To Drop Database
Lecture 107 Adding New Records
Section 14: Students Promotion to Next Class
Lecture 108 Promoting Student Logic
Lecture 109 Promoting from Level 100 to Level 200
Lecture 110 Promoting To Final Year
Lecture 111 Promoting Students To Graduate
Lecture 112 Avoid students Taking Exams if Suspended
Section 15: Students Checking Exams Results Controller
Lecture 113 Exams Results Checking Logic
Lecture 114 Exams Results Checking Dummy Controller
Lecture 115 Fetching All Exams Results
Lecture 116 Exams Results Model Modification
Lecture 117 Exams Results Checking Implementations
Lecture 118 Populate Exams Questions
Lecture 119 Returning All Answered Questions
Lecture 120 Hide Some Fields from Exams Results
Lecture 121 Hide Exams Results until Is Published
Lecture 122 Admin Publishing And Unpublishing Exams Results
Lecture 123 Populate Admin Profile with Students And Teachers
Section 16: Pagination And Filtering
Lecture 124 Pagination introduction
Lecture 125 Pagination: Skip and Limit
Lecture 126 Pagination: Query Strings
Lecture 127 Pagination: Pages & Skip
Lecture 128 Pagination Results
Lecture 129 Filtering: Understanding Mongoose Query
Lecture 130 Filtering: Find Teacher By Name
Lecture 131 Filtering Improved
Section 17: Advanced Features (Refactoring)
Lecture 132 Advanced Results Middleware Logic
Lecture 133 Advanced Results Passing Data to Response Object
Lecture 134 Advanced Results Middleware: Passing To Routes
Lecture 135 Advanced Results With Populate Method
Lecture 136 Is Authenticated Global Middleware
Lecture 137 Role Restriction Middleware
Beginner nodejs developer curious to master API development,Anyone interested to build school management system API

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