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NCG CAM 18.0.12 (x64)

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Jan 21, 2021
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NCG CAM 18.0.12 | 775.0 mb
Product:NCG CAM
Version:18.0.12 (79070)
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :
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Languages Supported:multilanguage
System Requirements:Windows *
Size:775.0 mb
NCG CAM Solutions Ltd are pleased to release NCG CAM 18.0.12. The 18 release continues to enhance the New Modern User Interface with an Improved Layout of the Menu Tree and Pictures Added to Dialogs.
Release Notes for NCG CAM 18.0.12 - Date: 11th May 2022

8174: User Interface: Fixed an instance where a folder could be unintentionally deleted when moved in the contents tree.
8178: UI: Along Curve Passes: Due to a change in recent versions, the Bounding Box dialog was displayed to specify the rotation model (AC; BC...) even when the tool axis was not rotated. Now the Bounding Box dialog is only displayed when the tool axis is rotated for a 3+2 machining, and the rotation model is not defined. Since the rotation model is irrelevant when machining with the tool axis in Z.
8197: Import: The Datakit libraries have been updated to 2022.2. This now supports:
  • CATIA version R32
  • Parasolid V34.1
  • NX version 2015

8218: 5 axis: When working with the 5 axis module in 3 axis, a 3+2 toolpath can be generated by selecting a folder with a rotated boundary when the toolpath is created. As is the case when creating passes in the normal way.

What is new now is that you can use a rotated boundary to limit the area, but keep the tool axis in Z. This is to be able to define an area by using a different view than the top view when creating the boundary.
The procedure is the same. When creating the toolpath, the folder with the rotated boundary is selected. To keep the tool axis in the Z direction, go to the page Tool axis control in the 5 axis advanced pages. Klick on the button with the tree dots and select Top. The toolpath is then generated within the tilted boundary but the toolaxis remains in Z-direction.

NCG CAMis stand-alone CAM system offering an easy to use HSM CAM solution that integrates with existing CAD and CAM systems. NCG CAM boasts many innovative features. It is suitable for all types of forms, creating an optimised, smooth cutter motion ideal for 3D HSM, which will help to extend tool life, minimise wear on the machine tool and producing parts with an excellent surface finish. NCG CAM has a very user-friendly interface, with a typical learning curve of just 1 day is required to machine a live job. It is perfect for the high-speed machining of moulds, dies, prototypes and precision surface machining.
NCG CAM Solutions Ltd, UK officially released NCG CAM 18.0 in June 2021.This major release continues to enhance the New Modern User Interface with an Improved Layout of the Menu Tree and Pictures Added to Dialogs.
New features include: Create a Patch from Two 3D Curves, Waterline offset Passes - XY Incremental Offset, 3D Tool Guide, Extract Curves, Boundaries - New Snappable Grid Option, Post-processor - Arc Fitting in 3+2, Allow Plan Dialogs to Work on Multiple Input Plans of the Same Type, and the Performance of Selected Waterline and Raster Machining has been greatly improved.
Also, Horizontal Area Passes from Outside to Inside, Macros - Being Able to Use Colour Information in a Macro, Stock Model - Editing, Transforming, Post-processor - Additional Naming Options, Icons - Improved Contrast of the Ribbon, Tree View & Context Sensitive Menus, Surface of Revolution, Cutter Simulation - Simulate Multiple Toolpaths, Additional Functionality of the Select Box and Other User Interface Enhancements.
NCG CAM v18 Overview
What's New in NCG CAM v18
Established in Cambridge, UK, NCG CAM Solutions Ltdprovides CAM software solutions, offering all the tools needed to manufacture prototypes, models, moulds, dies, patterns and finished products. Our specialist area is 3D HSM CAM with our product NCG CAM.

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Jan 17, 2022
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