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National 5 Physics Master Every Topic

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download National 5 Physics: Master Every Topic
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 5.20 GB | Duration: 4h 11m
Fulfil Your National 5 Potential With Our Comprehensive Course Taught By Experts

Free Download What you'll learn
Achieve A Top Grade At National 5 Physics
Understand Every Topic At A Deep Level In The Official SQA Syllabus
Forces: Newtons laws including balanced forces
Gravitation: Weight, mass and gravitational field strength
Scalars + Vectors: Explanation of definitions and relevant equations
Space: Required space exploration knowledge
Velocity-Time Graphs: Drawing and sketching with the calculations involved
Radiation: Various types of nuclear radiation
Refraction: Explanation and how to apply it
Waves: Wave behaviours and EM spectrum
Charges: Definitions and calculations involved
Circuits: Circuit operation and problem solving calculations
Energy: All calculations and relationships
Gas Theory: Gas laws and kinetic model
Heat And Pressure: Specific heat capacity including calculations
Past Paper Reviews: Step By Step Past Paper Reviews
A Basic Knowledge Of National 4 Physics Is Desired But Not Essential
Welcome to the most comprehensive National 5 Physics learning resource!I'm Cameron, a university medical student and when I was in high school I realised that there weren't any great comprehensive learning resources that were easy to learn from for Scottish students. So with a few of my smartest university students, we created one.It can be daunting starting national 5's. So we want to make sure when you open that letter in August, that it has the exam results on it that you deserve. So with us, you will find learning National 5 Physics easy.Taught By An ExpertLauren Mackenzie is a Physics student studying at Glasgow University so she knows the course content inside out and you know that you are learning from an experienced academic. As a student herself she knows the best way to teach the content in a clear way that most importantly - you will easily understand.Clear Understandable TeachingLearning from textbooks is boring, outdated and simply isn't as effective as learning needs to be - you deserve better. With us, you will learn from high-quality videos teaching all the knowledge in an understandable format that you can watch anytime. It's like having a great in-person lesson where you learn so much, felt involved and didn't get left behind by babbling nonsense - that you can have whenever you need to.Taught using an overhead camera, as Lauren works she gives a running explanation of everything she is doing - making it super interactive and easy to follow along.The typical lessons starts by teaching you a new concept and relating it to any previous knowledge. Then Lauren will go over some examples with you before giving you some practice questions to work on before the next lesson. Check out our preview lesson!Complete A-Z Of The Official SQA Course SyllabusOur course follows the official SQA course syllabus, teaching the exact content needed for the National 5 Physics exam. No fluff, no added content you don't need, just exactly what you need to know taught well.The Most Effective Ways To LearnFor your exam success not only do you need to understand the content but also remember it. Our course is created with the most effective learning techniques proven by science. After every video lesson are practice questions with increasing difficulty to challenge you at the right level and maximise your learning.Your long-term retention of the knowledge taught is key to exam success, so our online flashcards automatically generate questions for you every day depending on what you need help with. This technique is proven to be the most effective for remembering knowledge over a sustained period. Just 10 minutes a day will dramatically improve your National 5 performance.Students across Scotland have found success with our course and we hope you can too!* Please note that in line with Udemy guidelines our courses are intended for purchase and enrollment by adults, this may be a parent or guardian of the learner if the particular student is under 18 years old.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Unit 1: Dynamics & Space
Lecture 2 Forces 1
Lecture 3 Forces 2
Lecture 4 Gravitation
Lecture 5 Scalars & Vectors
Lecture 6 Space
Lecture 7 Velocity-Time Graphs
Section 3: Unit 2: Radiation & Waves
Lecture 8 Applications Of Radiation
Lecture 9 EM Radiation
Lecture 10 Radiation
Lecture 11 Refraction
Lecture 12 Waves
Section 4: Unit 3: Electricity & Properties Of Matter
Lecture 13 Charges
Lecture 14 Circuits 1
Lecture 15 Circuits 2
Lecture 16 Electronic Circuits
Lecture 17 Energy
Lecture 18 Gas Theory
Lecture 19 Heat & Pressure
Section 5: Past Paper Reviews
Lecture 20 2018 Section 1
Lecture 21 2018 Section 2 Part 1
Lecture 22 2018 Section 2 Part 2
Lecture 23 2019 Section 1
Lecture 24 2019 Section 2 Part 1
Lecture 25 2019 Section 2 Part 2
National 5 Physics Students

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