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Muay Thai Basic Techniques

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 4/2019
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.91 GB | Duration: 2h 37m

Learn Fighting Techniques for Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Self Defense
What you'll learn
Fighting stance and Foot work
Fist, elbow, knee and kick techniques
Combinations of Muay Thai techniques
Effective Muay Thai training program
No prior knowledge needed
Muay Thai Basics offers authoritative instruction for Muay Thai boxers and other martial arts enthusiasts. Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is a traditional martial art which was developed centuries ago. Nowadays Thai Boxing is taught as a competitive and fitness sport, and for self defense. The hard-hitting, spectacular techniques it employs are winning an ever increasing fan base. In these videos you will learn the basic techniques: fighting stance, legwork, fist, elbow, kick and knee techniques, as well as clinches moves. The techniques are demonstrated and explained in step by step detail. Among the actors you will see current world champions like Saiyok, Kem, Phetbonchu, Nonsai, Samranchai, Antuan, Jaochalam and Armin. The videos will acquaint you with techniques by which these athletes win their fights. All technical details are described in detail for easy understanding and adaptation. Use the videos to develop into an advanced Thai-Boxer. You can also use the techniques as an effective method of self-defense. Watch out for the other online courses of this series: 'Muay Thai Training and Techniques Intensives' and 'Muay Thai Defense and Counter Techniques'. Technique presenters: - Phetbonchu FA Group (most titles ever in Muay Thai history, f. e. World Champion, 4-times Lumpini Champion, 4-times Thai Champion). - Saiyok Pumphanmuang (World Champion, Lumpini Champion, Rajadamnern Champion, voted as best Thai Boxer 2010, member Thai Fight team) - Kem Sitsongpeenong (World Champion, Thai Champion, Rajadamnern Champion, voted as best Thai Boxer 2011, member Thai Fight team). - Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn (many international titles) - Armin Black Dragon Swiss (World Champion, 2-times Thai Champion, member Thai Fight team) - Antuan Siangboxing (triple World champion, member of Contender Asia 2) - Samranchai 96Peenung (Thai Champion) - Jaochalam Chatnakanok Gym (World Champion) - Petpatum Nakorntongparkview (former South Thai Champion, Stuntman in Ong Bak 1-3) - Prakaisaeng Sit Or (Thailand Champion)
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Intro
Lecture 2 Information
Section 2: Basic Knowledge
Lecture 3 Intro
Lecture 4 Overview
Lecture 5 Fight Stance
Lecture 6 Footwork
Lecture 7 Important Targets
Lecture 8 Usuable Parts of the Body
Section 3: Fist Techniques
Lecture 9 Intro Fist
Lecture 10 Straight Punch
Lecture 11 Side Hook
Lecture 12 Uppercut
Lecture 13 Overhead Punch
Lecture 14 Swing
Lecture 15 Spinning Back Fist
Lecture 16 Flying Punch
Lecture 17 Overview and Frequent Mistakes
Section 4: Elbow Techniques
Lecture 18 Intro Elbow
Lecture 19 Rotating Elbow
Lecture 20 Side Elbow
Lecture 21 Uppercut Elbow
Lecture 22 Spear Elbow
Lecture 23 Reverse Elbow
Lecture 24 Spinning Back Elbow
Lecture 25 Elbow from Above
Lecture 26 Fyling Elbow
Lecture 27 Overview and Frequent Mistakes
Section 5: Kicking Techniques
Lecture 28 Intro Kicking Techniques
Lecture 29 Round Kick
Lecture 30 Leg Kick
Lecture 31 Half-Shin Half-Knee Kick
Lecture 32 Heel Kick from Above
Lecture 33 Spinning Heel Kick
Lecture 34 Jumping Round Kick
Lecture 35 Overview and Frequent Mistakes
Section 6: Pushing Foot Techniques
Lecture 36 Intro Pushing Foot Techniques.
Lecture 37 Push Kick
Lecture 38 Push Kick to the Leg
Lecture 39 Side Kick
Lecture 40 Back Kick
Lecture 41 Jumping Front Kick
Lecture 42 Overview and Frequent Mistakes
Section 7: Knee Techniques from a Distance
Lecture 43 Intro Knee Techniques
Lecture 44 Straight Knee Kick
Lecture 45 Diagonal Knee Kick
Lecture 46 Round Knee Kick
Lecture 47 Knee Kick from Above
Lecture 48 Knee Bomb
Lecture 49 Flying Knee Kick
Lecture 50 Overview and Frequent Mistakes
Section 8: Clinch Techniques
Lecture 51 Intro Clinch
Lecture 52 Basic Stances
Lecture 53 Clinching Grips
Lecture 54 Knee Techniques in Clinch
Lecture 55 Overview and Frequent Mistakes
Section 9: Training
Lecture 56 Training Intro
Lecture 57 Overview
Lecture 58 Training Contents Intro
Lecture 59 Warm-Up Phase
Lecture 60 Shadow Boxing
Lecture 61 Pad Training
Lecture 62 Bag Training
Lecture 63 Partner Training
Lecture 64 Sparring
Lecture 65 Clinching
Lecture 66 Strength Training
Lecture 67 Cool-Down
Section 10: Combinations
Lecture 68 Intro
Lecture 69 Overview
Lecture 70 Combination 1
Lecture 71 Combination 2
Lecture 72 Combination 3
Lecture 73 Combination 4
Lecture 74 Combination 5
Lecture 75 Combination 6
Lecture 76 Combination 7
Lecture 77 Combination 8
Lecture 78 Combination 9
Lecture 79 Combination 10
Lecture 80 Combination 11
Lecture 81 Combination 12
Section 11: Training Samples
Lecture 82 Intro
Lecture 83 Overview
Lecture 84 Bag Training
Lecture 85 Pad Training
Lecture 86 Sparring
Lecture 87 Clinching
Section 12: Extras
Lecture 88 Remarks
Anyone can practice this Muay Thai course,People who want to improve their fighting skills
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Jan 17, 2022
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