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Mongodb Masterclass Excel In Nosql & Pass Certification!

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Mongodb Masterclass: Excel In Nosql & Pass Certification!
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 6.26 GB | Duration: 14h 37m
Unlock the Power of MongoDB: Learn Data Modeling, Aggregations, Indexing Using Java, Python, C# and Node.js

Free Download What you'll learn
Comprehend MongoDB architecture, data modeling techniques, and fundamental principles of NoSQL databases.
Apply CRUD operations, advanced queries, and aggregation pipelines to effectively manage data in MongoDB.
Optimize database performance using Indexing strategies and improve query execution within MongoDB.
Integrate MongoDB with programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, and Node js for streamlined application development.
Implement MongoDB Atlas for managing and deploying cloud-based databases with hands-on experience.
Prepare for and successfully pass the official MongoDB Associate Developer Certification Exam.
A computer running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux so that the free tools for writing code can be installed and used in the course.
Knowledge of basic programming skills in on or more of the languages mentioned on the page.
Unlock the Power of MongoDB: The Comprehensive NoSQL Database CourseAre you ready to embark on an exciting journey towards mastering MongoDB? Look no further! This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about MongoDB, from the basics to advanced applications, making you a MongoDB expert in no time.Our course is unique because it teaches you how to use MongoDB with different programming languages, such as C#, Java, Python, and Node.js. This hands-on masterclass covers all topics required for the MongoDB Associate Developer Certification Exam, giving you the best possible preparation for success.Throughout the course, you'll dive into MongoDB's architecture, learn how drivers serve as interfaces for various programming languages, and explore the differences between NoSQL and SQL/Relational databases. You'll also master the art of writing efficient and complex queries using the Mongo Shell, and execute CRUD operations in diverse scenarios and options.Gain practical experience in crafting advanced queries using Query Operators, embedded documents, Arrays, and Projections. You'll learn how to perform update operations with various query operators and utilize MongoDB Compass for seamless interaction with MongoDB.Furthermore, you'll study Data Modelling, MongoDB database modeling, and best practices, while understanding the differences between Embedded and Linked documents, and when to use each. You'll analyze relationships and patterns in MongoDB, and master Aggregations by working with different stages in Aggregation.Your journey doesn't end there! You'll improve performance through Indexing and learn how to evaluate query performance in MongoDB. Discover the world of Indexes, their role in query optimization, and how to perform CRUD operations with them. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to work with cloud-based databases using MongoDB Atlas, deploying and connecting to remote databases.This course requires no prior knowledge, just a computer or laptop and an internet connection. It's perfect for anyone interested in building production-grade web applications using MongoDB as the database or developers aiming to pass the MongoDB official developer certification exam.Taught by an experienced entrepreneur, our learn-by-doing approach minimizes theory and focuses on practical examples. Unlock your potential and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the official MongoDB Associate Developer Exam.Become a MongoDB Developer and start creating applications in Java, C#, Node.js, and Python using MongoDB today!
Section 1: Installation and setup
Lecture 1 Introduction to the course
Lecture 2 Getting the best out of this course
Lecture 3 Before Installing MongoDB
Lecture 4 Installing Mongo on Mac
Lecture 5 Installing Mongo on Windows
Section 2: MongoDB Introduction
Lecture 6 Section Introduction
Lecture 7 What is a database and why do we need it?
Lecture 8 What is MongoDB and its benefits?
Lecture 9 NoSQL vs SQL
Lecture 10 Terminologies in MongoDB
Lecture 11 BSON and JSON
Lecture 12 How does MongoDB work? Let's discuss Architecture!
Lecture 13 Introduction to MongoDB Shell
Lecture 14 Getting Hands-on with Mongo
Lecture 15 Section Summary
Section 3: CRUD operations with MongoDB
Lecture 16 Section Introduction
Lecture 17 MongoDB Databases
Lecture 18 Ways of inserting data into the database
Lecture 19 Inserting single document
Lecture 20 Inserting multiple documents
Lecture 21 Retrieving a specific document
Lecture 22 Challenge: Let's try writing a query
Lecture 23 Updating the single document
Lecture 24 Updating multiple documents
Lecture 25 Section Summary
Section 4: Writing advanced queries with MongoDB
Lecture 26 Section Introduction
Lecture 27 Query Operators in MongoDB
Lecture 28 Using query operators to write advanced conditions
Lecture 29 Challenge: Query Operators
Lecture 30 AND with Query Operators
Lecture 31 OR with Query Operators
Lecture 32 Challenge: Writing OR conditions
Lecture 33 AND with OR
Lecture 34 Embedded documents
Lecture 35 Querying embedded documents
Lecture 36 Querying arrays in MongoDB documents
Lecture 37 Challenge: Arrays
Lecture 38 Using Query operators with MongoDB arrays
Lecture 39 MongoDB Projections
Lecture 40 Challenge: Projections
Lecture 41 Working with Cursors in MongoDB
Lecture 42 Section Summary
Section 5: Update operations in depth
Lecture 43 Section Introduction
Lecture 44 Update operators | $currentData and $inc
Lecture 45 CHALLENGE: Update Operators
Lecture 46 Update operators | $min, $max and $mul
Lecture 47 Update operators | $rename and $unset
Lecture 48 Upsert
Lecture 49 Section Summary
Section 6: Deleting documents from MongoDB database
Lecture 50 Deleting a single document
Lecture 51 Deleting multiple documents
Section 7: Working with GUI: MongoDB compass
Lecture 52 Section Introduction
Lecture 53 What is MongoDB compass
Lecture 54 Installing on MacOS
Lecture 55 Installing on Windows
Lecture 56 Connecting and exploring the interface
Lecture 57 Databases in MongoDB Compass
Lecture 58 Collections in MongoDB compass
Lecture 59 Querying data
Lecture 60 Section Summary
Section 8: Modeling your data with MongoDB
Lecture 61 Section Introduction
Lecture 62 What is Data Modeling
Lecture 63 Data types in MongoDB
Lecture 64 Modeling your database
Lecture 65 Embedded vs Linked
Lecture 66 One to One Relationship and Patterns
Lecture 67 One to Many
Lecture 68 One to Many with References
Lecture 69 One to Many | Subset Pattern
Lecture 70 Section Summary
Section 9: Aggregation
Lecture 71 Section Introduction
Lecture 72 Aggregation in MongoDB
Lecture 73 Aggregation Framework in MongoDB
Lecture 74 Understanding MongoDB aggregation
Lecture 75 Writing your first query using Aggregation Framework
Lecture 76 Operators in aggregation
Lecture 77 Grouping with $sum, $avg
Lecture 78 Finding minimum and maximum using $min and $max
Lecture 79 Getting the first and last document
Lecture 80 Challenge: Getting last date of job application
Lecture 81 Using $project to transform and get results
Lecture 82 More on $project
Lecture 83 $limit in aggregation
Lecture 84 $skip in aggregation
Lecture 85 Working with $lookup
Lecture 86 Using $out
Lecture 87 Section Summary
Section 10: Indexes and performance improvement
Lecture 88 Section Introduction
Lecture 89 Evaluating query performance in MongoDB
Lecture 90 What is Indexing and Why do you need it?
Lecture 91 The Default Index
Lecture 92 Challenge: Retrieving indexes
Lecture 93 Having index vs Without index
Lecture 94 Creating indexes
Lecture 95 Deleting an index
Lecture 96 Index options
Lecture 97 Indexes and their types
Lecture 98 Compound indexes
Lecture 99 Index Performance and ESR rule
Lecture 100 Section Summary
Section 11: MongoDB in Cloud with MongoDB Atlas
Lecture 101 Section Introduction
Lecture 102 What is MongoDB Atlas
Lecture 103 Setting up your database in Atlas
Lecture 104 Connecting via MongoDB compass
Lecture 105 Connecting via shell
Lecture 106 Interacting with your data
Lecture 107 Creating database and collection in Atlas
Lecture 108 Aggregation pipeline in Atlas
Lecture 109 Section Summary
Section 12: Drivers in MongoDB
Lecture 110 Overview of different MongoDB Drivers
Section 13: MongoDB with Python
Lecture 111 Section Introduction
Lecture 112 Creating your Python Project
Lecture 113 Connecting to the database
Lecture 114 Fetching all the documents
Lecture 115 Using query filters
Lecture 116 Projections
Lecture 117 Inserting your first document
Lecture 118 Inserting many documents
Lecture 119 Updating document
Lecture 120 Updating many documents
Lecture 121 Deleting documents
Lecture 122 Sort documents
Lecture 123 Aggregation using Python
Lecture 124 Connecting to the cloud database
Lecture 125 Section Summary
Section 14: MongoDB with Java
Lecture 126 Section Introduction
Lecture 127 Creating your Java Project
Lecture 128 Connecting to the database
Lecture 129 Fetching all the documents
Lecture 130 Filtering documents
Lecture 131 Projection using Java
Lecture 132 Sorting documents using Java
Lecture 133 Inserting your first document
Lecture 134 Inserting many documents
Lecture 135 Updating document
Lecture 136 Updating many documents
Lecture 137 Delete one document
Lecture 138 Delete many documents
Lecture 139 Aggregation using Java
Lecture 140 Connecting to the cloud database
Lecture 141 Section Summary
Section 15: MongoDB with Node.js
Lecture 142 Section Introduction
Lecture 143 Creating your Node.js Project
Lecture 144 Connecting to the database
Lecture 145 Fetching all the documents
Lecture 146 Filtering documents
Lecture 147 Projections
Lecture 148 Sorting documents
Lecture 149 Inserting your first document
Lecture 150 Inserting many documents
Lecture 151 Updating document
Lecture 152 Updating document with options
Lecture 153 Updating many documents
Lecture 154 Delete one documents
Lecture 155 Delete many documents
Lecture 156 Aggregation using Node.js
Lecture 157 Connecting to the cloud database
Lecture 158 Section Summary
Section 16: MongoDB with C#
Lecture 159 Section Introduction
Lecture 160 Creating your C# Project
Lecture 161 Connecting to the database
Lecture 162 Fetching all the documents
Lecture 163 Filtering documents
Lecture 164 Filtering based on multiple conditions
Lecture 165 Projections
Lecture 166 Sorting documents
Lecture 167 Inserting your first document
Lecture 168 Inserting many documents
Lecture 169 Updating document
Lecture 170 Updating document with options
Lecture 171 Updating many documents
Lecture 172 Delete one documents
Lecture 173 Delete many documents
Lecture 174 Aggregation using C#
Lecture 175 Connecting to the cloud database
Lecture 176 Section Summary
Section 17: Getting MongoDB Certification
Lecture 177 Overview of MongoDB certification
Section 18: Extra Information - Source code, and other stuff
Lecture 178 Source Codes
Lecture 179 Bonus Lecture and Information
Aspiring database professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of NoSQL databases and MongoDB,Developers aiming to expand their skill set by learning how to create robust web applications using MongoDB as the database.,Individuals preparing for the MongoDB Associate Developer Certification Exam will find this course invaluable.,Ideal for anyone interested in building a career in database management or NoSQL development.


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