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Mod Sound Tubular v1.0.1

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Nov 24, 2022
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Mod Sound Tubular v1.0.1
SEnki | 10 March 2023 | 21.4 MB​

Next-gen amp simulator
Tubular is a step forward in guitar amp simulation technology. Wave digital filters enable us to simulate complete amplifier schematics explicitly. Physics-based tube equations are solved every sample.
Tubular includes 20 amps, 10 cabinets, 10 speakers, 11 pedals, a noise gate, and stereo modulation, delay, and reverb rack effects.

• 20 amp models derived automatically from complete circuit schematics. Clean to metal, vintage to modern, production to boutique. All channels, switches, and knobs are modeled.
• Hybrid impulse- and physics-based speaker cabinet simulation with 10 cabinets, 10 speakers, and 2 microphones, all interchangeable. Frequency response graph updates in realtime.
• Drive pedals, modulation effects, stereo delay and reverb from Velvetverb.
Amp circuit simulation
Tubular uses wave digital filters to simulate 20 amplifiers directly from their circuit schematics. This method captures the electrical phenomena that make amps sound and feel the way they do - tube soft clipping, bias shifts, power supply sag and all.
The amp models in Tubular were selected to span many architectures - clean amps; blues and rock amps with power-section overdrive; heavier amps with preamp distortion and even diode clipping. Each amp has all the channels, switches, and knobs of its real-life counterpart. Some amps feature extra channels or switches that implement popular circuit mods.
Speaker cabinet and room modeling
The speaker cabinet section in Tubular is based on a novel hybrid of impulse responses and physical simulation. Speakers, cabinet enclosures, and microphones are modeled as independent impulses, allowing the user to choose any combination of these components. Variable distances and reflections add even more flexibility.
Tubular also includes a graphic EQ integrated into the cabinet interface. Two shelves, two peak sections, and an overall lowpass and highpass allow the user to make their own specific adjustments.
Tubular's pedalboard includes a battery of drive, filter, and time-based effects to help you shape the sound going into the amp.
The Clean Boost and the four included distortion pedals can add drive and flavor to an otherwise clean tone, or tighten up an already-distorted amplifier. These pedals are modeled as electronic circuits, using the same simulator that runs the amplifiers.
Beyond distortion, Tubular includes a standard set of useful and fun pedals - a classic wah, a pair of compressors, phaser, flanger, and delay.
Stereo rack effects
• Modulation multi-effect with Doubler, Chorus, and Harmonic Tremolo effects.
• Stereo delay with pitch shifting, ping-pong, reverse delay, and various filter effects.
Algorithmic reverb with smooth modulation, ducking, and wide stereo imaging. Taken directly from the standalone plugin.
As mentioned in my post in the REQ thread, the plugin isn't very stable and crashes some DAWs when unloading UwU
Whats new in this version
Tubular Changelog
1.0.1 // 2023-02-04 // The Cabs Were Too Bright (The Kids Are Alright)
Added 20 new 4x12 cabinet models, with more natural, balanced frequency responses.
Changed the Bright filter to have a sharper cutoff, which is useful for removing some of the bite of the new cab models, without losing too much upper midrange.
For Shugga: Corrected the knob configuration, allowing the two gain pots to be controlled independently, like in the real amp. Presets with this amp will need to be adjusted.
Mb Mk. II C++: Reduced intensity of default EQ "V" curve (accessible in the amp settings menu.)
Improved quality of all 3D models and background images.
Tweaked the default preset to be more fun.
Tweaked some default amplifier settinsg.
Removed the temporary networking workaround from 0.9.15, now that Microsoft has fixed the Windows bug that necessitated it.
Improved authentication error messages to be more informative.
System Requirements
Windows 10+ VST3

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Jan 17, 2022
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oaxino salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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