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Mindfulness Practitioner Certification (Teacher Certificate)

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 10/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.54 GB | Duration: 5h 16m
Mindfulness and meditation life coach certificate: comprehensive mindful practices (2023 Accredited)

Mindfulness and meditation life coach certificate: comprehensive mindful practices (2023 Accredited)
What you'll learn
Benefit from 20+ mindful interventions with the support and guidance of accompanying worksheets
Accredited Mindful Teacher Certificate with 42 Continuing Professional Development Credit hours available
Become fluent in the pillars of mindfulness
Identify and steer clear of the common mistakes of practicing and teaching mindfulness
Practice Inner Light, Loving Kindness, and Mindful Appreciation Meditations for personal growth
Complimentary 22 page Mindful Transformation© Workshop facilitator manual
Deliver mindfulness meditation workshops, presentations, lectures, and coaching sessions with confidence
Present your ideas to others with confidence, poise, and grace
Influence others to develop a mindful practice
Set intentions that steer you toward your best possible self
Quickly determine which mindfulness exercise is best for your needs in the immediate circumstance
Gain proficiency in the Six (6) Core Competencies of Transformational Facilitation
This video-based course can be completed at your own pace and is easily completed in 2-4 weeks
Ability to download the actionable resources, PDF's and material handouts
No additional learning prerequisites are needed
Upon completion of this course and approval by the CSA Application Review Team, Students are eligible to apply for a complimentary Accredited CSA Mindful Teacher Certificate (12-B.4 Teaching Member in Good Standing with 42 Continuing Professional Development Credit Hours). Provider Number: 776727+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Coaching Studies Academy, Marketplace Division, was established to offer democratized access to online education, regardless of financial ability.We make select Coaching Studies Academy™ courses available to everyone worldwide.Coaching Studies Academy, Marketplace Division adheres to Udemy's established guidelines. As such, the following CSA services are NOT permitted to be made available to our Udemy Students; Live One-On-One & Group Coaching Calls Weekly Webinar TrainingsCSA Success Team Email SupportAccess to Coaching Studies Mastermind Group*We DO however offer Udemy-Specific students fantastic value at an affordable entry;World-class training programsAccess to Q&A with the instructional team (Via the Q&A tab)Udemy Community - 80,000 Udemy StudentsUdemy Quality Program - 9,000 5-star reviewsOur Udemy courses are Globally Accredited and come with an opportunity to apply for optional Continued Professional Development / Continued Education Credit Hours (CPD/CE).Udemy's marketplace allows you quick and easy access to Success Education on your schedule without needing a dedicated coach or teaching assistant.You get video-based lectures created for Udemy, and your Instructor responds to private messages and Q&A promptly.*In order to promote good coaching practices, please note that you are advised to use this training program within the boundaries of your expertise. The course author is not responsible for unauthorized usage of this training program.
Section 1: Mindful Teacher Course: Details
Lecture 1 Course promotional video
Lecture 2 At a glance: Mindful Life Coach Teacher certification
Lecture 3 About assignments
Lecture 4 How to get answers to your questions
Section 2: Welcome - Lets jump right in!
Lecture 5 Autobiography in Five Short Chapters - Lets jump right in!
Lecture 6 Client activity based on Autobiography in Five Short Chapters
Lecture 7 My facilitation style
Lecture 8 Meditation to begin our class: Trataka for inner calm
Section 3: Repeating Stages of Mindfulness - Cycle of Mindfulness Meditation
Lecture 9 Mindfulness and meditation: How does it work?
Lecture 10 3-minute breath meditation to deepen your understanding of the cycle
Section 4: Common Mistakes in Teaching & Practicing Mindfulness
Lecture 11 How to make your mindful practice more gratifying #1
Lecture 12 How to make your mindful practice more gratifying #2
Lecture 13 How to make your mindful practice more gratifying #3
Section 5: Become Mindfully Self Aware
Lecture 14 "Second Arrow" self-reflection
Lecture 15 Second Arrow Log - cognitive behavioral therapeutic practice
Lecture 16 Mindful awareness coaching assessment
Section 6: Inner Wisdom Challenge 12-day
Lecture 17 Section Overview
Lecture 18 Mindful awareness inner-wisdom challenge
Lecture 19 Workshop exercise based on the 12-day challenge
Section 7: About Mindful Workshops
Lecture 20 Why people will pay you to learn about mindfulness
Lecture 21 Benefits of conducting workshops
Lecture 22 Types of workshops
Section 8: Mindful Intentions
Lecture 23 Mindful self-directed living
Lecture 24 Story - power of self-directed living and choice
Lecture 25 Set of 36 educator intention cards for your professional use
Lecture 26 Set of 24 intention cards for use with your clients
Section 9: Coaching Others to become Open & Aware
Lecture 27 (DBT) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Mindfulness Technique - Willing Hands
Lecture 28 Setting this "mental roadblock" aside
Lecture 29 Facial feedback
Section 10: Developing Mindful Habits
Lecture 30 Mindful habits and the development of triggers
Lecture 31 Habit trigger example with a powerful mindful exercise
Lecture 32 Client exercise and worksheet
Section 11: Guidance on Mindfulness Teaching
Lecture 33 Establish credibility through practice
Lecture 34 Adaptive
Lecture 35 Practice the B's of Mindfulness Coaching
Section 12: Spot Mindful Meditation Workshop Exercises
Lecture 36 (COACH) Section Introduction
Lecture 37 (CLIENT) Box breathing intervention
Lecture 38 (CLIENT) Mindful eating
Lecture 39 (CLIENT) Three Minute Breathing space exercise
Lecture 40 (CLIENT) The Mindful Check-in Minute
Lecture 41 (CLIENT) FOFBOC mindfulness moment
Section 13: Mindful Meditation Workshop Interventions
Lecture 42 (CLIENT) Awareness Boxes
Lecture 43 (CLIENT) Tibetan bells - with participant exercise
Lecture 44 (CLIENT) Five senses grounding exercise
Lecture 45 (COACH) Love and Kindness for emotional wellness (6 minutes)
Lecture 46 (CLIENT) Compassionate letter writing exercise (self-focused)
Lecture 47 (CLIENT) Mindful appreciation of the self
Lecture 48 (CLIENT) Emotional Awareness: contacting your emotions
Lecture 49 (CLIENT) Gold Spotting
Section 14: Teaching Strategies for Exceptional Engagement
Lecture 50 Section Introduction
Lecture 51 Open Gestures When Calling on Audience Members
Lecture 52 Group Reflection Teaching Strategy - TWPS
Lecture 53 Parking Lot - Redirecting Off-Topic Conversations while Maintaining Respect
Lecture 54 Energy
Section 15: Core Workshop Facilitation Competencies
Lecture 55 Six Core Competencies of Transformational Facilitation
Lecture 56 Core Competency #1
Lecture 57 Core Competency #2
Lecture 58 Core Competency #3
Lecture 59 Core Competency #4
Lecture 60 Core Competency #5
Lecture 61 Core Competency #6
Section 16: Connecting with Participants (Rapport)
Lecture 62 Section Overview
Lecture 63 First Principle (make the other person feel important and valued)
Lecture 64 Second Principle (Seek Out Something of Interest About the Other Person)
Lecture 65 Third Principle (Help the Other Person Trust You)
Lecture 66 Fourth Principle (use peoples names)
Section 17: Supplemental Content
Lecture 67 Complimentary: Mindful Transformation© Facilitator Manual download
Lecture 68 Bonus meditation: Troubling emotions 3-minute meditation
Lecture 69 Complimentary habits meditation by Lynn
Lecture 70 Pillar #3 (Practical)
Lecture 71 Experiential
Lecture 72 COACH: Overarching Purposes of Engaging in a Mindful Practice
Lecture 73 COACH: Mindful Triangle
Lecture 74 Bonus
Well-suited for the typical practitioners of Mindfulness Practices including; life coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers, social workers, pastors, organizational leaders, wellness professionals parents,Entrepreneurs who want to offer live and/or webinar-based workshops that change peoples lives,Leaders seeking creative ways to help their employees increase productivity while experiencing personal growth and wellness,Individuals working towards self-actualization,Life coaches-in-training who want to provide substantial guidance and direction to their clients,Growth-seekers working towards self-actualization,Wellness professionals in need of continuing education units
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Alpha and Omega
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