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Midjourney Art - Create Your Own Stunning Midjourney Images

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Jan 21, 2021
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The course on Midjourney AI Art will provide a comprehensive understanding of this innovative tool and its applications in various fields. As the use of AI in art continues to evolve, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and understand the role that Midjourney plays in this rapidly changing landscape. This course will take you on a journey to discover the history, development, and key features of Midjourney, as well as its benefits and limitations.You will learn about the different styles and techniques that can be used with Midjourney, as well as the artistic concepts behind AI art. The course will also delve into the reactions from the art world to this new form of artistic expression, and provide tips and tricks to maximize your use of Midjourney. Additionally, the course will explore the ethical considerations surrounding AI art and its future trajectory.What sets this course apart from others is our expertise and experience in both business and AI art. We have a deep understanding of the topic and we are passionate about sharing knowledge with others. Additionally, this course provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to understanding Midjourney, its applications, and how to effectively use it in your own work.So why wait? Enroll in this course today and start your journey towards becoming a master of Midjourney AI Art!

Published 2/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.04 GB | Duration: 1h 9m
Master the Art of AI with Midjourney Discord: Prompts, Features, Development, Techniques, Ethics, & The Future of AI Art
What you'll learn
Set up Midjourney and start creating amazing images
Explain the history of AI and its role in art.
Define Midjourney and its purpose.
Identify the key features and functions of Midjourney.
Analyze why people use Midjourney.
Apply Midjourney's use cases in different fields.
Discuss the development of Midjourney and key contributors.
Compare Midjourney with similar tools.
Evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of Midjourney.
Create a Midjourney image using the key features and functions.
Analyze the artistic concepts and techniques used in Midjourney AI Art.
Apply different styles and techniques in creating Midjourney AI Art.
Evaluate the reaction from the art world to AI art and Midjourney.
Create a Midjourney AI Art piece using smart tips for prompts.
Discuss the awards won by Midjourney art.
Analyze the ethics surrounding Midjourney AI Art.
Evaluate the future of Midjourney and AI Art.
Explain the connection between imagery and Midjourney AI Art.
Apply the maximization of Midjourney's potential in creating AI Art.
Create a Midjourney AI Art piece that demonstrates understanding of the art form.
Evaluate the impact of Midjourney and AI Art on the art world.
Analyze the development of Midjourney and its impact on the art world.
Apply the techniques and styles taught in creating a Midjourney AI Art piece.
Demonstrate the ability to use Midjourney to create stunning images.
Evaluate the use of Midjourney in different fields and its potential impact.
Analyze the role of ethics in Midjourney AI Art.
Discuss the potential impact of Midjourney and AI Art on the future.
Demonstrate an understanding of the artistic concepts and techniques used in Midjourney AI Art.
Apply the knowledge gained in creating a Midjourney AI Art piece that showcases personal style and technique.
Evaluate the role of Midjourney in the evolution of AI in the art world.
Analyze the future potential of Midjourney and its impact on the art world.
Learn Discord server the easy way so you get up and running quickly
There are no requirements or pre-requisites for this course, but the items listed below are a guide to useful background knowledge which will increase the value and benefits of this course.
Familiarity with basic computer skills, such as operating a computer, using a mouse and keyboard, and basic file management.
Basic understanding of the concepts of artificial intelligence and its applications.
A basic understanding of image creation, manipulation, and processing is helpful but not necessary.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction To This Course & What Topics We Will Be Covering
Lecture 2 Let's Talk Midjourney: My Name Is Brett St Clair!
Lecture 3 Meet Brett St Clair: International Digital Transformation & AI Expert
Lecture 4 Let's Celebrate Your Progress In This Course: 25% > 50% > 75% > 100%!!
Section 2: Get Started With Midjourney Right Now!
Lecture 5 Step 1: Setting Up Your Discord Server So You Can Use Midjourney
Lecture 6 Logging In & Starting With A Clean Slate: Step By Step We Show You How
Lecture 7 How To Enter A Midjourney Newcomer Room & Start Creating Your AI Art
Lecture 8 Don't Forget To Accept The Terms And Conditions In Midjourney
Lecture 9 You've Achieved 25% >> Let's Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 50% >>
Section 3: Create Your Discord Server, Tweak Your Prompts And Save Your First Image
Lecture 10 Prompts Forming! Save Your First Midjourney Image: Now You Are An AI Art Creator
Lecture 11 Create Your Discord Server And Get Going With The Incredible Discord Bots
Section 4: History of AI & Art, Midjourney Overview, Definition & Explanation
Lecture 12 Brief history of AI and its role in art
Lecture 13 Overview of Midjourney and its purpose
Lecture 14 Definition and explanation of Midjourney
Lecture 15 You've Achieved 50% >> Let's Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 75% >>
Section 5: Midjourney Key Features, Use Cases & Reasons For Using
Lecture 16 Key features and functions of Midjourney
Lecture 17 Why People Use Midjourney
Lecture 18 Use cases of Midjourney in different fields
Section 6: Development Of Midjourney, Contributors, Milestones, Comparison With Other Tools
Lecture 19 Development of Midjourney
Lecture 20 Key contributors and milestones in the development of Midjourney
Lecture 21 Comparison with Similar Tools
Section 7: Get Ahead With Midjourney: Why Its The Top AI Art Tool, Benefits & Boosters
Lecture 22 Explanation of how Midjourney stands out
Lecture 23 Benefits and Disadvantages of Midjourney
Lecture 24 Maximising Midjourney
Section 8: Artistic Concepts In Midjourney, Styles, Techniques, Imagery
Lecture 25 Artistic Concepts of Midjourney AI Art
Lecture 26 Overview of the different styles and techniques that can be used
Lecture 27 Imagery and Midjourney AI Art
Section 9: Reaction To Midjourney, Smart Tips For Prompts & Midjourney Awards
Lecture 28 Reaction From The Art World To AI Art
Lecture 29 Smart Tips For Midjourney Prompts
Lecture 30 You've Achieved 75% >> Let's Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 100% >>
Lecture 31 Awards That Midjourney Art Has Won
Section 10: Midjourney Ethics & The Future Of Midjourney AI
Lecture 32 Midjourney Ethics
Lecture 33 The Future Of Midjourney & AI Art
Lecture 34 You've Achieved 100% >> Let's Celebrate! Remember To Share Your Certificate!!
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