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Microsoft Excel - Learn Ms Excel For Data Analysis

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Jan 21, 2021
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Last updated 4/2022
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Language: English | Size: 2.88 GB | Duration: 4h 48m

Excel: learn how Excel can be used for data analysis by creating excel project-excel app-other excel tools
What you'll learn
Learn to write down basic excel formulas
Understand how to think outside of the box to create powerful excel projects
Learn how to make basic data analysis with Excel
Learn how to work with massive amount of data
Learn how to perform Data analysis by creating multiple projects
Understand the Basics of Microsoft Excel and be able to use this amazing application for different tasks
Having microsoft excel
Having a minimum of knowledge about this app
Whether you are interested in learning- Different ways of how to properly use Microsoft Excel- Learn the basics of Data Analysis- Learn how to create different Excel Apps- Just grow your Knowledge about this amazing Microsoft AppOr any other reason, this course is definitely for you. The way this class have been designed was to offer to the student an easy way to learn Microsoft Excel and the basics of Data analysis at the same time. Indeed, not only this course is teaching you all the basic concepts and functions of Microsoft Excel but at the same time you will have all the required knowledge to create basic Apps that can be used to analyze Data.The structure of the courseThe way the course is structured is help you learn by practice. In other words, there is way more practice than theory. The main reason of why I structure my courses this way is that for me the best way to learn something is by practicing it enough. This means that if you want to learn how to properly use Microsoft Excel for Data analysis it will be through practice and not simply by learning the theory.The course is divided in big projects. This way, each time that you learn a new concept you will create a project around it. This will help you not only have a better understanding of the concept but also be able to see in what real life situation a certain concept can be useful.For who is this course designedMy goal when I was creating this course was to help the maximum of people not only learn Data analysis but also Microsoft Excel. This means that if you wanted to learn how data is analyzed and at the same time learn the basics of Microsoft Excel then you will enjoy this course. It has been created for everyone who has interest in learning more about Excel, different ways to analyze Data or simply learn a new skill that can be very useful not only in the business world but also in your everyday life.Why should I take this courseThere is a lot of Microsoft Excel courses that exist, but this course is very unique. Not only it offers you the possibility to learn how to properly use this App, but you will also learn the basics of Data analysis. Also, all the concepts are presented with clear examples and you will be able to learn them by creating your own projects around those concepts. This means that you will have a strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel but also will know and understand how to properly use this app to perform different simple but also more complicated tasks. The best part, is that the APPS that you will create in this course can be used in your business or in your every day life.There is no risk involved in taking this courseThis course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this means that if your are not happy with what you have learned, you have 30 days to get a complete refund with no questions asked. Also, if there is any concept that you find complicated or you are just not able to understand, you can directly contact me and it will be my pleasure to support you in your learning.This means that you can either learn amazing skills that can be very useful in your professional or everyday life or you can simply try the course and if you don't like it for any reason ask for a refund.You can't lose with this type of offer !!This is why more than 75 000 students have already took the course !! Don't wait anymoreENROL NOW and start learning today :)
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is data analysis
Section 2: The Basics of Excel
Lecture 3 Excel important functions to know
Lecture 4 Condition formating
Section 3: Project 1: Project analysis
Lecture 5 Creating our data base
Lecture 6 Defining our goals
Lecture 7 Extraction of basic data (part 1)
Lecture 8 Extraction of basic data (part 2)
Lecture 9 Extraction of advanced Data
Lecture 10 Creation of a dashboard part 1
Lecture 11 Creation of a dashboard part 2
Section 4: Project 2 evaluation of a stock
Lecture 12 Importation and creation of a Data Base
Lecture 13 Defining the goal of the analysis
Lecture 14 Extraction of data
Lecture 15 Generating a simulation with our results
Lecture 16 Creation of a dashboard and results evaluation
Section 5: Project 3: Create a basic movie suggestion program
Lecture 17 Creation of a data base for one user
Lecture 18 Defining the goal of the app
Lecture 19 Extraction of data and results analysis
Lecture 20 Dashboard creation
Section 6: Project 4: Creation of a HR management APP
Lecture 21 Creation a data base
Lecture 22 Defining all the goals of the app
Lecture 23 Creation of the app part 1
Lecture 24 Creation of the app part 2
Lecture 25 Creation of the App part 3
Lecture 26 Creation of the App part 4
Section 7: Conclusion
Lecture 27 Conclusion
Lecture 28 Bonus content
Lecture 29 Thank you
Lecture 30 Thank you
People interested to get new skills,People who want to learn Excel by creating projects themselves

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