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Mastering The Art Of Sales Consulting & Solution Engineering

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Mastering The Art Of Sales Consulting & Solution Engineering
Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 4.89 GB | Duration: 3h 51m
Accelerate Your Pre Sales Career. Learn Sales Engineering Processes & Excel in IT Software and Solution Sales.

Free Download What you'll learn
Understand the way Pre Sales Work in a Software Product Organization
Understand Sales and Presales Cycle
Understand Customer Decision Making Processes
Give Effective Demos
Manage your Presales Career Better
Some understanding of sales process will be helpful.
Are you involved in selling high-tech technology products, including software, hardware, or associated services? Do you have other roles, such as product development, marketing, sales, pre-sales, training, or product launch? Do you want to improve your technical sales skills to become a successful sales consultant, pre-sales consultant, or solution engineer? If so, this comprehensive course is for you!The course is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in sales consulting and solution engineering roles within the software and technology industry. The author has over two decades of experience in software solution implementations, including working with major companies such as Oracle and IFS, software implementation partners like Tech Mahindra, and running their own business consulting and software implementation company, as well as a startup founder in the Ed-Tech software product space. This wealth of knowledge enables the author to bring a unique perspective to the table.The course covers a wide range of topics, including:The purpose of the course and intended audience.Navigating complex sales and understanding the foundation blocks of sales.The sales environment, including pre-sales roles and challenges.Demand generation, lead generation, and qualification.Understanding the customer's needs through Request for Proposal (RFP).Doing effective presentations and demos.Evaluation and selection processes, including trial, POC, reference customer visit, and customer commitment.Post-sales engagement and objection handling.Building relationships with executive management and understanding the partnership model.Understanding competition and value engineering.Pre-sales training and enablement, including sales methodology and product training.Performance management systems for pre-sales teams.Career progression in pre-sales and solution engineering.By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of sales, specifically in the high-tech industry. You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to:Create value for the pre-sales organization.Improve your performance in communicating the product and solution's value to the customer.This course is ideal for those involved in pre-sales, solution engineering, or technical sales, as well as anyone interested in pursuing a career in sales consulting. It is suitable for various industries, including software, hardware, professional services, system integration, and complex capital equipment. The course is suitable for individuals and companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large software corporations and their partner networks.Invest in yourself and unlock your potential for a successful career in sales consulting and solution engineering!
Section 1: Course Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Expected Learning and Benefits
Lecture 3 Product Development and Marketing
Lecture 4 Understanding Sales Process
Lecture 5 After Sales Processes
Section 2: Understanding Sales Process
Lecture 6 Understanding Sales Cycle
Lecture 7 Lead Generation and Qualification
Lecture 8 Request for Quotation ( RFQ ) Process
Lecture 9 Conducting Discovery
Lecture 10 Customer Enagement
Lecture 11 Partner Engagement
Lecture 12 Customer Presentations
Lecture 13 Customer Proposal
Lecture 14 Customer Evaluations
Lecture 15 Negotiation
Lecture 16 After Sales Support
Section 3: Understanding Sales Environment
Lecture 17 Skills Requirement in a Sales Opportunity
Lecture 18 Environment of a Sales Opportunity
Lecture 19 Roles in the Sales Organization
Lecture 20 Career Progression in Pre Sales Roles
Lecture 21 Challenges of a Pre Sales Organization - External
Lecture 22 Challenges of a Pre Sales Organization - Internal
Section 4: Demand Generation Process
Lecture 23 Overview of Demand Generation Process
Lecture 24 Understanding Lead Flow in the Sales Funnel
Lecture 25 Challenges of Lead Generation Process
Lecture 26 How Favorable Decisions Happens
Lecture 27 Importance of Lead Rating System
Lecture 28 Subjective Criterias of Lead Qualification
Lecture 29 Objective Criterias of Lead Qualification
Lecture 30 Lead Qualification in All Stages of Sales Cycle
Lecture 31 Lead Qualification by Sales Consulting
Lecture 32 Developing and Using a Lead Rating System
Lecture 33 Using Lead Rating to Drive Business
Lecture 34 Challenges of the Lead Rating Syytem
Lecture 35 Lead Generation and Sales Consultant Role
Section 5: Request for Quotation ( RFQ )
Lecture 36 Overview of RFP Process and it's Risks
Lecture 37 Improving Win Rates
Lecture 38 RFP Go and No Go Decisions
Lecture 39 Designing a RFP Rating System
Lecture 40 Avoiding RFP Release to Many Vendors
Lecture 41 First Analysis of a Received RFP
Lecture 42 RFP Tasks and Managing Workload
Lecture 43 Customer Communication After Receiving RFP
Lecture 44 Submitting RFP
Lecture 45 RFP Best Practices
Section 6: Discovery
Lecture 46 Purpose of Discovery Workshop
Lecture 47 Roles of Sales Consultant in a Discovery Workshop
Lecture 48 Discovery is More than Customer Business Processes
Lecture 49 With Whom to Engage in a Discovery
Lecture 50 How to Conduct the Discovery Sessions
Section 7: Demo
Lecture 51 Purpose of a Demo or Presentation
Lecture 52 Type of Demos and Presentations
Lecture 53 Face to Face Time with Customer
Lecture 54 Key Factors Influencing Demo Success
Lecture 55 When to Do The Demo
Lecture 56 Preparing For The Demo
Lecture 57 Strategies of a Feature Function Demo
Lecture 58 Demo Time Management and Having a Plan B
Lecture 59 Non Verbal Communication in a Demo
Lecture 60 Managing Variety of People in the Demo Room
Lecture 61 Managing Demo Pitfalls
Lecture 62 Demo Check List
Lecture 63 Demo Agenda
Lecture 64 Demo Finer Points
Lecture 65 Make Demos Non Boring
Lecture 66 Presentation to Senior Executives
Lecture 67 Repetition in The Way to Remember
Lecture 68 Demo Best Practices
Lecture 69 Question Handling
Lecture 70 Common Demo Mistakes
Lecture 71 Short Demos
Lecture 72 Summarizing Section of the Demo
Section 8: Web Demos
Lecture 73 Overview of Web Demos
Lecture 74 Challenges of Web Demos
Lecture 75 Essentials of Web Demos
Lecture 76 Web Demo Best Practices
Lecture 77 Web Demos Bad Habits
Section 9: Customer Evaluations
Lecture 78 Overview of Customer Evaluation Phase
Lecture 79 Agreeing to a Software Trial / Proof of Concept ( POC )
Lecture 80 Phases of Software Trial / POC
Lecture 81 Assuring Decisions Happens After Trial / POC
Lecture 82 Customer Reference Visits to Avoid POC
Section 10: Pricing
Lecture 83 Understanding of Sales Pricing by Sales Consultants
Lecture 84 Sales Consultants and Commercial Discussions
Section 11: After Sales Service
Lecture 85 Role of Sales Consultants in After Sales Activities
Lecture 86 Optimizing Pre Sales Time in After Sales Activities
Lecture 87 Making Customer Self Reliant during Implementation
Lecture 88 Engaging with Partners After the Sales and During Implementations
Section 12: Objection Handling
Lecture 89 Overview of Objection Handling
Lecture 90 Type of Questions
Lecture 91 Handling Generic Questions
Lecture 92 Best Practices of Objection Handling
Section 13: Executive Relationship
Lecture 93 Need of an Executive Relationship
Lecture 94 Preparing for Executive Meeting
Lecture 95 What Executives Wants to Hear
Lecture 96 Know the Executive Style for Better Preparation
Lecture 97 Connecting Executives of Vendor and Customer Organizations
Section 14: Partners
Lecture 98 Overview of Partnership Model
Lecture 99 How Software Vendors Handle Partners
Lecture 100 Classification of Partners
Lecture 101 Challenges of Partnerships
Lecture 102 Engaging with Partners for an Opportunity
Lecture 103 Engaging with Customers
Lecture 104 Involves Partners in Sales Consulting and Enablement
Pre Sales Engineering, Technical Sales Specialists, Solution Sales Specialist, Software Sales, Product Management, Product Marketing


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