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Mastering C++ Network Automation

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Mastering C++ Network Automation: Run Automation across Configuration Management, Container Orchestration, Kubernetes, and Cloud Networking by Justin Barbara
English | March 13, 2023 | ISBN: 8196228562 | 225 pages | MOBI | 0.55 Mb
50+ Sample Automation Programs across Configuration Management, Container Orchestration, Kubernetes, and Cloud Networking

This book is an in-depth guide for network administrators, cloud architects, and container and Kubernetes administrators who want to learn how to automate networking tasks in C++. From setting up a network automation environment to automating configuration management and working with containers and container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes, the book covers a wide range of topics.
The first section of the book covers the fundamentals of automation scripting and testing. Readers will learn how to create successful automation scripts and test them to ensure they perform properly. The next section describes how to set up a network automation environment. This includes configuring network devices, servers, and other components required for automation. The readers will learn about the various protocols as well as how to use Ansible to automate the configuration management of these devices. It covers containerization and container orchestration systems such as Docker and Kubernetes. Readers will learn how to use tools such as Docker Compose and Kubernetes to automate workload management and deployment.
The final section of the book focuses on cloud networking. The readers will learn how to handle network resources in cloud systems such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Readers get to work with tools and services available for cloud networking automation, best practices and how to use them in their regular cloud networking operations.
Key LearningsSetting up GNS3, Eclipse IDE, cpp-netlib, Boost, OpenSSL, and zlib librariesConfigure the ports, hosts, and servers using C++ scriptingWriting, testing, and validating network automation scripts in both, test and production environmentBuilding docker images, running containers, and managing container deploymentsUsing Ansible for server provisioning, automated system identification and managing auto-updatesAutomating container scheduling, service discovery, and load balancingSetting up Kubernetes cluster, Nginx ingress, implementing service mesh, and automating firewall configurationWorking with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Networking Services for Cloud Automation
Table of ContentC++ Basics for NetworksC++ Advanced for NetworksPreparing Network Automation SetupScript, Test, and Validate Network AutomationAutomating Configuration ManagementWorking with Docker and ContainersContainer Orchestration and Workload AutomationKubernetes AutomationAdministering AWS NetworkingAdministering Google Cloud NetworkingAdministering Azure Networking

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Jan 17, 2022
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