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Lean Six Sigma A Proven Guide for Naturally Improving Workplace Quality, Increasing Speed, and Reducing Was...

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Jan 21, 2021
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English | July 02, 2020 | ASIN: B08C36J76Y |kbps | 1h 45m | 47.59 MB
Author: John Kelley
Narrator: DMS

Do you want to make your company processes more effective and offer higher quality products?
Do you often look at how the company works and wish things could be better?
Are you a boss who's sick of the waste in your systems, products, and services?
Do you want to find ways to change the behaviors and mentalities of the workers in your organization?
Do you want to know the values, strategies, tools, and techniques that can strengthen the organization's processes and ensure customer satisfaction?
Lean Six Sigma is more than just a one-off case that a company can use to make more money. If you want to please your clients, enhance your business processes, boost your sales, and minimize costs, then you need to know more about Lean Six Sigma.
Lean Six Sigma incorporates the two most important productivity patterns of our time: optimizing jobs (using Six Sigma) and making work easier (using Lean principles). In this plain English guide, you will find out how this impressive form of quality improvement will give you tools to recognize and eradicate waste and quality issues in your own work area.
Separately, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma changed the face of the manufacturing business. Together, they have become an unparalleled method for improving product and process quality, production efficiency and overall productivity. Lean Six Sigma introduces you to today's most innovative system for streamlining the efficiency of both your production department and your back office, and presenting you with cost reduction and quality improvements that you need to remain one step ahead of your competitors.
The book does a fantastic job of describing Lean Six Sigma in a simple language, a straightforward structure, and step-by-step descriptions. This book is a great place for Lean Six Sigma practitioners to get started, and any organization that wants to educate its staff about this methodology will find this book extremely useful.

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