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Leadership How To Be A Vigilant Leader

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Jan 21, 2021
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Free Download Leadership How To Be A Vigilant Leader
Published 8/2023
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Leadership skills that will prepare you to be ready for opportunities and threats, so you can be a truly vigilant leader

What you'll learn
Learn to identify threats early
Because you identify threats early, with solid preparation, turn weaknesses into strengths
Learn how to be vigilant about what's coming around the corner in your industry
Deal with stress through time management, and project management in order to avoid overwhelm
See how to learn from top experts via social media
Learn to develop a proper professional curiosity to learn new things and become an early adapter when needed
There are no prerequisites in this course, just an open mind an a love for learning
Vigilant leaders lead their teams to long-term success by being aware of opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of them, and being the first to respond to them.LEARN S.W.O.T ANALYSISS.W.O.T analysis will help you identify threats, and either avoid those threats, or turn them into strengths because you spotted them early which gave you time to prepare!A part of being a vigilant leader is seeing what's coming up on the horizon sooner, responding sooner, and being prepared for any threat or opportunity that comes your way.WHAT'S LIMITING YOUR VIGILANCELeaders are often too busy and too stressed to be able to devote time to research what might be coming around the corner in their industry or learning new things. But that's precisely what you need to be an observant leader who sees things before others.In this course, we'll discuss possible scheduling options that help you properly deal with stress, and be able to devote time to learning and exploring the ecosystem of your industry.SEE HOW I DEVOTE HOURS TO EXPLORING AND LEARNING EACH WEEKI spend many hours each week learning, without that hampering my productivity because I adapted to learn on the go. So whether I am on a walk for exercise, traveling, or doing anything else, I always have the option to learn via podcasts, YouTube, Udemy, audiobooks. That way, I am always learning faster than my competitors. Invest in your future! Enroll today!
Section 1: Introduction and welcome
Lecture 1 Introduction and welcome
Lecture 2 What is vigilant leadership?
Section 2: How to be a vigilant leader
Lecture 3 If you are overwhelmed, you won't have time to look up
Lecture 4 Fighting a lack of curiosity by creating goals and incentives for yourself
Lecture 5 Mindset about technology and case study of perception of Artificial Intelligence
Lecture 6 Continuous education within your industry without spending too much work time
Section 3: Market research from competitors and clients
Lecture 7 Use the products of your competitors to detect threats
Lecture 8 Talk to current and potential clients to see what they are seeing on the horizon
Section 4: Challenge: too many signals, making it hard to know what to focus on
Lecture 9 How to use Twitter to find the biggest experts and learn from them
Lecture 10 Google trends for monitoring current trends
Lecture 11 Join communities: groups are smarter than individuals
Section 5: SWOT analysis part of the business plan
Lecture 12 SWOT analysis part of the business plan
Lecture 13 Example of real business plan SWOT analysis
Section 6: Conclusion
Lecture 14 Thank you for taking this course - parting words
This course is great for all professionals, business owners, and aspiring leaders

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